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Isaac Tone   1839 – 1916          Contributed by John Tone
Jehiel Tone   1833 – 1900
My great grandparent Isaac Tone and his wife Betsy and his brother Jehiel and wife Loretta are the first members of our family that are buried at Woodland. After my nephew Jay Tone IV passed we now have five generations in our family plot.   
Jehiel was born on May 10th, 1833, and passed away December 19th, 1900. Isaac was born January 6th, 1839, and died September 3rd, 1916.
In 1873, Jehiel Tone and Isaac set out to begin their own spice and coffee business in Des Moines. Tone Spices is still producing spices under many labels in Ankeny today. 
You should also know that my maternal great grandfather and family are also buried at Woodland. W.W. Witmer practiced law in DSM, owned the Savary Hotel, owned and edited the DSM Leader newspaper. He and his wife built and lived in the house at 2900 Grand that used to be the Iowa Governor's Mansion, now called the Witmer House.
Ira Ellis Draper  1834 – 1907         Contributed by Dave Draper
While his story is not so much known,  what his family was a part of was much bigger!
Ira Ellis Draper was 30 years old when his father, William Henry Draper and his uncle Ira Dillingham Draper were caught up in the Underground Railroad that ran through Des Moines and on to Iowa City.   A bounty was placed on Ira’s uncle to be brought in “Dead Or Alive” , but preferably dead for aiding runaway slaves.  We believe it was the Knights of the Golden Circle that wanted them killed!  The Iowa Historical Society, via Dave Holmgren, told us the local officials were also abolitionists so they would have protected Ira Dillingham Draper.
Ira Ellis Draper was born on 4 January 1834, in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States. His father, William Henry Draper, was 22 and his mother, Nancy Means, was 18. He married Margaret Pope about 1862, in Indiana, United States. They were the parents of at least 2 sons and 1 daughter.
Ira re-married after Maggie died in 1876. This event was with Harriet Theodocia Furnoy (1855–1933) and took place on April 25, 1883 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He lived in Centre Election Precinct, Holt, Nebraska, United States in 1885 and Prairie City, Jasper, Iowa, United States for about 15 years.
Just how involved Ira Ellis Draper was in his uncle’s activities has not been uncovered yet. The families were very close and we know they helped each other.
He died on January 18, 1907, in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States, at the age of 73, and was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Fort Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States.
If you can use Ira Ellis Draper’s connection to the bigger story, that would be great!  I know it is a stretch.
His Uncle, Ira Dillingham Draper, was a station master on the UGGR living next to Thomas Mitchel at Apple Grove south of Mitchellville.  Ira Ellis Draper’s father William Henry Draper, a brother of Ira Dillingham Draper was probably involved in taking care of Ira Dillingham Draper’s property when the bunty hunters came knocking on the Draper farm door to kill the family.  Ira Dillingham Draper escaped to Nebraska before the bold bath occurred!
Ira Ellis Draper’s first wife, Margaret (Pope Draper) (1848-1876) died at age 28 and is buried in Vandalia Cemetery south of Mitchellville and northeast of Runnells, Iowa.  The tallest and most expensive burial monument is that of Margaret Pope Draper.
Franklin Roush   1847 – 1926        Contributed by  Debbie Jorgenson
My 2nd great-grandfather, Franklin Roush, is buried at the end of the canon in the Civil War section of Woodland Cemetery, right inside the entrance. 
Unfortunately, I do not have any childhood memories as he died before me or my mother. His occupation was a laborer. I have attached some documents. Let me know if you need further information.
Franklin was born 4 January 1847 in Naperville, DuPage County, Illinois.  
Debbie Loghry > Gladys Thornton > Anna Rouse > William Adam Rouse > Franklin Roush. 
On 12 August 1862 as a 15-year-old, he enlisted in Company F of the 88th Illinois Infantry, listing his age as 18.  For more information, see my website at
Ephriam Straight     1799 – 1860         Contributed by  Teresa Carmichael
This is my Great great grandfather Ephriam Straight born approximately 1799 in Monongalia County, Virginia.  He died in July 1860 in Des Moines at age 61.  Catherine Straight nee Rice was born in approximately 1800 also in Monongalia County, Virginia, and died between 1850 and 1852.  They had 9 children.   Harriet was their daughter who also died after 1850 at 8-10 years of age.  The names Sarah and Ruth haven't been completely identified yet. The notes to the side also mention John Strait (believed to possibly be Ephraim's oldest son) who died between 1856 and 1860.  Also mentions Neva Straight who is thought to be John's wife but not documented.
I would be delighted to have any input into the Woodland Cemetery so permission is granted.   I've attended two of the Woodland Cemetery history tours and think it's one of the most unique cemeteries in Iowa. Here's a google doc link to a little more information I added if helpful.  
We have placed Ephriam and family in Troy Township, Fountain County, Indiana in 1840 and according to the 1856 census, they had been in Iowa for 12 years (1848).
Finding this old Woodland Cemetery record at Glendale Cemetery Office was an amazing find for us.  The grave at Woodland no longer has any markers and we did not know the location of this grave.
Ephraim and Catherine Straight came to Polk County in 1848  when Woodland Cemetery was first opened. Our family happily shares being in Iowa for 175 years as well.  Originally married West Virginia, they left soon for Fountain County, Indiana in 1824. They were both about 49 years old with eight children from age 3 years to 23 years when they arrived in Polk County.  
Unfortunately, a plot in Woodland Cemetery was needed just 2 years later when Catherine died followed by 12 year old Harriet in 1852.  Ephraim paid $10.00 for the 200 square foot plot. We believe two, possibly three grandchildren are buried here along with his oldest son.
Ephraim died in 1860 and it cost  $2.00 for his grave to be dug.
Ephraim was a simple farmer.  His estate when he died was worth $81.14 with the bulk consisting of a plough, 2 cows and a calf, 294 bushel of corn and two lots of old iron.
His true legacy was his family. Three of  his sons continued to head west.  James traveled the Oregan Trail to start multi generational family line there.  Isaac became part of the old West legend as a veteran stage coach driver in Idaho, Jacob to work at the Carson City Mint in Nevada.  William stayed in Des Moines and added 15 children to the population by 1880. Ephraim’s  daughter Sarah raised 12 children in western Iowa and his youngest daughter traveled the Oregan Trail but died as a young women back in Iowa.
Woodland Cemetery holds a unique positon in the chronicles of Des Moines history and it’s a special part of our family history to have an ancestor buried there amongst all the movers and shakers of Des Moines.  . 
Patrick Flanagan  1822-1892          Contributed by Mary Ann Flanagan
Anna (Finnegan) Flanagan   1833-1923
James Michael Flanagan   1858-1887
Mary Ellen (Ryan) Flanagan   1860-1925
My relatives buried at Woodland Cemetery include: My great great grandparents Anna Finnegan Flanagan (born 1833 in Athlone, Ireland - died  March 3, 1923) and Patrick Flanagan born 1822 in Ireland and died 1892) and at least 2 of their children are buried in NE corner (Section 5) in St. Ambrose section. Their son James Michael Flanagan (born 1858 - died Jan. 1, 1887 ) and his wife Mary Ellen Ryan Flanagan (born Nov. 6, 1860 and died March 25, 1925) were my great grandparents. Mary Ellen Ryan Flanagan's parents were Bridget Hoban Ryan (born circa 1839 and died Aug. 27, 1905) and Daniel Ryan (born circa 1833 in County Waterford, Ireland - died Nov. 24, 1873) are buried in a plot with other Flanagan/Ryan relatives in the NE section of the St. Ambrose section of Woodland Cemetery. 
Maggie Anna Busch   1884 – 1931          Contributed by Diane Green
Henry Struck   d 1888
Samuel McConnachie   d 1934
My husband has a great-grandfather and great-grandmother buried in Woodland, plus her first husband and a child who both died the same year (I've never tried to find the Polk County death records, so I assume from an illness or something they contracted.)
Maggie Anna Busch (b. Dec. 1857 in Bavaria).  Came to USA in 1884 (Germans to America - Vol. 50 (July 1884-Nov 1884); page ?;    Ship:  Belgenland; from Antwerp to New York; arrived 4 Oct 1884 Busch, M. Miss,  27, female, unknown occupation, from Germany, no village noted, destination NY.
First marriage to Henry Struck in 1885.  He died in July of 1888.  They had two girls, and the older one died in Sept. of 1888.  
She eventually remarried to Samuel McConnachie.  They had three girls, the youngest was my husband's paternal grandmother, Jessie.
Sam was from Scotland, although I haven't found his area of birth yet.  He died in 1934, and Maggie died in 1931.  All four are buried in the same plot in Woodland, I don't have the plot # or anything that I can find now.  The Woodland books at IGS, the plot # didn't make sense when I tried to go there and look.  Luckily my husband's aunt Margaret, who was the keeper of the family knowledge, I met her there one time to decorate the grave for Memorial Day, so now I know.
Emery Richard 
Margaret Hayes Losh
Robert Losh
Elizabeth Turner Losh
My husband, Ron Rittel’s great, great grandparents, Emery Richard and Margaret (Hays) Losh are buried there and also his 3rd great grandparents Robert and Elizabeth (Turner) Losh are also there.  
A family story is that they came to Iowa in a covered wagon.  His destination was to go to California but he fell in love with Iowa and decided to stay.
Jane E. Stone   1825 - 1913              Contributed by Robert Stone
Abbie E. Olson  1869 - 1946
George B. Stewart  1855 - 1938
Jane E. Stone: born 28 Jun 1825 Arlington, VT; died 8 Jan 1913 buried in Block 22, N 1/2 lot 108. Sister of my great grandfather - Stephen Stone). 
I have written a short story about Jane E. Stone, Abbie E (Olson) Stewart and her husband, George B. Stewart in word format and have attached them. [see google drive] Jane's older sister, Juliette (Stone) Olson is also included as she was involved even though she is not buried at Woodland Cemetery.
Abbie E. Olson: born 4 Mar 1869, Juneau, Dodge Count, WI; died 16 Mar 1946, buried in Block 22, N 1/2 Lot 108. Niece of Jane Stone and daughter of Juliette (Stone) Olson (sister of my great grandfather-Stephen Stone) .
George B. Stewart: born Aug 1855, WV: died 11 Aug 1938, buried in Block 22, N 1/2 Lot 108. Husband of Abbie E. Olson.
George W. Debolt   1824 - 1890       Contributed by Bob Hamilton
Mary Myers  1834 - 1907
I have ancestors buried in Woodland Cemetery.  They are great-great-great-grandparents on my paternal grandmother's side.
His name is George W. Debolt, born May 1824 in Ohio and died 17 Sep 1890 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa.  (not to be confused with a son George Debolt who died in 1930 and is buried in Glendale Cemetery).
His wife's name is Mary Myers, born 11 Apr 1834 in Greene county, Pennsylvania and died 29 Aug 1907 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa.
George Debolt was probably born in Knox county Ohio in 1824.  His wife, Mary Myers, was born in Greene county Pennsylvania in 1834.  Mary's parents, Peter Myers and Nancy Watson, were married in Greene county Pennsylvania and moved to Knox county Ohio where George Debolt and Mary Myers were married 2 Mar 1848.
By 1855 both families (Debolt and Myers) had migrated to Iowa county Iowa south of Ladora. Many other families from Ohio also moved to this area of Iowa county, so much so that the church and cemetery were named for the Ohio community.  George and Mary Debolt's daughter, Mary Ann, married Nathaniel Thompson 2 Jul 1869 in Marengo, Iowa county Iowa.  They are my great-great-great-grandparents.  Mary Ann Debolt Thompson died in 1871 shortly after giving birth to a daughter.  Their daughter was raised by her Debolt grandparents who moved to Newton, Jasper county, Iowa by 1880 and to Guthrie county Iowa by 1885 before finally ending up in Des Moines, Polk county Iowa by about 1890 where George Debolt died 17 Sep 1890 and was buried in Woodland Cemetery.  His wife died 29 Aug 1907 in Des Moines and is also buried in Woodland Cemetery.
The first-born child of Nathaniel Thompson and Mary Ann Debolt, Eli, was raised by his father who had moved to the Iowa City Iowa area.  Eli was married to Anna Laura Vanblaricum 6 Sep 1897 in Iowa City, Johnson county Iowa.  One family story relates that he helped apply the gold leafing to the State Capitol in Des Moines and got lead poisoning.
The Myers family also moved to Newton, Jasper county Iowa but some branches located to other parts of eastern Iowa.
According to Des Moines Iowa city directories many of the Debolt, Thompson, and Vanblaricum families were laborers and teamsters often with children, sibllings, cousins, and in-laws working together and changing employers together.  One of George Debolt's sons owned the Debolt Mineral Water company, and later the Des Moines Ice company with various relations also working there.  Another Debolt owned Debolt Western Plumbing company.
Esther (Hoover) Hollingsworth  1904 - 1989          contributed by Glenn York
I have Identified two relatives buried in Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa.
My maternal 1st cousin 3 times removed Esther (Hoover) Hollingsworth and her husband my paternal 5th cousin Martin Elmont Hollingsworth.
Esther died 14 May 1989 see find a grave at: