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The Iowa Genealogical Society’s mission is to create and foster an interest in genealogy and to aid others in researching their family history.

The purpose of the Iowa Genealogical Society is to meet the educational needs of its members and the general public through the acquisition, preservation and dissemination of genealogical, historical and cultural information.

IGS was founded in 1965 by a small group of dedicated genealogists who met in members’ houses and carried the original collection in an orange crate. Today, our membership is worldwide and the book collection alone spans the length of over 5 football fields.

We are funded entirely by our membership. IGS receives no federal or state funds nor are we affiliated with or sponsored by any other group or religious organization. Our facility and collection exist due to the generosity of our members.

IGS is a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation

Where to Find Us

628 E Grand Ave
Des Moines IA 50309-1924

Phone: 515-276-0287
FAX: 515-727-1824


At the foot of the State Capitol in the historic East Village, we’re conveniently located across the street from the State Historical Library.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday
10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.



Executive Director

Jennifer Ewing    ExecDir@iowagenealogy.org

Administrative Assistant

Debra Chase    igs@iowagenealogy.org


Debra Chase

Assistant Librarians

Sue Claman

Debra Chase

Curt & Tasha Jackson


Interest Groups

Click on these interest groups for more information about them.

Ancestry, British-Welsh and Scottish, DNA, German, Irish, Legacy, Norwegian, and RootsMagic.


Social Media

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Board of Directors

The Society is a membership organization, governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of 16 Regional Representatives and 5 Officers that comprise the Executive Committee. To see the Regional Representatives counties click here.

President – term ends Oct 2018

Kevin Spire


1st Vice President – term ends Oct 2017

Jennifer Barsetti

2nd Vice President – term ends Oct 2018

Tasha Jackson

Secretary – term ends Oct 2018

Maureen Wilkins

Treasurer – term ends Oct 2017

Carol Bowers



Board Meeting dates 2017.
Conf Rm Saturdays at 10:30
Feb 11
May 13
Aug 12
Nov 11
Exec Committee Meeting dates 2017.
Conf Rm Thurdays at 10:30 unless otherwise noted.
Jan 14
Apr 1 at 1:00 pm
Jul 8
Oct 14
Regional Representatives

Region 1 – term ends Oct 2017

David Lamb


Region 2 – term ends Oct 2018

Harold Williamson

Region 3 – term ends Oct 2017

Pat Border

Region 4 – term ends Oct 2018

Curt Jackson


Region 5 – term ends Oct 2017

Judi Pohorshy


Region 6 – term ends Oct 2018

Alan Neve


Region 7 – term ends Oct 2017



Region 8 – term ends Oct 2018

Jack & Fran Mauldin


Region 9 – term ends Oct 2017

Deborah Barker

Region 10 – term ends Oct 2018

Saundra Leininger

Region 11 – term ends Oct 2017

Ron Gruber

Region 12 – term ends Oct 2018

Martha Schmidt

Region 13 – term ends Oct 2017

Virgil Karstens

Region 14 – term ends Oct 2018

Linda & Mary Cae Madden

Region 15 – term ends Oct 2017

Donna Kelly

Region 16 – term ends Oct 2018

Carolyn DeLay


Board Minutes

Full copies of the minutes and attachments for the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are available for member inspection at the librarians desk at IGS during normal library hours. The Executive Committee carries out Board of Directors policies between Board meetings. Board Minutes list.


Standing Committees

  • Publicity Volunteer needed!
  • Finance: Carol Bowers, Ch
  • LibraryVolunteer needed!