Get Local with County Affiliate Chapters

Are you looking for a specific county in Iowa to research?  In the left column there is a list of counties that have chapters in the Iowa Genealogical Society family.  In the center column, Society / Website or Email, if there is green or blue name, this is a hyperlink to their website or email.  The right column is a brochure if the society has shared one with us. 
Remember: FamilySearch affiliate libraries have privileges to limited-access FamilySearch databases. Public or university libraries, archives, and museums can become affiliate public libraries. Genealogical societies with a permanent building open to the public with staff available to assist can become affiliate public libraries as well.
Affiliate libraries have some limitations and may not have all the services of a FamilySearch center.  There may be some FamilySearch Historical Records collections that may not be available.
        County                                  Society / Website or Email                                                                        Brochure
Adair   Adair County Anquestors Brochure
Appanoose   Appanoose County Gen Society Brochure
Audubon   Audubon County Gen Society Brochure
Benton   Benton County Genealogical Society Brochure
Black Hawk      
Boone   Boone County Genealogical Society Brochure
Bremer   Bremer County Gen Society Brochure
Buchanan   Buchanan County Gen Society Brochure
Buena Vista   Buena Vista County Gen Society Brochure
Butler   Butler County Gen Society Brochure
Carroll   Carroll County Gen Society Brochure
Cass   Cass County Gen Society Brochure
Cerro Gordo   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Cherokee   Cherokee County Genealogical Society Brochure
Chickasaw   Chickasaw County Gen Society Brochure
Clarke   Clarke County Gen Society Brochure
Clay   Iowa Lakes Gen Society Brochure
Clayton   Clayton County Gen Society  
Clinton   Clinton County Gateway Genealogical Society  
Crawford   Crawford County Gen Society  
Dallas   Dallas County Gen Society  
Davis   Davis County Gen Society  
Delaware   Delaware County Gen Society  
Des Moines   Des Moines County Gen Society  
Dickinson   Iowa Lakes Gen Society Brochure
Dubuque   Dubuque County - Key City Gen Society Membership
Emmet   Emmet County Gen Society  
Fayette   Oelwein Area Gen Society  
Fayette   Fayette County Gen Society  
Floyd   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Franklin   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Fremont   Fremont County Historical Society Gen Dept.  
Greene   Greene County Gen Society  
Guthrie   Guthrie County Gen Society  
Hamilton   Hamilton Heritage Hunters Gen Society Brochure
Hancock   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Harrison   Harrison County Gen Society  
Howard   Howard - Winneshiek County Gen Society  
Humboldt   Humboldt County Gen Society  
Ida   Ida County Gen Society  
Iowa   Iowa County Gen Society  
Jackson   Jackson County Gen Chapter  
Jasper   Jasper County Gen Society Brochure
Johnson   Iowa City Gen Society Brochure
Jones   Jones County Gen Society  
Keokuk   Keo-Mah Gen Society Brochure
Kossuth   Kossuth County Gen Society  
Lee   Lee County Gen Society  
Lee   Old Fort Gen Society  
Linn   Gen Society of Linn County Brochure
Louisa   Louisa County Historical Society  
Lucas   Lucas County Gen Society   (An LDS affiliate)  Brochure
Madison   Madison County Gen Society  
Mahaska   Keo-Mah Gen Society Brochure
Marion   Marion County iowa Gen Society  
Marshall   Central iowa Gen Society  
Mills   Mills County Gen Society  
Mitchell   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Monona   Monona County Gen Society  
Muscatine   Muscatine County Gen Society  
O'Brien   Iowa Lakes Gen Society  
Osceola   Iowa Lakes Gen Society  
Palo Alto   Palo Alto County Gen Society  
Plymouth   Northwest Iowa Gen Society  
Pocahontas   Pocahontas County Gen Society  
Pocahontas   Laurens Genies / Pocahontas County  
Polk   Ankeny Genealogical Chapter  
Pottawattamie   Botna Valley Gen Society  
Pottawattamie   Pottawattamie County Gen Society  
Poweshiek   Poweshiek County Historical and Gen Society Brochure
Scott   Scott County Gen Society  
Sioux   Greater Sioux County Gen Society  
Story   Story County Gen Society Brochure
Tama   Tama County Histoical Society & Genealogical Library  
Taylor   Taylor County Gen Society  
Union   Union County Gen Society  
Van Buren   Van Buren County Gen Society  
Wapello   Wapello County Gen Society  
Warren   Warren County Gen Society  
Washington   Washington County Gen Society Brochure
Wayne   Wayne County Gen Society  
Webster   Webster County Gen Society  Brochure
Winnebago   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Winneshiek   Howard - Winneshiek County Gen Society  
Woodbury   Woodbury County Gen Society  
Worth   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure
Wright   Wright County Genealogical Searchers  
Wright   North Central Iowa Gen Society Brochure