Slumber Party

Bring your pillow and blanket in case you get tired while researching this News Eve at the Iowa Genealogical Society. We will find you a quiet place to rejuvenate your research skills. From 4 pm, Dec 31, until 6 am, Jan 1, you can research at the Library without interruption. Use the greater access to FamilySearch at the library to see more than at home. Bring a snack to share and talk with others about your research problem. Pizza is provided.

SIG Holiday Cancellations

SIG meeting date changes

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

RootsMagic will not meet in Nov or Dec. The next meeting is 26 Jan 2019.

Legacy will not meet in Dec.

Germans will meet 3 Dec for Annual Holiday Party and potluck: 5:30 Social hour, 6:30 Potluck and entertainment.

Ancestry Library Edition

IGS has received a donation to add Ancestry Library Edition for patron use. It is now available on the patron computers.

Ancestry Library Edition iconAncestry Library Edition, the largest online family history resource available, provides unprecedented access to family history via documents that record the lineage of individuals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and more. It brings the world’s most popular consumer online family history resource to the IGS Library.

Genealogical Name Tag

Genealogical Name Tag

Let others know your family

A Genealogy Name Tag from IGS is a unique conversation starter. Your genealogy at a glance that can be worn with any clothing. Black letters on a white plastic badge (2 1/8 x 3 3/8) with a pin clasp on the back. Font size appropriate for space on badge.