Hamilton’s Funeral Home

From 1910 to present the Hamilton Funeral Home,605 Lyon St. has kept funeral records which can be accessed by the Iowa Genealogical Society researchers.   A one page summary records information for each funeral and likely would record cause of death, date of death and burial, possible relatives.

Please leave or mail your request along with your name and contact information to the Iowa Genealogical Society librarian. IGS volunteers will obtain the copies from Hamilton’s for you. For $5.00 you may pick up the copy at IGS or have it mailed to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks.

These load slowly.

A – Braught

Braun – Critchlow

Crocker – Ford

Fore – Hazlitt

Heabelin – Juvenal

Kabbick – Mason

Masoner – Nyswonger

Oakes – Roe

Roebken – Stevens

Stevenson – Walkup

Wall – Zylstra