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Family Histories

Call NumberAuthorTitle 
929.2/ABBGunderson, Marion AbbottAbbot; Ancestors and Descendants of Albert Cutler Abbott
929.2/ABEAbell, William Russel, CompilerThe Abell Family of Saint Mary's County, Maryland and the American Revolution
929.2/ABRGieber, Robert, CompilerGenealogical Data on the Abrams and Van Winkle Families
929.2/ACHSmith, Walter Burges IIAchilles Genealogies, 1596 - 1990
929.2/ACOCopeland, B. A.500 Years of Family History, containing many partial genealogies on allied families
929.2/ADAAdair, Richard PorterSome Family Origins of Fred Lyman Adair, M.D. and his wife, Myrtle May Ingalls
929.2/ADAAdams, Andrew N.A Genealogical History of Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass. And His Descendants, 1635-1900
929.2/ADAAdams, BertramThe House of Benjamin; Ancestors and descendants of Benjamin Adams of Boaz
929.2/ADAAdams, Eben W.Robert Adams of Newbury, Massachusetts and his descendants, vol. II
929.2/ADAAdams, Enid EleanorAncestors and Descendants of Jeremiah Adams, 1794-1883
929.2/ADAAdams, James TruslowThe Adams Family
929.2/ADAAdamson, Elza HaydenBenjamin Adamson, from England to America about 1800 and some of his descendants
929.2/ADABowen, Harold KingThe Book of Adam; First edition of the genealogy
929.2/ADAEbbott, Elizabeth AdamsDescendants of Colonel John Emery Adams 1780-1840
929.2/ADA/QJackson, Ronald VernJohn Adams and Abigail Smith Ancestry
929.2/ADA/QJackson, Ronald VernJohn Quincy Adams and Louisa Catherine Johnson Ancestry
929.2/ADANagel, Paul C.Descent from Glory; Four generations of the John Adams Family
929.2/ADAPublished by Genealogical Research and ProductionsAdams Addenda
929.2/ADAShepherd, JackThe Adams Chronicles, Four Generations of Greatness
929.2/ADDThoutt, Marla AddyGolden Leaves from the Addy Family Tree
929.2/ADKMeggs, Marjorie P.David Adkins, Jr. and His Seven Sons and Daughters Who Came West
929.2/AISChamberlain, Louise AistonAiston-Chamberlain Family History
929.2/AKEAkers, ShaneThe Genealogy of Shane Akers
929.2/ALBDau-Schmidt, Vern EdsonGenealogy of the Albert Famiy (Reinbeck)
929.2/ALBHuber, Leslie AlbrechtThe Journy Takers [Albrecht Family]
929.2/ALDFoulke, Joseph W.A Line of Descent from John Alden and Priscilla Mullens: Members of the Pilgrim Company Who Came on the Mayflower in the Year 1620
929.2/ALDGraves, Mary Barringer, CompilerJohn Alden and Priscilla
929.2/ALFAlford, Gilbert K. Jr.Descendants of John Alford, who Died about 1748 in Virginia
929.2/ALLAllen, Lester M.The Allen Family; Descendants of John and Amy Cox Allen with Allied Lines
929.2/ALLAllen, Philip W. and Callison, Neva L.The Tandy and Joanna Allen Family History
929.2/ALLAllin, George R. Jr.Allin Families of North Devonshire
929.2/ALLAlloway, Harold JayThe Alloway History of a Strange Family
929.2/ALLJacobs, Steven JohnThe Allen and King Genealogy
929.2/ALLMorgan, LoisAllstot, Balch, Hendricks, and Livingston Lineages
929.2/ALLMurray, PatrickAllphin-Buzbee Genealogy and Peter Chilton History
929.2/ALLParrott, PaulineAlley McNay Lineage and Ancestors of Mary Lucas McNay
929.2/ALTGingrich, Geneva WilliamsThe Descendents [sic] of Five Alton Brothers
929.2/AMEAshby, Elizabeth Clara AmendAmend, Kronig, Voss, Rahn, from Germany to Iowa
929.2/ANDAnderson, BruceThe Andersons of Page County, Iowa; First edition
929.2/ANDAnderson, Richard R.Anderson - Bailey Family Lines
929.2/ANDAnderson, Taylor MaxwellThe Genealogy of Taylor Maxwell Anderson
929.2/ANDFinnell, Arthur LouisThe Andrew Family Genealogy: A genealogy of the Philip Andrew Family of Devonshire, England who settled in Ontario, Canada and Calhoun County, Iowa
929.2/ANDFinnell, Arthur LouisThe Andrew Family Genealogy
929.2/ANDGaines, Elinor Anderson, CompilerThe Andersons of Candacraig, 1581-1985, following the lines of the 12th Laird Alexander Anderson, his sister, Jean Anderson Davie,
his brother, Arthur Anderson and his brother, Adam Gordon Anderson
929.2/ANDHausenbuiller, Thelma WilliamsThe Anderson Family History
929.2/ANDMorgan, LoisAnderson - Chittenden - Montgomery and Vangilder Genealogies
929.2/ANDPoindexter, Arthur AndrewsThe Andrews Saga in America 1737-1992
929.2/ANDWood, Emma and ErmonAnders, Lee County, Iowa Pioneers: Jacob Anders/Catherine Barnhart
929.2/ANGAngell, Avery F.Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Angell, Who Settled in Providence, 1636
929.2/ANGAngell, Vincent H.They Were Angells
929.2/ANKAnkrom, DonselAnkrom Genealogy, U.S.A., 1659 to 1988
929.2/ANKJohnson, William A.Ankeny - Nedrow Genealogy
929.2/ARADay, Jesse H. and Bessie R.Some Informations About Arasmiths, Arrasmiths, Arrowsmiths
929.2/ARFArfsten, Glen D.Arfsten Family History
929.2/ARMLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Armstrong Genealogy
929.2/ARNArnold, Dorothy ElaineThe Genealogy of Heinrich Arnold and Augusta Schap, 1824-1982
929.2/ARNArnold, Robert JayOur Arnold Heritage: Edward Arnold of Gloucestor, Rhode Island, and Related Families, 1759-1842
929.2/ARNArnold, Robert JayOur Arnold Heritage: Edward Arnold of Gloucestor, Rhode Island, and Related Families, 1759-1842, Volume 2
929.2/ARNArnold, Verle M.`Arnold Family History and Genealogy
929.2/ARRArrol, JohnThe Arrol, Arroll, and Arrell Families
929.2/ARTArt, Harry R.The Descendants of Alexander Young Art and Sarah Margaret Pendry
929.2/ARTArthaud, John BradleyThe Emile and Susanna (Ebersol) Arthaud Family 1765-1987
929.2/ARTArthaud, John BradleyThe Emile Arthaud Family
929.2/ASHAsh, Laurence W.Our Family Tree Ancesters and Descendants of James Wesley Ash -- vol. One
929.2/ASHAshby, Newton B., CompilerThe Ashbys in Iowa, A Family History and Story of Pioneer Life
929.2/ASTKarns, Janice AstleyAstley Family
929.2/ATKNichols, Roger L.General Henry Atkinson; A Western Military Career
929.2/AULAuld, David WaltonThe Auld Book
929.2/AUNBarnes, Josephine A, Rev. Dr.Genealogy and Migration of Auner - Aurner - Orner Family
929.2/AUXAuxier, DaveGenealogy Update for the Early Genereaztions of the Auxier/Axer/Auxer/Oxier Family
929.2/AUXAuxier, DaveThe Auxier Family
929.2/AXTAxtell, Carson A.Axtell Genealogy
929.2/BAABaas, Christopher AlanGenealogical Data on the Baas, Odegard, Trumbull, Archer and Desch Families of Iowa, North Dakota and Nebraska
929.2/BABBaber, Kevin D.Genealogical Materials on the Baber and Duffield Families of Iowa
929.2/BABSargent, Jean A.Babb Families in America
929.2/BACBackensto, Elwood BruceAddendum to the Backenstoss-Baggenstoss Family History
929.2/BACBackensto, Elwood BruceBackenstoss-Baggenstoss Family History
929.2/BACMann, Pauline BachmanOur Heritage, A History of the Bachmans of Lititz, Pennsylvania, ancestors and descendents of Aaron Eugene and Fannie Ritter Bachman,
Monroe Eugene and Clara Weidman Bachman
929.2/BACYoung, Edward JosephThe Bacon Family from England to America, From Washington County, New York to Tehama County, California
929.2/BADBenes, Francis (Scott)The Bicentennial Book of Badleys; A roster and history of five Badley families originating in England and living in North America form 1776-1976
929.2/BAEBaer, Daniel M. and Robert Bruce BaerGenealogy of Johannes Baer, 1719-1910
929.2/BAGAnderson, Martha and Bagley, NortonSome Descendants of Orlando Bagley of Amesbury, Massachusetts
929.2/BAGMcCarville, Harold E.Descendants of John Baggerly
929.2/BAGBagley, Norton RussellNotes on Bagley Lines
929.2/BAIBailey, Howard and Bailey, LorettaThe Bailey Family
929.2/BAIBaldwin, StewartThe Baird Family of Guernsey County, Ohio
929.2/BAIHenderson, Leona Mae FosterA Beaver Married a Bair
929.2/BAIPratt, Hazel I.The Bailey Family with Tibbetts, Burt, Bates, and Noble
929.2/BAISherwood, Claire M.The New England Ancestry of Wyllys Warner Baird and His Wife, Oliva Pomeroy Green
929.2/BAIZook, John A.Bailey - Borland - Glenn Genealogies, A Subset of a Thompson Genealogy
929.2/BAKBaker, Emerson R.Peter Baker of New York, 1767-1822 and His Descendents
929.2/BAKBaker, Fred G.The Descendants of John Baker (ca. 1640-1704) of Hartford, Connecticut through Thirteen Generations, Volumes I and II
929.2/BAKBaker, Gordon C.Peter Baker of Springhill: The Descendents of Peter and Mary Baker of Springhill Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
929.2/BAKBaker, Robert HelsleyGenealogy of the Baker Family
929.2/BAKBaker, Silas Kenneth Jr.Descendants of William Baker, Jr. (d. Concord, Massachusetts 1702)
929.2/BAKBaker, Thomas RobertThe Baker Family; Seven Generations in Iowa, 1842-1960
929.2/BAKBakewell, StanleyBakewell - History and Genealogy
929.2/BAKBaklien, BotolvHallingslekter (Baklein Family)
929.2/BAKRyerson, TomLena Eggen Bakke
929.2/BAKRyerson, TomThe Bakke Immigrants
929.2/BALBalbach, William F.Balbach Family History
929.2/BALBaldwin, Geo. E.The Descendants of Deacon Aaron Baldwin of North Brandford, Connecticut, 1724-1800
929.2/BALHenschel, Richard C. (Mrs.)The 9H; What's Behind It?
929.2/BALMaerz, ClaudetteWilliam Ball and Hannah Smith of Virginia
929.2/BALMaerz, ClaudetteWilliam Ball and Hannah Atherold of Virginia
929.2/BALRamos, Shirley CampbellDescendants of Johann Balthaser and Mary Margretha Getz
929.2/BALReeves, Emma BarrettThe Three Centuries of Ballingers in America
929.2/BALWard, Maude R., CompilerHistory of the Family of William and Sarah Campbell Ball
929.2/BANBandstra, Alvin, Calvin and GloriaThe Life and Family History of Paulus and Geertje Bandstra
929.2/BANBanta, Elsa M.Banta Pioneers and Records of the Wives and Allied Families
929.2/BANBanta, Theodore M.The Banta Genealogy, Descendants of Epke Jacobse, of Friesland, Netherlands to New Amsterdam, 1659
929.2/BANMurray, Joan EnglandThe Bantas of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Their Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/BANSwenson, DonBandimere Family History
929.2/BARBarekman, June BeverlyThe Genealogy of the Michael Barrickman Family Group of Frederick County, Maryland and His Sons and Grandsons of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, Iowa, and All Points West and Northwest
929.2/BARBarnard, KeithAll About Keith and Mary: Their Stories
929.2/BARBarnard, Robert M., CompilerRobert Barnard of Andover, Massachusetts and His Descendants
929.2/BARBarnard, Walter CharlesAncestry Charts of Walter Charles Barnard and Ladonna Louise Maggard
929.2/BARBarnard, Walter CharlesBarnard Genealogy; The Ancestry and Descendants of Walter Charles Barnard
929.2/BARBarnard, Walter CharlesBarnard and Allied Families: The Ancestry of Walter Charles Barnard and Ladonna Louise Maggard for their children
929.2/BARBarnes, Edna L., CompilerThe Barneses of Broadview
929.2/BARBarnes, Josephine AunerBarnes Family
929.2/BARBarnes, Trescott C.The Barnes Family Year Book (3 volumes in one)
929.2/BARBarnes, Frederic WayneThomas Barnes of Harford, Connecticut + 1,766 Descendants, 1615-1994
929.2/BARBarnes, Shirley MooreThe Kindred Ventures: The History and Genealogy of Peter Barnes (1744-1814) and Related Families
929.2/BARBarnett, Robert W.Life Story of Robert W. Barnett
929.2/BARBarnhill, A. Virgil Jr.Some Descendants of Robert Barnhill, First Immigrant
929.2/BARBarr, Charles R.A Barr Family History, Descendants of Robert Barr (c. 1725-1808) and His Wife Mary Wills
929.2/BARBarr, William B.History of the Barr Family, Beginning with Great-Grandfather Robert Barr and Mary Wills . . .
929.2/BARBartine, EdThe Bartine Family of Marshall County, Iowa
929.2/BARBartlett, GaryHistory and Genealogy of a line from George and Mary Cruttenden Bartlet
929.2/BARBartlett, Inez (Goerdt)Descendants of Robert Bartlett; From Massachusetts to Maine to the Midwest
929.2/BARBarton, DickJoshua and Phebe Barton and Their Children and Grandchildren
929.2/BARBartusek, Joseph NoelOur Family Tree 1819-1974
929.2/BARCurry, Ross MiloThe Forebearers and Descendants of Henry and Abigail Barringer
929.2/BARLeonard, R. BerniceTwig and Turf II
929.2/BARMyers, JoeBartlett Family
929.2/BARNally, Robert DucasThe Barton Book, Revised Edition
929.2/BARPeterson, Lola Lena ChristensenDigging In My Roots
929.2/BARPool, Ella I.Peter Barnhart and the West Family
929.2/BARSchroeder, Louis J. (Barber)Moses Barber of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and Many Descendants 1652-1984
929.2/BARSmith, Stephen HaroldBarshingers in America, A Genealogical History of Barshinger Families in America Since 1735
929.2/BARTurnipseed, Merle E.Bar Haus; A story of Johannes Bare Family
929.2/BARWesbrook, Mary E.Descendants of Jacob Barney 1634
929.2/BASBaskerville, Charles W.Baskerville
929.2/BASBaskerville, Charles W.Baskerville: William Jr., William III, Lorenzo and LeRoy
929.2/BASSmith, Dwight TaylorGenealogy and History: Bassett-Smith-Brock
929.2/BASSmith, Esther BorgmanBaskerville
929.2/BASSmith, Esther BorgmanBaskerville Genealogy Supplement
929.2/BATBachelor, Rosemary E., CompilerThe Epistle, A monthly magazine for the Batchelor, Carpenter, and Rice Families
929.2/BATBatcher, Olive M.Batcher - Reynolds Family History
929.2/BATBatdorf, Virginia FaustThe Batdorf Family Histroy
929.2/BATBaty, John RobertsonBaty, Robertson, Beck, Thornburg
929.2/BATHayler, Priscilla A.Descendants of Charles Bates and of Louden A. Bates
929.2/BATHubler, MouraineThe Battin Family Genealogy
929.2/BATMaddy, John K.The Ancestors and Descendants of James Bates and Arvilla Mariah Crofford of Story County, Iowa
929.2/BAUBaumhover, Ron, CompilerThe Baumhover Family
929.2/BAUFosselman, Joseph C.The Baumhover Story
929.2/BAUGriffin, Fern BauerFrederick John Bauer b. 3 August 1866, Wurttemberg
929.2/BAXBaxter, Lionel Francis and Baxter, John WilliamA Baxter Family from South Carolina
929.2/BAXHarrell, Mary Cynthia BaxterBaxter - Short - Miller - Gill and Related Families
929.2/BEABeason-Peckham, ArlineThe Beason Family
929.2/BEADonnelly, Mary LouiseBeaven, Blanford, Clarkson, Mitchell Families of Maryland, Kentucky U.S.A.
929.2/BEAMorgan, Donna WilcoxJacob Beard and His Descendants: A Genealogy of Jacob Beard, 1815-1897
929.2/BEASnider, Elaine BeamanBeaman Family History
929.2/BEAStewart, Ermine Roady, CompilerTrails of the Beals
929.2/BECBeck, Achsah Amelia WulfFamily of Amelia Beck; in memory of my grandparents, paternal, John Henry Wulf, Letitia Linder Wulf and maternal,
Charles Clark Millard, Sarah E. Gardner Millard
929.2/BECBecker, Eileen A.Introducing Your Ancestors: The Becker Family History
929.2/BECBeckley, Stephanie AnnThe Genealogy of Stephanie Ann Beckley
929.2/BECBrace, Edwin T.Descendants of Johann Adam and Anna Maria Beckenbach, Revised Edition
929.2/BECDalby, Barbara H., CompilerThe Bechtel Family Encyclopedia, Volume One - 1974
929.2/BECDutton, Edward R.John and Belinda Becker and Their Descendants
929.2/BECWeimer, William A.The Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Beckmeier and Amalia Thies
929.2/BECWise, Phyllis Jane (Carr)The Beckner Families
929.2/BEDKing, Larry, CompilerA Bedwell Family; Fourteen generations of his descendants from St. Giles Parish, Cripplegate, London, England in 1635
to all fifty United States of America and many foreign countries in 1982
929.2/BEEBeer, Craig E.The Beer Family Tree
929.2/BEEBeeson, Henry HartGenealogy of the Beeson - Beason Family
929.2/BEEElsmere, Jane ShafferHenry Ward Beecher; The Indiana years, 1837-1847
929.2/BEEPedersen, Linda J.Our Grandmothers [Beebe Family]
929.2/BEERalph, BettySome Ancestors of Roy "Pat" Beedles and Irene Conner Beedles
929.2/BEIBeinhorn, Charles Arthur, Jr.Our Time Line; The Ancestors of Christine Allaire Beinhorn
929.2/BELBell, Raymond M.Founders of the Bell Family, A Record of Pioneer Settlers in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
929.2/BELBenbow, William A.Brave Benbow, the life of Vice-Admiral John Benbow, 1653-1702
929.2/BELBrocher, Thomas MarkA Genealogy of the Beldon - Downing - Dunbar Families of Houston County, Minnesota
929.2/BELBrown, VirginiaThe Family of James and Caroline Bell
929.2/BELPierson, Roberta B.Bell, Osborn, Sloper
929.2/BELRoeschley, Wilma ElizabethJacob Beller Family Record
929.2/BELTaylor, Paul BelvilleJean Belleville the Huguenot - His Descendants
929.2/BELWhitney, Charles C.Some Belding Genealogy, being some of the descendants of Richard Belding of Staffordshire, England
929.2/BENBender, C. W., BishopDescendants of Daniel Bender
929.2/BENBender, EdwinDaniel Bender (1853-1918) and Veronica Roth (1839-1912) and Descendants
929.2/BENBenedict, Henry MarvinThe Genealogy of the Benedicts in America
929.2/BENBennett, Charles P.A Bennett Family History and Genealogy, (Yankee Clippers, Golden Slippers and More)
929.2/BENBentz, John D.Descendants of Martin Benz - Dorothea Schmeller
929.2/BENBentz, John D.Descendants of Martin Benz - Dorothea Schmeller
929.2/BENClapp, George W.Josiah and Mercy Pullman Bennett (1789-1870) of Herkemer, Jefferson, Oneida and Lewis counties, New York,
and Adair County Iowa and 574 of their descendants
929.2/BENHall, William K.Genealogy of the Bennington Family
929.2/BENHug, Barbara LaneThe Benskin Family History
929.2/BENParsons, Judy CallisonHenry James Benson and his Descendants
929.2/BENSmith, Shirley K.The Bennett - McVicker Family History
929.2/BENStout, Evelyn BenfielBenefiel Family Tree, Descendants of James and Elizabeth Benefiel of Putnam County, Indiana
929.2/BENStout, Evelyn BenfielThe Benefiel Families of Indiana and Their Descendants
929.2/BENWoodroffe, Janice and Gray, LouiseOur Benbow Heritage
929.2/BERBlake, Ruth Berger and Dvorak, MaryThe Genealogical Tree of Charles Berger
929.2/BERHanson, Phyllis BergeBerge/Enockson Family History
929.2/BERJones, Wayne V.The Bergstresser Family in America - Two Volumes
929.2/BERLind, Garland MarthaBerve Family Genealogy
929.2/BERSchroeder, Lois (Barber)The Berner Family; Descendants of Karl Amandus Berner and Kristine Knoodler of Esslingen, Germany, 1837-1975
929.2/BESHagen, Marilyn MealeyDescendants of Adam Best and Rhoda Loughrey
929.2/BESHawbaker, HazelOne Line of Beshore Family
929.2/BESWilken, Dale W.Besecker / Beisecker / Beesecker
929.2/BETBetterton, MarlaBetterton Genealogy
929.2/BEVBeving, DaveThe Genealogical Information of the Beving Family
929.2/BEVScott, TomSome Descendents of Mathew Beveridge of Strathmiglo, Scotland
929.2/BEWHelm, Myra SagerLorinda Bewley and the Whitman Massacre
929.2/BICBicknell, Thomas WilliamsHistory and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family and some collateral lines of Normandy, Great Britian and America
929.2/BICMarrs, Marlys L.Bice Family History, 1800-1987
929.2/BIDBidwell, Joan J. & Bidwell Family AssociationThe Bidwell Family, Volume I, The Lineages of the Sons of John Bidwell, Early Connecticut Settler
929.2/BIDBidwell, Joan J. & Bidwell Family AssociationThe Bidwell Family, Volume II, The Lineages of the Daughters of John Bidwell, Early Connecticut Settler
929.2/BIEBennett, Diana BieberAlsace Families: Bieber, Burr, Ludmann, Klein and Others
929.2/BIEBieker, Sara JeanBieker and Miller Families of Shelby County, Iowa
929.2/BIEBierma, Ethel, CompilerBierma Genealogy, 1683-1983: Three Hundred Years with the Biermas
929.2/BIEDanley, Pamela SueBiesterfelds in America
929.2/BIGBigelow Society, Inc.Forge: The Bigelow Society Quarterly
929.2/BIGFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Biggar Family
929.2/BILHayes, Edward R.Mary Agnes Hulse Billingsley and Her Ancestors, Volumes I, II, III
929.2/BILHayes, Edward R.Samuel Billingsley of Jefferson County, Iowa and His Ancestors
929.2/BINMunger, Donna BinghamThe Bingham Family in the United States: The Descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut
929.2/BINPatterson, Audrey BingamanBingaman Family History
929.2/BIRBird, Robert ByronThe Bird Family Scrapbook
929.2/BIRByrd, Alvin G.The Bird - Byrd Family
929.2/BIRLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Bird Genealogy
929.2/BISBisbee, Frank J.Genealogy of the Bisbee Family: Descendants of Thomas Besbeech (Bisbee) of Scituate, Duxbury and Sudbury, Massachusetts
929.2/BISBishop, Ira ElmoreBishop Families in America
929.2/BISBishop, Ray O.Our Bishop Ancestors Were Pioneers of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Tennessee. . .1630-1847
929.2/BISBishop, Ray O.The Rev. John Bishop Descendants; the genealogy of Ray O. Bishop
929.2/BISLane, Evelyn C.Bishop and Burroughs Families in Early Massachusetts
929.2/BISLeasure, Virginia MillerThe Ancestors and Descendants of David Bishop
929.2/BLABlack, Nell Woods and Walrod, Phyllis JuliusThe Blacks; Seven generations, a revision with a more complete genealogical directory of the McLellans
929.2/BLACarrier, CarolynA Brief History of James G. and Margaret A. Blaker and Their Descendants
929.2/BLAGibson, Evelyn D.Blackburn and Allied Descendants of John Blackburn Sr., Who Came from Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1776
929.2/BLAHundley, Dorothy blanchardBlanchard/Pentecost Family Histories
929.2/BLAJenson, Betty LouThe Samuel Black Family
929.2/BLAKnight, Josephine BlackburnAncestors and Descendants of John Blackburn
929.2/BLANo AuthorBlack and Connell Record (Families)
929.2/BLASeaba, Peter J.The Blaise-Raeder Family Tree
929.2/BLAStewart, Charlotte BlairBlair Society for Genealogical Research, Members' Lineages (1983-2003_ with Biographies of Their Earliest Ancestors
929.2/BLASumner, Edith B.Edward Wales Blake
929.2/BLASumner, Edith BartlettAncestry of Edward W. Blake and Clarissa M. Glidden
929.2/BLASweigard, Wilda Mae (Allen)Blakesley Family and Allied Families of Hanes, White, and Brees
929.2/BLAWeber, VerleneBlain Family History
929.2/BLEBlenderman, Gordon K.Dietrich Blendermann of the Parish of Lesum, Germany
929.2/BLEFisher, Robert V.Blethroad Genealogy, includes Blethrow and Blethroade
929.2/BLIBliss, Aaron TylerGenealogy of the Bliss Family in America, Three Volumes
929.2/BLIDayton, Elinor BlissBliss and Holmes Descendants [Ephriam Bliss of Savoy, Mass. & Israel Holmes of Waterbury, Conn.]
929.2/BLIHoppin, Charles ArthurThe Bliss Book
929.2/BLOBlock, Anna Maria Louise RammBlock of Renwick, Iowa; Part I,
929.2/BLOVeren, Sara JoFamily Genealogy; Blood, Edler, German, Veren
929.2/BLUThompson, KateThe Forever "Blum"ing Family Tree
929.2/BOABoaz, Robert V.The Boaz Family Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/BOADonnelly, Mary LouiseMajor William Boarman, Charles County, Maryland (1630-1709), His Descendants, Boarman/Bowman and Allied Families
929.2/BOCHogle, Roger M.Selected Descendants of Daniel Ludwig Bockes, ca 1776 - ca 1843
929.2/BODCundick, CherylModified Register for Johannes Boddicker
929.2/BOEBoelling, TomUp the Boelling's Alley
929.2/BOGBogardus, William BrowerDear "Cousin", A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans Descendants of Anneke Jans Bogardus (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation . . .
929.2/BOLBoles, Harold W.Some Earlier Americans: Boles-Linton Ancestors
929.2/BOLBoltz, PaulBoltz/Puls/Pulse/Pults/Pultz Family of America through Johann Michael Boltz
929.2/BOLKaufman, Jean L.The Boleyn Family from Holland to Dubuque, Iowa
929.2/BONAshworth, James T.Ancestry of the Bonsall Family of West Branch, Iowa
929.2/BONBonham, Howard E.Bonham and Related Lines
929.2/BONBonine, Kenneth L.Bonines and Related Families in America
929.2/BONBonnes, Tasha LaneGenealogical Data on the Bonnes, Geis, Ditmars and Crow Families of Iowa
929.2/BOOBooth, John NichollsBooths in History; Their roots and lives, encounters and achievements
929.2/BOOHawthorne, Bess L., CompilerHannah Boone and Her Descendants
929.2/BOOMassie, Evelyn BoothCharles Boothe (ca. 1774-1821) and Descendants
929.2/BOOMassie, Evelyn BoothFerguson Booth and Descendants
929.2/BOOMassie, Evelyn BoothFerguson Booth and Descendants; supplement to Charles Booth and Descendants
929.2/BOORockenfield, Sarah Ridge, CompilerOur Boone Families: Daniel Boone's Kinfolks
929.2/BOOSpraker, Ella Hazel (Atterbury)The Boon Family: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of George & Mary Boone Who Came to America in 1717
929.2/BORBorkowski, VirginiaThe Borkowski Family; with Hansen, Friedrichsen, Wohlert, Carstens, Paulsen and Sievers Lines
929.2/BORBorland, RickThe George Borland Family Lineage
929.2/BORLarew, Mildred ParsonsThe Family of Adam Borschel and Hannah Jacobs Borschel
929.2/BORZuehlke, Lawrence E.The Borchardt-Hamann-Welt Genealogy, Including the allied lines of Becke, Bushjahn, Homan, Klentz, Schramm, Stoehr, Wire and Zillmer
929.2/BOSBoswell, Howard EdwardDescendants of Matthew Boswell of Albermarle County, Virginia
929.2/BOSGray, Katherine DeannaBosworth - 19th Century Family Letters
929.2/BOUBellarts, James E.Boutcher and Rongnion Family History, with allied lines of Ballinger, Hill and Hillman
929.2/BOUBoughton, JamesBouton-Boughton Family; Descendants of John Bouton, a native of France, who embarked from
Gravesend, England and landed at Boston in December 1635 and settled at Norwalk Connecticut
929.2/BOUBoulton, HaroldA Boulton Family Tree: From England to America; From Ohio to Iowa - Vol. Three
929.2/BOUBoulton, Harold and McKray, BettyA Boulton Family Tree: From England to America; From Ohio to Iowa; with Rickey, Blanchard and Warriner grafts
929.2/BOUBourdon, Frederick FrancisJacques Bourdon 7000 Descendants et/and Ancestors/Ancetres
929.2/BOUBourdon, Jacques700 Descendants ET/Ancestors/Ancetres; Canada - U.S.A. - France
929.2/BOUCooper, Donna L.Some Descendants of Lewis and Jane M. (Park) Boucher
929.2/BOUMadden, Betty LouDescendents of Exzelia Elizabeth Boudreau's Paternal and Maternal Grandparents: Cyprien Boudreau I and
Mary Louise Senesac and Basile Senez and Marie Adelaide Menard, Volume II
929.2/BOURead, CarlThe Bourlands in America
929.2/BOUWaters, Robert Edmond CarterGenealogical Memoirs of the Counts of Eu in Normandy . . . And of the English Earls of Eu of the House of Bourchier . . .
929.2/BOWBoles, David B.The Bower-Bowers Descendants of Johann Jacob Bauer
929.2/BOWBowen, AlfredBowen-Spicer
929.2/BOWBowen, Harold KingAmerican Ancestry. American Ancestors of Barbara Evelyn Bowen
929.2/BOWBowlby, Raymond EdwinUnited Empire Loyalists: The Richard Bowby (7) Families
929.2/BOWBowser, Addison BartholomewThe Bowser Family History
929.2/BOWBruce, WilfredThe Bowman and Metcalfe Families of Augusta Township, Greenville County, Ontario (including some in Iowa and nearby states) 1834-1974.
A Genealogical record of the families and descendants of James & Bridget Bowman and Robert & Elizabeth Craddock Me
929.2/BOWHuggins, Sarah JaneBowers in Taylor County, Iowa, 1900 to 1945
929.2/BOWKingan, Ruth BowmanA Bowman Genealogy
929.2/BOWNewlin, J. J.Ephriam Bowles, his Quaker Heritage; George Fox Bowles and allied families
929.2/BOWOlds, Dan W.Peter Bowers (1821-1922) and His Wife Mary Brown (1828-1901). . .
929.2/BOWVibber, John RussellFamily History of John Boney Bowser, Rock Island County, Illinois
929.2/BOYBoyd, Jessica LynnBoyd and Tannatt Families of Iowa
929.2/BOYBoyden, Wallace C.Thomas Boyden and His Descendants
929.2/BOYBoyer, Melville JamesAmerican Boyers (Two Volumes)
929.2/BOYCarby, Mrs. Delbert, CompilerBozarth Family
929.2/BOYCummings, CarolThe Boyd-Wood Family
929.2/BOYHill, Edwin L.Aunt Martha Boyd Cook: Her Origins and Family in Nebraska and Iowa
929.2/BOYMerrit, Margaret EllenThe Thomas Boyce Family
929.2/BOYMerrit, Margaret EllenThe Thomas Boyce Family Book, 1995 Supp.
929.2/BOZBozarth, Charles A.Historical and Genealogical Record of the Bozarth Family, from landing in America to 1918
929.2/BOZBozarth, RodGoing for the Gold in 1850
929.2/BRABiasca, Cynthia BrottDescendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt
929.2/BRABradford, Ronald L. and William R. BraffordThe Brafford Newsletter - Volumes I, II, III
929.2/BRABradley, Alta, CompilerThe Family of Asa Lloyd Bradley (1800-1890)
929.2/BRABradshaw, J. DouglasAncestors and Descendants of John H. Bradshaw and Scythia Enfield Fritter
929.2/BRABrafford, William R.Iowa Braffords
929.2/BRABrainard, Doris F.Descendants of William Augustus and Jane (Preffer) Brainard, 1846-1968; and of John and Sarah (Bascom) Preffer
929.2/BRABrainard, Lucy AbgailGenealogy of the Brainerd - Brainard Family in America
929.2/BRABraught, Loran RalphBraught/Braucht Families of U.S.A.
929.2/BRAChristoph, Peter R.Bradt Family: A Norwegian Family in Colonial America
929.2/BRAEben, MabelThe Brady and Murrow Families
929.2/BRAFellers, Forest S.the Brandt Family, Ludwig Brant emigrated from Germany in June 1745
929.2/BRAGoetz, Margaret MahanJohn Brady, 1813 County Cavan, Ireland - Fort Dodge, Iowa, U.S.A. 1900 and his Descendanta
929.2/BRAGraves, Mary BarringerBracken/Smith/Barringer
929.2/BRAGrimes, Laurene MatthewsSecond Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt Including Van Derzee
929.2/BRAGrimes, Laurene MatthewsThird Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt Including Van Derzee
929.2/BRAHall, Ruth GardinerDescendants of Governor William Bradford
929.2/BRANo AuthorBrandon Genealogical Data
929.2/BRASmith, Harold V.Up the Brammer Spur Trail
929.2/BRASnyder, Marion BrattonHistory of the William H. Bratton Family, covers nine generations of the Porter and allied families
929.2/BRAWood, Joan BradtJourney to a New Land, The Bradt Family in History
929.2/BREBreed Family AssociationAllen Breed and His Descendants, 1630-1850
929.2/BREBreed Family AssociationThe Breeds of Nahant
929.2/BREBreitenkamp, Edward C., CompilerThe Breitnekamp Family: the Descendants of Johann Heinrich Breitenkamp and Margaretha Ilsabein, nee Kleinmeier
929.2/BREBrendel, Don and MaryBrendel Family Records
929.2/BREBrendlinger, LeRoy R.The Brendlinger Family History, 1660-1994
929.2/BREBrenton, Chester E.Descendants of Major James Brenton
929.2/BREDolling, Betty Jeanne BrechtelHistory of the Brechtel Family
929.2/BREFitzpatrick, JeanThe Breslin/Fitzpatrick Clan
929.2/BREJones, Emma C.The Brewster Genealogy, 1566-1907, Volume One
929.2/BREJones, Emma C.The Brewster Genealogy, 1566-1907, Volume Two
929.2/BREno authorBrentner / Printz Family Record
929.2/BRIBriscoe, Larry E.Briscoe-Kyle: Pioneering Cousins
929.2/BRIBrittain, JaniceThe Brit'ns are Coming!
929.2/BRIBrittain, Joseph ClarenceBrittain/Britton and Allied Families
929.2/BRIBuche, Helen M.A Genealogy of the Family of Losson and Malinda (Portlock) Bridges
929.2/BRICline, Glenn V.The John Bricker Family
929.2/BRIDaugherty, JoyceBrittain - Brattain Gleanings
929.2/BRIDay, Kenneth MulinexBrill Line; following pages accumulated in attempting to tie in the Brill line of my ancestors connected with the Mulinex branch
of my family on my mother's side of the Day Clan of which I am a part.
929.2/BRIKeller, Pauline AtkinsBrobst-Stambach Genealogy and Related Families, compiled 1950-1952
929.2/BRILong, Barbara C.John Briggs: Ohio Pioneer and Revolutionary Soldier
929.2/BRIMyers, Forrest D., CompilerBriner Family History: A Genealogy of George Michael Breiner and Anna Catharina Loy, married 1756/1757 in Pennsylvania
929.2/BRISutton, James C.Briscoe Descendants
929.2/BROBrothers, William P.Records of the Families of Brothers, Swan, Bonar/Reeves, Beardsley
929.2/BROBrown, Cyrus HenryBrown Genealogy: Descendants of Thomas, John, and Eleazer Brown, sons of Thomas and Mary (Newhall) Brown
929.2/BROBrown, Edwin BeecherDescendants of James Brown (Senior) (17__-1833) Who Settled in Augusta County, Virginia. . . .
929.2/BROWilliam A. Brown and Mary Jane Scott
929.2/BROBrown, H. AndrewHistory of Brown/Branns - Gaffney Families of Northeast Iowa
929.2/BROBrown, Harriet ConnorGrandmother Brown's Hundred Years, 1827-1927
929.2/BROBrown, Hubert W.Dedication; a Family History of James Henry Brown - Elvira (Foster) Brown
929.2/BROBrown, JamesRelatives of the Browns of Mill Springs, Kentucky
929.2/BROBrown, Janet ElizabethJohn Brown Clan of Plainfield, Will County, Illinois
929.2/BROBrown, Leo G.George Louis Brown and Descendants Cookbook
929.2/BROBrown, Mabel NairSearching the Roots of the Brown Family Tree
929.2/BROBrown, Marguerite WilletteGenealogy of John Brown of Hampton, New Hampshire
929.2/BROBrown, Melinda LindsayThe Genealogy of Melinda Lindsay Brown
929.2/BROBrown, Ralph R.Brown Family Tree; John R. Brown and his ancestors and all descendants;
John R. Brown, born 6 June 1820 - Ohio, died 5 January 1894 - Iowa
929.2/BROBroyles, John Kenneth Sr.The Broyles Family Ties
929.2/BROCheely, Helen BeightolThe Descendants of Christopher Columbus Brogotti and Eliza Lucelia Andrews
929.2/BROHayslett, Mary E.A Genealogical Record of William Brown and His Descendants
929.2/BROJeffries, Wilma Margaret Lucretia (Luethe)Descendants of David Brooks [and] Mary Jane Morgan
929.2/BROno authorBrown Family: The Hubert Brown Collection
929.2/BROno authorDescendants of Thomas Brooks
929.2/BRORising, Marsha HoffmanDescendants of Nathan Brown (c1731-1779) of Newberry Countyk, South Carolina, Preble County, Ohio,
Coweta County, Georgia and Warren County, Illinois
929.2/BROSwanson, Andree BrowerRoots and Branches of John H. Brower and Mary Anna Crawford
929.2/BROWills, Diane (Brommel)The Family of Bernard Henry "Barney" Brommel and Mary Christina Epling
929.2/BRUBrubacher, Aden H.Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Sherk Brubaker and His Brother Daniel Sherk Brubaker
929.2/BRUBrubaker, Marwin E.Descendants of John and Anna Myers Brubaker, 1750-1995
929.2/BRUBruce, John GoodallThe Bruce Family; Descending from George Bruce (1650-1715)
929.2/BRUBruce, Violet LaverneJohn Bruce of the Shenandoah
929.2/BRUBrumfield, Ray CarltonDescendants of Thomas Brumfield of Berks County, Pennsylvania; genealogy and family history, 1720-1960
929.2/BRUBrunk, William C.The Progeny of Christopher Brunk
929.2/BRUGibble, Phares BrubakerHistory and Genealogy of the Brubaker - Brubacher - Brewbaker Family in America, Volume One
929.2/BRUIndiana Brubaker AssociationThe Descendants of John Brubaker (1777-1846)
929.2/BRUNorton, Dixie Lee (McKenzie)Brubaker Genealogy, Families of Daniel and Magdalena Bixler Brubaker
929.2/BRUWakeman, Virginia BrumageBrumage-Brummage, They Are the Same Family
929.2/BRUWood, Emma JeanBrubaker, Maxwell, Davis, and Miller, book and supplement
929.2/BRUZook, Lois AnnWho Begot Thee? Descendants of Jacob Brubaker of Snyder County, Pennsylvania
929.2/BRYBryan, Melissa D.Bryan and Plate Families of Poweshiek and Mahaska Counties in Iowa
929.2/BRYBryant, Cleo Orlan, P.E.Bryant Record, Thomas Bryant of England; "From French" to New England, U.S.,
with his descendants and their intermarriages and other Bryant branches
929.2/BRYForbes, Elizabeth, CompilerThe John Bryan Family
929.2/BRYFuller, T.A.The Spear and the Spindle, Ancestors of Sir Francis Bryan (d. 1550), Kt.
929.2/BRYPauley, James L., Jr.Bryson
929.2/BUCAnderson, Alice Clark, compilerBuckwalter Genealogy, Volumes One and Two
929.2/BUCHogan, RitaBuelt Genealogy, 1889-1989
929.2/BUCSmith, Joan BuckinghamOur Family Tree
929.2/BUEWoods, Blanche Burkey, CompilerDescendants of Christian Burki, Sr. and His Wife, Elizabeth Gerber Buerki, 1800-1981
929.2/BUHBergstrom, Irene RothfusJacob Buhler - Rosine Fiesser, Ancestry and Descendants
929.2/BULBull, Commodore James H.Record of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Bull; Early Settlers in Pennsylvania, 1674-1919
929.2/BULGennings, Robert A.The Bulla Family
929.2/BULno authorFrances Hinek / James Vaclav Buline
929.2/BULRodenmeyer, PatriciaThe Bullard Branches
929.2/BUNCooper, Donna L.Descendants of John and Rosanna (Reed) Bunn
929.2/BUNMcComb, Audrey BuntonJohn Bunton, Jr. and Descendants (Kentucky John)
929.2/BUNRogers, Janet Marsden, CompilerDescendants of David and Elizabeth (Linerode) Bunce of Story County, Iowa; A family Genealogy, including David's father,
Jame A. L. Bunce 1797-1860 of Wayne County, New York and Whiteside County, Illinois)
929.2/BURBurnett, Amie LynnGenealogical Materials on the Burnett and Brown Families of Polk County, Iowa
929.2/BURBurnham, Arthur B.Burnham Family Lineage Charts
929.2/BURBurrell, Dessa JaneA Burrell Family Book
929.2/BURBurris, Arthur Price, CompilerBurris Ancestor: The Ancestors of Barbara Jane Burris, Virginia Ann Burris and James Salter Burris II, as traced through their
four Grandparents Florence Louise Bailey, Lewis Howell Merritt, Sara Edith Price, James Salter Burris, Jr. and Allied Lines
929.2/BURBurton, William LeeRemember, My Children; The story o fSolomon Burton and some of his descendants
929.2/BURCoppage, A. Maxim IIIBurton Families, Series I, June 1967 through June 1970
929.2/BUREilers, Rebecca Jo BurtonGenealogical Data on the Burton, Bisom, Houk, and Bagley Families of Iowa and Missouri
929.2/BURGaleener-Moore, LaverneBurnside Biographical Dictionary
929.2/BURHarrison, Francis BurtonBurton Chronicles of Colonial Virginia. . . With Special Reference to the Ancestry of Jesse Burton of Lynchburg (1750?-1795)
929.2/BURKnudson, Ruth BlanchardEnglish Pilgrimage for Fifteen Families
929.2/BURLawrence, Robert DeanDescendants of Peter Burbee, Sr. (c.1729-1778) and Others Who Share these Surnames
929.2/BURMartin, Elisabeth PuckettDeacon John Burnham of Ipswich and Ebenezer Martian of Rehoboth, Massachusetts and Some of their Descendants
929.2/BURPaul, Glenn and Thelma BurkettThe George Burkett Family
929.2/BURPaul, Glenn S.Adam Burget Family
929.2/BURPaul, Glenn S.The Burkett Family History
929.2/BURPaul, Glenn S. and Paul, ThelmaThe George Burkett Family
929.2/BURPaul, Glenn S., CompilerBurkard Seligenstadt
929.2/BURReynolds, Allice BurnsEleazer Burns and Mary Stiver, Descendants, Chester County, Pennsylvania
929.2/BURSmith, Derryfield N., editorJohn Bushman, Utah-Arizona Pioneer, 1843-1926
929.2/BURYates Publishing CompanyBurkett Family Group Sheet Exchange
929.2/BUSBushnell, George EleazerBushnell Family Genealogy; Ancestry and posterity of Francis Bushnell of Horsham, England and Guilford, Conneticut
929.2/BUSOgren, Iva (Clark)A Genealogy of the Buswell Family
929.2/BUTButterworth, Bernard and Davis, Velva C.Butterworth - Reynolds History
929.2/BUTGregory, Leila May KurtzThe Butts - Kurtz History
929.2/BUTMorris, Robert J.Buttolph Family History, 1603-1900; Nine generations
929.2/BUTPicard, Sue Mervelyn ButterfieldDescendants of Benjamin Butterfield with Emphasis on the Nathaniel Butterfield Line
929.2/BUTPicard, Sue Mervelyn Butterfield, CompilerDescendants of Benjamin Butterfield with Emphasis on the Nathaniel Butterfield line to present
929.2/BUTQuist, OvalThe Butins in America
929.2/BUTRush, Karen Sue LinaweaverButzin Family
929.2/BUTShellum, Donna HeltneAndrew Jackson Butler, Jr. and Sophia Stevens
929.2/BYEByers, Henry HarrisonThe Byers Family History; plus some early day history of Glenwood and Mills County, Iowa
929.2/BYEByers, Robert EllsworthThe Byers Family Record
929.2/BYEByers, S. H. M.Diary of Samuel Hawkins Marshall Byers
929.2/BYRByram, John ArnoldByrams in America
929.2/BYRMcCarville, Harold E.Descendants of John F. Byrne
929.2/BYRPhillips, RubyByrn Family
929.2/CABno authorThe Cabbage-Cabage Family Association Year books
929.2/CADDickinson, Merlene CadwellEdward Cadwell Family, 1620 to 2007
929.2/CADHall, Sage AdamsCadwell Family Genealogy with Some Historical Notes
929.2/CAICain, Craig J.Descendancy Narrative of Adam Cain
929.2/CAIMosman, Kenneth FreemanJames Cain Jr.: Born in Virginia in 1781, his ancestors and descendants
929.2/CALShepard, Thelma, CompilerCalvert Family
929.2/CAMBayer, D. FrankThe Campbells of Kishacoquillas and Morrisons Cove, 1774-1982
929.2/CAMCameron, C. E.A Family Heirarchy in Canada and the United States of America, 1619-1971
929.2/CAMCampbell, DonThe Campbell Family of Massachusetts and of Page County, Iowa and the Carlson Family of Page County, Iowa
929.2/CAMClan Campbell SocietyJournal of the Clan Campbell Society
929.2/CAMMann, Robert NevilleCamp-Kemp Family History, Volume I
929.2/CAMNelson, Frances R.Campbell Contacts
929.2/CAMSeaver, J. MontgomeryCampbell Family History
929.2/CANCannady, Bruce B.Ancestral Families of Alison Cannady
929.2/CANHupfer, Lois CanadayThe Canaday/McCormick Families and Their Ancestors
929.2/CAPCapper, Charlotte ElizabethCapper, Collins, Heying and Bohr Families of Iowa
929.2/CARArends, Jane CarlsonCarlson Barns and Barnyard Tales
929.2/CARBagley, Norton R.Some Descendants of Edward Carleton of Rowley, Massachusetts
929.2/CARBrainard, Doris F., CompilerThe Thomas Carey Family
929.2/CARCarbaugh, William AlbertSome Descendants of Martin and Julianna Hoover Kehrback/Carbaugh 1798-2000
929.2/CARCarden, Arthur E.Carden of Barnane
929.2/CARCarder, Lucas DenCarder and Fiori Families
929.2/CARCarder, Max L.Carder - Curtis Family History
929.2/CARCarlson, Jeanette TobkinCarlson from Doderhult, Sweden to Des Moines, Iowa, to Dunnell, Minnesota
929.2/CARCarlson, Reinhold O. CompilerThe Trail of Yesteryear; A history of the Nelson, Carlson, Karlstrom Families
929.2/CARCarlson, VarlenTheodore Carlson, 1880-1956
929.2/CARCarpenter, James AusieCarpenter and Related Family Members Migrating from England, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Tennessee, Alabama,
Mississippi, and on to Texas, and Ancestors and Descendants of Franklin (Frank) Monroe Carpenter and On Down to 1992
929.2/CARCarrier, Helyna Marie Armstrong, CompilerThe ABC's of Our Family Tree
929.2/CARCartwright, Eldon P.The Cartwright Collection; Family Histories and Biographies of Allied Families
929.2/CARCartwright, Eldon P.Cartwright Records and Historical Information Compiled by States
929.2/CARCartwright, Eldon P.Reddick Cartwright; Ancestor and Descendants Families
929.2/CARCartwright, Eldon P.Reddick Cartwright; Ancestor and Descendant Families
929.2/CARCornell, C. C.Abbreviated Ancestral Lines; Carrier, Mott, Dodge, Hall and Rathbun Families
929.2/CARCurruth, Lela GrantFrom Whence Ye Came; Craighead, Curruth, Davis, Grant, Hawkins, Miller, Mills, Noblitt, Packwood, Tyler, Wood,
and related families with narratives
929.2/CAREberle, Marie and Henley, MargaretCarter Cousins, 1681-1989
929.2/CARFisher, Robert V.Carter Genealogy
929.2/CARGreenbie, Sydney and MarjorieHoof Beats in the Canebrake
929.2/CARJacobs, B. DianeEdward J. H. Carson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1877-1960
929.2/CARJunck, Elizabeth Pearson and othersCarver Genealogy
929.2/CARLane, Evelyn C.Carrier/Currier Families in Early Massachusetts
929.2/CARLiddell, Charles Marcus, IIThose Who Were and Would Be Named Carter; The First 300 Years in America 1682-198?
929.2/CARMcCarville, Harold E.Descendants of Thomas Culton
929.2/CARParks, Karl Eaton, II, CompilerA Check-list of Some Southern Carter Marriages
929.2/CARPeckham, Charles W., Sr.The Carmack Family
929.2/CARPeckham, Charles W., Sr.The Carmack Family (Second edition)
929.2/CARSmith, Pauline J. (Carr)Carr/Taylor Family Connections
929.2/CARStober, PhilipCarr/Guernsey Genealogy
929.2/CARThe Germanna RecordsThe Carpenter and Wayland Descendants
929.2/CARTurnipseed, Merle E.Carders of Virginia
929.2/CARWiff, Patricia M.From Haggis, Oatmeal and Sauerbraten to Steak, Apple Pie and Cheese; the Carter/Currie/Guiser Families, 1500-1986
929.2/CARWise, Phyllis Jane (Carr)The Carr Families
929.2/CASCase, Charles C.The Yankee Generations; A History of the Case Family in America
929.2/CASHindman, SarahCastle Family
929.2/CASJungen, Mary CassidyGenealogy and History of Robert Cassiday, Sr., and Mary Dodson from Virginia and Maryland to Pennsylvania
929.2/CASKing, Darlene and othersThe Casteel Family
929.2/CASRogers-Johnson, VertaCase Genealogical Record
929.2/CAVCunningham, Jerald A.Descendants of William Cavin and Mary Dolbier
929.2/CAVSmith, Barbara, EditorCavens-Cavins Newsletter
929.2/CAWFarris, Vera Lorene Biddle, compilerAll My Children
929.2/CHAAlexander, Jane MaryA History of Richard Chapman and Sarah Patterson Chapman and Their Descendants
929.2/CHAButcher, FrancisChambers, Francis W., 1822-1894 and More!!!
929.2/CHACase, C. V.Genealogical Record of the Chace and Hathaway Families from 1630-1900
929.2/CHACase, C. V.A Supplement to Chace-Hathaway Record (1630-1900)
929.2/CHAChamberlain, George WalterSome of the Descendants of William Chase of Roxbury and Yardmouth, Massachusetts
929.2/CHAChapple, Bennett70 Years in 70 Minutes, 1879-1949: A streamlined autobiography
929.2/CHAChase, Hubert HendricksThe Chase Family, Genealogy and History
929.2/CHADeBord, Maxine E.My Chase, Coleman, and Cozad Family
929.2/CHAFisher, Robert V.Chapin Genealogy
929.2/CHAHenderson, June G.The Ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant: Volume One
929.2/CHALangerud, Mrs. Georgia, CompilerThe Charlson Family History
929.2/CHALoftin, Amy ChaseMore Descendants of William Chase of Yarmouth . . .
929.2/CHAMassey, Viola WigginsSome Descendants of Captain Jack Chadwick, of Lyme Connecticut
929.2/CHAMcCarville, Harold E.Chase Family
929.2/CHAMcCourt, Delma ChaneyChaney and Allied Families
929.2/CHAMcCourt, Delma ChaneySome Chaney Families
929.2/CHANearmyer, Nellie G., CompilerThe Ancestors and Descendants of the John Ogden Chapman Family
929.2/CHASanchez, KayeThe Descendants of John and Anna Chasdek
929.2/CHATrowbridge, Francis BaconThe Champion Genealogy: [A History of the Descendants of Henry Champion of Saybrook and Lyme, Conn.,
Together with Some Account of Other Families of That Name
929.2/CHEAnderson, Rachael ChezemChezem Genealogy 1650-1985, second edition
929.2/CHEno authorThe Chenoweth Family
929.2/CHEVohs, Rosella Berry, CompilerChenoweth, William Alva Family, 1858-1938
929.2/CHIChicoine, Maurice D.Les Familles des Chicoines, (Families of the Chiocoines); A genealogical account of the descendants of
Stanislas and Arsenia Chicoine, with photographs and historical information
929.2/CHIFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Childers Family
929.2/CHIWoods, Elinor and committeeOur Chickering Family
929.2/CHOChong, PeggyMy Story-Telling of Our Family
929.2/CHRConnell, Esther D.The Families of Kresten Bak Christensen and Lene Marie Pedersen
929.2/CHRGunderson, Marion A.Christensen; The families of Iver and Nelia Christensen
929.2/CHRKloes, Thomas H.The Descendants of: Johan Frederich Christensen and Maria Johanna Margaretta Spierling
929.2/CHUChurchill, Gardner and NathanielThe Churchill Family in America
929.2/CHUFoster, Helen L.Churchill
929.2/CHUMiller, Virginia Church, CompilerThe Church Family
929.2/CISMalchow, EleanorDescendants of Samuel James Cissna and Elizabeth Leach
929.2/CLAAltschul, MichaelA Baronial Family in Medieval England: The Clares, 1217-1314
929.2/CLABellarts, James E.The Quaker Yoeman, A genealogy of Clayton, Reynolds, Beals, and Brown and descended and related lines
929.2/CLABryant, George ClarkeDeacon George Clark(e) of Milford, Connecticut and Some of His Descendants
929.2/CLAClarahan, PeggyClarahans in America
929.2/CLAClark, James WarrenRichard Clark of Virginia, 1732-1811
929.2/CLAClark, Robert BradleyJeremiah and Alexander Clark of North Carolina
929.2/CLAClark, S. S.The Genealogical Works of Dr. James P. Clark of Estherville, Iowa
929.2/CLAClay, Mabel A.Lei Ta Fu (Thunder Doctor), Ernest H. Clay, M.D.
929.2/CLAFelldin, Jeanne Robey, editorThe "Clark" Clarion, the Research Aid for All Clark, Clarke, Clerk, ETC. Families
929.2/CLALister, Eugene ClarkA Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph and Ethel (Shannon) Clark
929.2/CLARoberts, Harry D.Early Clark-Clarke Clues
929.2/CLASchroeder, Lois J. BarberClarks, Harts and La Dukes of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Ohio
929.2/CLASmith, Walter Burges IIThe Edward Clark Genealogy
929.2/CLIDurgin, Marjorie M.Bits and Pieces of Cline and Rhodes Family History
929.2/CLIKline, Paul G.Cline - Kline Family
929.2/CLISpeaker, Mark E.Clifford Family History
929.2/CLOCloud, JanCloud Family Journal
929.2/CLOJohnson, Cyril L.The Family of Noah Clodfelter; Minister of the Gospel
929.2/COBArthaud, John Bradley, M.D., CompilerA Coberley/Coberly/Cuberley Genealogy, 1690-1985; The descendants of Dr. James Stell Coberly (c.1723-c.1800)
929.2/COBCobb, Dianne Marie CampbellCobb, Hayes, Halm, and King Ancestors
929.2/COBCober, Rev. A. A., CompilerThe Cober Kin of Iowa; From the Cober genealogy of Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Canada
929.2/COBCoburn, Gerald Franklin; Ehmcke, Helen CrockerSupplement to Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Colburn (Coburn)
929.2/COCJohnston, Bertlyn CrouseCochran 1730-1864, Simpkins 1755-1855 Family History
929.2/CODWetmore, Helen CodyLast of the Great Scouts; the Life Story of Col. William F. Cody
929.2/CODYost, Nellie SnyderBuffalo Bill; His Family, Friends, Fame, Failures and Fortunes
929.2/COGTrostel, Helen CoggswellCogswell - Halderman
929.2/COLAmerican Genealogical Research InstituteThe Cole Family
929.2/COLBorkowski, VirginiaThe Collins Family; with Oliver, King and Mourer lines
929.2/COLColyn, Mrs. Charles A.Albertus Colyn and his wife Klassje Van De Waal and 294 Descendants
929.2/COLJones, Wayne V.Jacob Woodward Colladay and His Descendants
929.2/COLLea, Reba FitzpatrickThe "Belfield" Fitzpatricks and "Elim" Colemans
929.2/COLMaker, Betty ColemanColeman/Branstine/Reusch
929.2/COLSimpson, MarvelColeman Family History
929.2/CONBrennan, AngelaConnery Family Notebook
929.2/CONCollins, Helen, CompilerConant Genealogy
929.2/CONConnell,Esther J.The Families of Connell and Truax
929.2/CONConnery, H. J. M.A Tree Called Connery; an incomplete seven-generation registry of ancestors and progeny of
Thomas Arthur Connery and Margaret Loretta Forrester
929.2/CONGunderson, Marion AbbottCone; Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Clay Cone
929.2/CONLeek, Helen HumphreysConstant Family Heritage
929.2/CONLeonard, Maxine CrowellThe Conger Family of America
929.2/CONMoylan, BettyWhere Our Congdon Ancestors Lay
929.2/CONTurnbull, Sharon ConreyClan Conrey
929.2/CONTyler, David E.A Connett Family History
929.2/CONWintz, HaroldJoe and Kate: Michael Considine and Augustus Brew Families
929.2/COOCook, Albert W., Jr.Cook Family Genealogy, Descendants of Jacob Koch
929.2/COOCooper, F. WilliamThe Cooper Family of Maryland
929.2/COOJackson, Ronald VernJohn Calvin Coolidge and Grace Anna Goodhue Ancestry
929.2/COOLeavelle, Rosalie L. CooperHarmons Cooper and Moses Slagle of Wayne County, Kentucky and Iowa and their descendants
929.2/COOMcTeer, Frances DavisCoon - Gohn Descendants from Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania
929.2/COOno authorCook/Kock Family History 1819-1982
929.2/COOSwaney, CorinneA Cook(e) book, from the Mayflower to the present
929.2/COOWilliams, Betty HarveyCook's Crier
929.2/CORCornell, JohnGenealogy of the Cornell Family . . . Descendants of Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
929.2/CORCorwin, Edward TanjoreThe Corwin Genealogy, by E.T. Corwin with New Notes and Appendices by DeForest J. Corwin
929.2/CORCory, Al BertusCory's of America; Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/CORCory, David A.In a Land Not Sown, The Life and Times of Jeremiah William Cory, Sr., 1793-1860
929.2/CORCory, Harry HarmonThe Cory Family
929.2/CORGraham, Michael H.A Corkhill Family Narrative (Descendants of William and Jane Kaneen Corkhill of Isle of Man)
929.2/CORLandolt, Lillie CordesCordes Family History
929.2/CORLutz, Olga CorneliusThe History and Lineage of the Cornelius - Dietzel Descendants in North America; Cornelius, Gabel, Hose, Hildebrandt, Janssen
929.2/CORSmith, Bessie C.Cordner, The Royal House of Cordner
929.2/CORThe Media Research BureauThe Name and Family of Corbin
929.2/CORTool, KentPhoto Album of Two Iowa Pioneer Families, The Corries and Garners of Cedar and Ida Counties
929.2/COTPence, Virginia R. (Jean) CottrellThe Cottrell Adventure with the Wright Connection and some Cash, Too!
929.2/COUCoulter, Steven E.Our Coulter Clan and Allied Families
929.2/COUCountryman, AlvinCountryman Genealogy
929.2/COUJohnston, Bertlyn CrouseCousins, 1613-1854 [and] Seward, 1627-1874 Family History
929.2/COWCowan, Ralph Ellis, CompilerCowan Genealogy: Family of William Cowan and Anna Wilson
929.2/COWCowne, Jonathan AugustineThe Virginia Cowne Family; from its origin in the Isle of Man to England and America
929.2/COWThe Des Moines Register and Tribune CompanyA Brief Story of the Life and Services of Gardner Cowles, 1861-1946; Publisher of the Des Moines Register and Tribune, 1903-1946
929.2/COXCox, Chatrie (Foster)James Cox and His Descendants, with families and places of residence
929.2/COXCox, Lucile ElizabethThree Young People, A Biographical Narrative about Joyce, Clifford, and John Cox
929.2/COXCox, Robert H.History of the Cox-Chingren Family, Books One and Two
929.2/COXHicks, Ruth AnnaDescendants of John and Catherine (Cull) Cox of Wayne County, Indiana
929.2/COXManz, Mabel Anderson, CompilerAncestors and Descendants of Wesley and Huldah Cox, of Madison County, Iowa
929.2/COXReynolds, Allice BurnsCox - Samuel S. to Phineas and Roark - Laura to William
929.2/CRACarter, Claud CraigThe Craigs of Southern Indiana; a record of the descendants of John Craig, first of the name in the New World
and his son Jesse, who came to southern Indiana in 1811
929.2/CRACraig, Martha NellCraig Links
929.2/CRACrannell, Wilber H. "Bill," Jr.Crannels in America, Our Genealogy and Ancestry to the Mayflower
929.2/CRADonnelly, Mary LouiseCraycrofts of Maryland and Kentucky Kin
929.2/CRAFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Cramer Family
929.2/CRAFredric, HaroldGeorge Washington's Inner Circle of Friends: The Crawford-Stephenson Family of Virginia and Pennsylvania . . .
929.2/CRAMcCarville, Harold E.Descendants of Henry Crawford
929.2/CRAMiller, Nancy CrawfordThe Crawford Exchange. A newsletter for Crawford researchers
929.2/CRAPeterson, Donna M.Descendants and Ancestors of Ezra Crane and Elizabeth Lane of Middlesex County, Connecticut
929.2/CRAPrall, Richard DwightThe Crabb Family - Volume One
929.2/CRAPrall, Richard DwightThe Crabb Family - Volume Two
929.2/CRAScholl, Allen W.The Brothers Crawford: Colonel William, 1722-1782 and Valentine Jr., 1724-1777
929.2/CRASutton, Esther CraigThe Craig-Meyer Families of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Iowa, 1742-1977
929.2/CRAWhite, Virginia HackbarthJohn A. Lawrence Crawford, 1857-1936, his ancestors and his descendants
929.2/CRAWilliams, BenjaminCrawfords of Columbia County, Ohio
929.2/CREBedell, L. FrankThe Crew and Ellyson Families; Dr. Robert and Elizabeth Crew (Ellyson), their ancestors and descendants
929.2/CRECreswell, John OlinCreswell History and Genealogy 1744-1967
929.2/CREYoung, Edward J.Creamer (Pennsylvania and Iowa), Robinson (Pennsylvania and Iowa), Semple (Canada and Wisconsin), Thompson (Scotland and Iowa) Families
929.2/CRIArnold, DarleneSylvester and Maria (Schmitt) Critz
929.2/CRIJohnson, Bertlyn CrouseCrill 1790-1996; Crawford 1800-1996 Family History
929.2/CRIYoeman, Ann WeenikeThe Crile Family Reunions, 1917-1967
929.2/CROChambers, KeithCrouse Family of Iowa Ancestors
929.2/CROCross, Beverly Decker and West, PamelaAnd Still They Come…A History of the Cross, Castor and related Families
929.2/CROCrowley, Ward RaymondGenealogy of Ward Raymond Crowley
929.2/CROCruise, Warren D.The Croesen Families of America - Volume One
929.2/CROFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Crow Family
929.2/CROHartley, W. DouglasThe Search for Henry Cross, an Adventure in Biography and Americana
929.2/CROKubik, Carol CroatThe Croat-Croatt Connection: Luxembourg to America
929.2/CROLeonard, AndreaA Crocker Genealogy
929.2/CROWeiss, Leonard W.Russell C. Crouse, 1894-1966
929.2/CRUCruger, Douglas WrightThe Crugers: A Genealogy
929.2/CRUCrum, Ferris B.A Crum Family in America, Revised Edition
929.2/CRUCrummer, Larry D.Crummer Families of the United States and Canada who came from Ireland
929.2/CULCoffield, Maud CullumHistory and Genealogy of the Cullum Family
929.2/CULCulpepper, C. L.A Brief Gist of the History of the Culpepper Family from 1475 to the Present
929.2/CUMAmerican Genealogical Research InstituteThe Cunningham Family
929.2/CUMFunk, FrancesCummins Ancient, Cummins New; A history of the Cummins Family of Rockcastle County, Kentucky
929.2/CUNBlessing, Mary CunninghamDescendants of Six Cunningham Men of Harrison County, Indiana, 1794-1986
929.2/CURCurl, William D.The Quaker Curls, The Descendants of Samuel and Hannah
929.2/CURCurrier, Philip JosephCurrier Family Records of U.S.A. and Canada
929.2/CURCurrier, Philip JosephCurrier Family Records of U.S.A. and Canada
929.2/CURCurrier, Philip JosephAncestry of Philip Joseph Currier
929.2/CURCurtis, Harlon D.Curtiss, Curtis of Stanford Connecticut
929.2/CURCurtiss, Frederic HainesA Genealogy of the Curtiss Family
929.2/CURHall, William C.The Leonard Curry Genealogy
929.2/CURStevenson, Margaret A. K.A Compiliation of Data Relating to Descendants of William Curry and Charity Lockwo(od?)
929.2/CURTurner, Becky CurtisCurtis: A Rich Heritage
929.2/DADDady, Nicole ChristineThe Genealogy of Nicole Christine Dady
929.2/DAGSpringer, Bessie Ella (Dage)History + Genealogy + Memories of Jacob Dage Descendants
929.2/DAHPeterson, Larry A.The Descendants and Ancestors of Elmer H. Dahl and Ellen Theresia Larson
929.2/DAHSweeny, Vera J. DahlstromThe Dahl/Dahlstrom Families from Orebrolan and Ostergotland, Sweden
929.2/DAMDameron, John P.Dameron/Damron Family Newsletter
929.2/DANDanels, Janice A.The Danels-Daniels Family, The Records of the Ancestors and Descendants from England to United States
929.2/DANDaniel, Jill Marie ElizabethDaniel and Kelsey Families of Carrol and Woodbury County, Iowa
929.2/DANDaniels, J. HarrisonDaniels - Daniells Family Notes and News
929.2/DANEggert, Candi DanesGenealogy for the Families and Ancestors of Danes and Gideon
929.2/DANHeinemann, Charles BrunkDaniel Families of the Southern States
929.2/DANMay, John JosephDanforth Genealogy; Nicholas Danforth of Framlingham, England and Cambridge New England (1589-1638) and
William Danforth of Newbury, Massachusetts (1640-1721) and Their Descendants
929.2/DANMead, Nancy A., CompilerThe Charles Joseph Daniels Family in America
929.2/DANRice, CharlotteDaniel, 1881-1981
929.2/DANRice, CharlotteLeaves from the Daniel Family Tree (booklet compiled fro the Daniel family reunion, 4 September 1977)
929.2/DANSanchez, KayeThe Danskin Family
929.2/DANSpaugler, GeorgeGenealogy of Danner Family
929.2/DANSpengler, George J.Genealogy of Danner Family [Natives of Palatinate Germany, who landed at Philadelphia in 1749 and settled in Moore Township]
929.2/DARReuter, Linda P.The Darrow Family in the United States
929.2/DARSmith, H. C.The Darnall, Darnell Family with Allied Families, Volume I
929.2/DAUDau-Schmidt, VernGenealogy of the Dau-Schmidt Family
929.2/DAVBurt, Louise (Moore)Days of Our Davis
929.2/DAVDavis, DebbieGenealogical Data for Davis and Dyball Families
929.2/DAVDavis, Edna C.George Davis, Archibald McElroy, George Smith 1765-1890 and Their Families
929.2/DAVDavis, George L.Samuel Davis of Oxford, Mass. And Joseph Davis of Dudley, Mass. And Their Descendants
929.2/DAVDavis, Jacqueline R.The Children of Our Fathers…A Register of the Families
929.2/DAVDavis, James EarlHoosiers, Yankees and Englishmen, a Family Record; the family of Anthony L. Davis and Caroline E. Wilcox and other hoosier kin,
plus yankee and english ancestors of Caroline Wilcox Davis
929.2/DAVDavison, Raplh E.Edward R. Davison Family, Edward soldier of the Revolution
929.2/DAVDonnelly, Beverly DavissonThe William Wellington Davisson Genealogy
929.2/DAVFarrington, Dora Davis, CompilerThe Davis Family: They Saw America Born; Adventures of an American Family Pioneering from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1638-1938
929.2/DAVFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Davidson Family
929.2/DAVGibson, Marjorie M. and Sheldon, A.Grandma was a Davis
929.2/DAVGreen, Ruth DavisThe Davis Family, Also Stevens, Gray, Peckenpaugh and Giltner
929.2/DAVHarbaugh, Elizabeth DavidsonThe Davidson Genealogy
929.2/DAVJones, Darla M.Diggin for Davis
929.2/DAVKraft, A. Christine; Gedge, Alice A. and Carey, CThe Davidson Heritage Book
929.2/DAVMaull, Flora DavisGenealogical Notebook of Flora Davis Maull
929.2/DAVMcKeighan, Elsa Maud Davis, CompilerR. O. Davis Family, Shelby, Iowa. The Ancestors and Descendants of Raymond Oliver Davis and Maud Evans
929.2/DAVNash, Edward F.Davis Family Data. A Collection of misc. Davis family information pertaining to Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky Davises
929.2/DAVno authorDavis Family History
929.2/DAVno authorDavis Family Line
929.2/DAVSmith, Danny D.Walter Goodwin Davis: A Scholar's Unique Contribution to New England Genealogy, with an index to the principle surnames in his works
929.2/DAVThompson, Elizabeth DavisIsaac Garinger Davis, his Davis and Biggerstaff Families
929.2/DAVWood, Emma JeanCharles Orman Davis, ancestors and descendants
929.2/DAWDay Association Genealogical CommitteeDay Genealogy
929.2/DAWGanier, MerleDawes Family Newsletter
929.2/DAWHume, ClelandAllan Dawson, His life and character
929.2/DAWJames, Velma RevellDawson-See Family
929.2/DAYDavis, Blythe E. DaySugar of a Rag
929.2/DAYDay, Jesse H. and Bessie R.Some Days from Virginia
929.2/DAYKeith, Lorraine HallDescendants of Enos Day and Betsey Waters of Milton, Vermont
929.2/DEADean, JohnHow it "usta wuz"; lifestyle and ecology
929.2/DEADean, John ErwinThe Deans in America, Over Two Centuries; pioneering, civic leadership
929.2/DEADeLong, Edna Pearl (Britton)The Deardorff-Williams Family
929.2/DEALehmann, Joy DealThe Deal Family of Hornbrook, California
929.2/DEAO'Neal, Olive W.John Quincy Deakin, 1779-1980; Genealogy and history
929.2/DEBDeBerg, William F.DeBerg Genealogy - Descendants of Jan Kriene deBerg and Grietje Hinderks
929.2/DEBDeBord, Wesley L.My DeBord, McGowen and Pense Family
929.2/DECJunkins, KrisHistory of Gilbert Decker and Alma Miller
929.2/DECno authorAhnentafel for: James Edward (Decker) Theriot
929.2/DEEBrown, Bruce B.John Deeter of Allegheny Township
929.2/DEEDeeter, George WilliamGeorge C. Deeter, Sturdy Pioneer, Whitley County, Indiana
929.2/DEEno author527 Direct Descendants of John Deeter and Abraham Dieder (and Their Spouses)
929.2/DEEHoneyman, Gale Edwin SpitlerDescendants of John and Susanna (Ulrich) Deeter
929.2/DEGMidland, Naveda DeGrisellesThe DeGriselles Family Heritage
929.2/DEGVande Berg, Wilma J., CompilerDeGraaf-Wibben Family History
929.2/DEJColyn, Charles A. (Mrs.)Floris De Jong and His Wife Anna Maria Thomassen and 333 Descendants; 15 children, 48 grandchildren, 100 great grandchildren,
167 great, great grandchildren and 4 great, great, great grandchildren
929.2/DeJDe Jong, Mark A.Journey from the Three Bridges
929.2/DELConnel, Esther DeLongThe Families of Richard Earl DeLong and Rebecca Jane Hickman
929.2/DELRea, Rebecca WeberVoyage from Falkenstein
929.2/DEMDemaris, Furman A.The Demaris Tree in America
929.2/DENBuck, RobertDenhart-Cornelison History
929.2/DENDenny, Dr. Robert R.The Denny Family History and the Mally Family History
929.2/DENDoyle IV, Richard H.The Denman Family of Cranford, New Jersey; A family history
929.2/DENDukes, Esther Den HartogThe Man from Vianen; Come walk with me among forget-me-nots hidden deep in prairie grass
929.2/DENMorton, Mary H.As It Was Told to Me, Stories about the Denman Family [in Lohrville, Iowa]
929.2/DENSquire, Helen EvansMy Maternal Ancestry; including the families of DeNoon, Duvall, Fouts, Lemen, McCoy, Parr, Riggs and Sheets
929.2/DERVanDyke, Myrtle, CompilerThe DeReus in Holland and America
929.2/DESDe Smidt, Rev. AndrewDe Smidt Family History
929.2/DETDetlefsen, Sarah AnnDetlefsen and Tank Families of Carroll County, Iowa
929.2/DEWDewey, Louis Marinus et alDewey Family History, Life of Rear Adm. George E. Dewey, USN
929.2/DEYDeyoe, MarthaThe Ancestors and Descendants of James P. Deyoe
929.2/DEZVanderwall, Janice M. (Stefani)Decedents of Lenert Bastiaansz DeZeeuw (abt 1565); Peter van der Wal (abt 1624) & Sanford Taylor (abt 1759)
929.2/DICDickinson, Darrell etalDescendants of John Dickinson, 1842-2007, Volumes I and II
929.2/DICDickman, ThelmaDickman Family
929.2/DICDixon, B. HomerThe Border or Riding Clans, Followed by a History of the Clan Dickson . . .
929.2/DICno authorThe Ancestors and Descendants of Jonas M. Dice and Fanny Brechbill Dice
929.2/DICWood, EmmaDickerson / Akers, Iowa County, Iowa Pioneers
929.2/DIDFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Dideriksen
929.2/DILEgenes, ElaineThe Dillon Family
929.2/DISForesman, SherryThe Disney Family
929.2/DITDittmer, Kylie E.The Genealogy of Kylie E. Dittmer (includes Wadle, Hoch, Metz, Terrell, Caviness, Shaefer and Ripperger)
929.2/DITLeFevre, Lenora Gronwoldt, CompilerA Genealogical Record of Johann Christhofer Dittmann and Catrine Christine Norgaard Dittman and their known descendants
929.2/DIXArbuckle, Beverly Dixon"Scotch Irish, Dutch and Dog Fennel," Dixon and Related Families
929.2/DIXDixon, George C.The John Dixon Family, Dixon, Illinois; published for the 209 living descendants of John and Rebecca Dixon
929.2/DIXDixon, TrishaDixon, Kruse, Conrad, Swan Genealogical Report
929.2/DIXDixon, Willis MilnorKith and Kin; containing genealogical data of the following families: Dixon, Andrus, Battin, Beal, Bosworth, Chapin, Converse,
Cummins, Mast, Stewart, and Wallbridge with others
929.2/DIXJackson, Robert BoydThe Family of William Wilkinson Dixon and Sabra Lake Dixon
929.2/DIXSlama, JoanneRobert and Sarah Wylie Dixson and Some of Their Descendants, 1759-1995
929.2/DOADoak, Elmer E., CompilerThe Doak Family
929.2/DOBDobyns, Kenneth W.Daniel Dobyns of Colonial Virginia: His English Ancestry and American Descendants
929.2/DODGieber, Robert L.An Ahnentafel for the Dodd and Van Winkle Families of Washington County, Kansas
929.2/DODLucas, Silas Emmet Jr.Supplement to the History of the Dodson-Dotson Family
929.2/DODMcGuire, Isabel DoddAncestors and Descendants of Silas C. Dodd of the Line of Daniel Dod of Connecticut
929.2/DODWilliams, Mrs. ShermanThe Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia, Volumes One and Two
929.2/DOEArnold, Christine WiechmanFurrows: Doeringsfeld and Wiechman Families, 1853-1941
929.2/DOGParker, Rosanna DoggettDoggett Decades; Silas Doggett, his parents, siblings and descendants
929.2/DOMDomeyer, JaneThe Domeyer Family Tree, Trohatin, Germany to Petersburg, Iowa
929.2/DONDonald, M. HaroldAutobiography of M. Harold Donald
929.2/DONDonald, M. Harold, CompilerDonald Clan 1700-1984
929.2/DONDonnelly, Mary LouiseMeet the Donnelly, Enjoy Their History
929.2/DONGibbons, IvanoelCousins by the Dozens, The Story of Elizabeth Brown Donaldson (Thomas) and Some of Her
Antecedents, Her Spouse Henry Thomas . . . Volume II
929.2/DONLawlor, KathrynTerence J. Donaghoe: Co-founder of the Sisters of Charity, BVM
929.2/DORDorchester, Janice P.Anthony Dorchester and His Descendants
929.2/DORDorchester, Janice P.Anthony Dorchester and His Descendants, The First Five Generations and The Supplement
929.2/DORErbe, Jacqueline (Doran) and NormanPatrick and Catherine Doran Family Tree 1809-1982
929.2/DORSwanson, Earle and PatriciaDorchester Family Chronicles
929.2/DOUBobenhouse, Wilma DouglasThe John and Nancy (Moody) Douglass Family 1804-2004
929.2/DOUCurfman, Margaret B. and Rockstroh, Stephen W. D.Doubleday Families of America
929.2/DOUMcKee, Ruth V.Doughertys in America in the 18th and 19th Centuries
929.2/DOUSanders, W. E.Cedar Brakes and Hamilton Prairie; Early Iowa pioneer life, a century of change 1843-1943
929.2/DOUSchaaf, James EdwardMamie Doud Eisenhower and Her Chicken Farmer Cousin
929.2/DOUSmith, Elma Inez DouglasDouglas - Shepherd Family History
929.2/DOUWhisler, Jean DoughertyAndrew Dougherty and Some of His Descendants (Revised edition)
929.2/DOWGregath, Anna May Cochrane IVDownings of Europe and America, Volume II
929.2/DOWno authorDow Family Genealogy
929.2/DRAStahl, Juaneva M., CompilerDrake Family Line
929.2/DREWebb, JudyClement Drew and Mary Thompson; born 1821, their descendants and ancestors
929.2/DRIBowen, Catherine DrinkerFamily Portrait (Drinker Family)
929.2/DRIVerness, Lucile DriftmierThe Story of an American Family: The Driftmier Family of Shenandoah, Iowa;
member of Henry Field family, who founded the Henry Field Nursery
929.2/DRYHumphrey, Elizabeth DryerDryer - Lauck - Payne - Scott Genealogy
929.2/DUBBarker, Lowell AlanThe Lineage and Ancestry of Louis DuBois
929.2/DUBHeidgerd, WilliamThe American Descendants of Chretien Dubois of Wicres, France.
929.2/DUBMillbrook, Minnie DubbsDubbs, Dubs, Dups, and Toops Families; Descendants of Hans Jacob Dups
929.2/DUBno authorThe American Descendants of Dubois
929.2/DUCThom, Jemina DuckettHistory of Edward and Sarah Durston Duckett, both born in Somersetshire, England
929.2/DUFEhler, Emily DuffieldDescendants of Patrick and Susan Hardy Duffield
929.2/DUFMcIntyre, Jim and SheilaMichael Duffy Descendants
929.2/DUMHilbold, Wanda Gay DumbauldThe Dumbauld Lineage and Addenda
929.2/DUNDeSmidt, Mildred Marie DunlevyClarence Martin Dunlevy, 1891-1945, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/DUNDobson, Mary AnnSome Duncan Families of Eastern Tennessee Before 1800
929.2/DUNDunbar, Carl and LoreneForebears of Four Dunbars
929.2/DUNDunlap, George R.Descendants of a John Dunlap
929.2/DUNSchroeder, Audrey Anita Allen (Minner)The Dunbar Family History of Robert Dunbar (1799-1831) and Descendants of his ten children - Two Volumes
929.2/DUNTosaw, Richard T. (Dick)The Horseleap Dunns
929.2/DURDurham, William BennettHistory of the David Durham Family; Genealogy of the Tolford and Gilmore Families
929.2/DURGladden, Sanford CharlesDurst and Darst Families of America
929.2/DURGunderson, Bernice B.The Durkee Family Newsletter
929.2/DUSBridenstine, JayThe Harold (Buck) Dusenberry Family
929.2/DUTDutton, William H., Jr.William H. Dutton Family; English Ancestors, John Dutton and Thomas Dutton
929.2/DUTRemington, Betty M.Dutton and Hopson Families of Iowa: Births, Marriages, and Deaths; includes Duttons in Vermont (Vital Records 1750-1850)
929.2/DUVJohnson, Helen TaylorDuvall
929.2/EASCrockett, Lela EastwoodEastwood/Pote Lineage, Part I: Eastwood
929.2/EASEasterling, Letson E. etalA History of the Easterling Family
929.2/EASShay, MildredThe Eason Family
929.2/EBEBarnhart, ShawnEberhart/Everhart, Ancestry in the USA, A Comprehensive Manual, 1727-1995
929.2/EBEEberhart, UriahHistory of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States from A.D. 1265 to A.D. 1890 - 625 Years
929.2/EBYEby, J. BrianMy Two Roads
929.2/ECKBrown, H. AndrewGeorge Adam Eckhart and Philip Hansel of Allegany, Maryland
929.2/ECKJohns, Lizzie H.Records of the Eckley Family in America
929.2/ECKMeacham, Alna Irene (Suddeth), CompilerEcker Family History
929.2/ECRMorris, Lewis EcroydEcroyd, Warner and Morris Genealogy
929.2/EDGLister, Eugene Clark, CompilerEdgerton-Flint Ancestral Lines
929.2/EDWErber, AudreyBrita Edwinson, Elling Thompson, and Endre Anderson Family History
929.2/EDWLones, Lela Lillian, B.A., M.S., CompilerEdwards, Progenitors, Siblings, Descendants of Andrew Edwards
929.2/EELBloss, Mr. Meredith (Sec and Ed) et alEels/Ells/Ellis Family Descendants of Thomas Ellis of Milton, Massachusetts
929.2/EGGEggleston, RosalieBygod Eggleston: Englishman and Colonis and Some of His Descendants
929.2/EGGKempton, Elsie B. (Mrs.)Our Eggleston and Allied Families
929.2/EHLBruninga, Maybelle CorneliusThe Andreas Ehl - Sophia Bornwasser Family in America, History and genealogy
929.2/EHLEhlers, Harold E.Hans Diederich Ehlers
929.2/EHRrEhrig, Frances HansenThe Ehrig Book, Descendants of Hans Ehrig of Petersdorf including families of Willroth and Reimer
929.2/EHRrHarnagel, Lee and NaomiEhresmann/Ehresman Family Heraldry about 1600, Winterbachen Germany
929.2/EILEilers, MarleneQueen Victoria's Descendants
929.2/EKSSweeney, Vera J. DahlstormThe Ancesters of Clara Mathilda Johansdotter Ekstrom
929.2/ELDDonnelly, Mary LouiseWilliam Elder, Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/ELDElder, HarryElder-Samson Genealogy
929.2/ELDMcCarville, Harold E.Descendants of Thomas Eldridge
929.2/ELISchroeder, Lois J. BarberThe Eliason - Varo Family of Vaerlandet, Norway
929.2/ELLBoles, Harold W.Ellis Ancestors, Some Immigrants, Colonists and Pioneers
929.2/ELLEmerson, Ann-JannetteJames & Mary Veatch Ellis, Their Sons & Other Descendants
929.2/ELLFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Ellis Family
929.2/ELLGard, Nellie Ataline, CompilerOur Ellenwood Clan; Ancestors and descendants of our Revolutionary War Soldier ancestor, Benjamin Tuck Ellenwood
who came to Washington County, Ohio, 1811, also his half-brother Daniel Ellenwood, here 1795 and Daniel's sister Martha Ellenwood and her
929.2/ELLHougham, Janet A.Joshua W. and Mary A. Ellis Family, 1818-1999
929.2/ELLNixon, Linda Mardell McFallGenealogy of the Ellison Tribe and Related Lines
929.2/ELLTopp, Jon D.The Ancestry and Descendants of Philip Eller
929.2/ELLZook, Marian J.Elliott
929.2/EMEEmerson, Merle F., CompilerThe Emerson-Smiths Moved Westward
929.2/EMEEmerson, Ralph Stanton, M.D., CompilerEnglish Roots of the Haverhill and Ipswich Emersons
929.2/EMLEmley, William F."From Whence We Came"
929.2/EMMHarrison, JackiEmmons and Harrison Families
929.2/ENGEngle, Marian PriceGet Acquainted with Your Engle/Price Grandparents
929.2/ENGEnglehorn, James A.The Englehorn Family
929.2/ENGEnglish, Dr. James DouglassTo The West in 1894
929.2/ENGEnglish, Matthew EdwardEnglish and Perry Families of Iowa
929.2/ENGSanchez, KayeDescendants of Georg John Engel, 1816-1870
929.2/ENGSwenson, Connie EngelbertEngelbert-Wahl Family History
929.2/ERIDahlstrom, AthaleenDescendants of the Erickson - Oberg Family
929.2/ERIHerman, Paul J.A Partial Genealogy of the Family of Ben and Lisa Erickson of Huxley and Eagle Grove, Iowa
929.2/ERIHermann, Paul JacobA Partial Genealogy of the Family of Ben and Lisa Erickson of Huxley and Eagle Grove, Iowa
929.2/ERPDebiak, Dolores ErpeldingDominique Erpelding and descendants, Luxembourg-America, 1700-1981, a family genealogy
929.2/ERSLeeper, JeanErskine-Marrs
929.2/ERSLeeper, JeanErskine/Marrs Update; The story of the Erskines of Scotland, Earls of War
929.2/ERVErvin, Robert WayneErvin Ancestry, V 1.0 plus CD
929.2/ESBEsbeck, Ramona L., CompilerGenealogy of the Esbeck Family; Information relating to family of Lars N. Esbeck and wife, Christina Sorensen
929.2/ESPEspy, Willard R.Oysterville; Roads to Grandpa's Village
929.2/ESPSoldat, Breta Carol EspeThe Espe and Prestegaard Families of Norway - Volume One
929.2/ESPSoldat, Breta Carol EspeThe Espe and Prestegaard Families of Norway - Volume Two
929.2/ESSKinzig, ElsieA Pedegree Chart for the Esslinger, Kinzig and Jaeger Families of Washington County, Kansas and Stephenson County, Illinois
929.2/ESTMaitrek, Merry Esther (Bote)The Children of Langston and Polly Mary (Moore) Estes
929.2/ESTEstes, Carl O.Genealogy, Estes Brothers - Kentucky to Iowa and Their Descendants
929.2/ETNEtnier, Kelly D.The Etnier, Alden, Frey, Harmon Genealogy
929.2/EVASquire, Helen EvansEvans and Baker Families Genealogy
929.2/EVEHaraldson, Irene EvermanRecord of Michael Everman of Germany, Immigrant, 1732 and of His Descendants in Part
929.2/EWICarson, Betty J. and Wooley, Doris M.Our Ewing Heritage with Related Families
929.2/EYEEyerly, Dean RandallEyerly Family History, 1714-1972
929.2/FABEllwanger, Gloria FaberThe Faber Family History
929.2/FABHeuckendork, MargaretJ. G. and Mary Faber Family History
929.2/FALKimm, EvaFalkenhagen, Marten, Marean
929.2/FARGieber, Robert L.A Pedigree of the Farrar Family of Missouri and Virginia
929.2/FARLillie, Alice FarnhamA Farnham Family History, Daniel Farnham, 1770-1847, his ancestors and his descendants
929.2/FARRowell, Pat David Farnsworth's Descendants
929.2/FARSpeer, Lucille FarleyFrancis Marion Farley and Lulu Cain Farley; More ancestors and descendants
929.2/FAULovell, Rosemary FaulkOwen County (Indiana) Country Cousins, 1578-1978 - Volume Two
929.2/FECDopp, Pauline V.Johann and Anna Fechter
929.2/FEHBall, Harry M.Fehler, Fahler, Fahlor, Fayler, Faylor, Failor, Failure, Falor, Faler, Feller, etc. The Name's the Same
929.2/FEHBall, Harry M.Fehler
929.2/FEIFeick, Katie AnnThe Genealogy of Katie Ann Feick (includes: Jensen, Lawrence, Sheeder, Tridle, Oshel, Wilson and Kimber)
929.2/FELFelton, William ReidA Genealogical History of the Felton Family; ancestors and descendants of Lieutenant Nathaniel Felton who came to
Salem, Massachusetts from Great Yarmouth, England in 1633 with a brief history of some of the families that intermarried with the Felton
929.2/FENFamily News NetworkFenimores since the Civil War - Birth and Death Records
929.2/FENFennessy, Richard J.Fennessy of the County Tipperary
929.2/FERFerguson, Herman W.Descendants of James and Elizabeth Fleming Ferguson, Bedford (now Marshall), Tennessee
929.2/FERFerrier, MartinFerrier, Three of the Name Who Came to America
929.2/FERHayes, Edward R.Margaret Elizabeth Ferrel Hayes and Her Ancestors
929.2/FETFetters, TomFetters
929.2/FETPaul, Glenn S.The Michael Fetter Family, 1725-1980
929.2/FICFicklin, Walter HomanA Genealogical History of the Ficklin Family
929.2/FIEField, Christopher DanielGenealogical Data on the Field, Sloan, Fuhr and Golden Families of Iowa
929.2/FINBruner, R. E. "Gene", CompilerThe Descendants of John Fincher and Lucinda Hicks
929.2/FINFinnell, Arthur LouisA Finnell Family, 1801-2014, Being the Family of Thomas Finnell, Sr. of Coshocton County, Ohio . . .
929.2/FINFinestead, LowellFinestead/Finnestad; Larson - Volberg
929.2/FINFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Fink Family
929.2/FINFinnegan, SteveThe Finnegan Family
929.2/FINHunter, Patricia FinnA Finn Genealogy, 1750-1985, of Adair County, Kentucky
929.2/FINMooty, Helene KlineThe Descendants and Ancestors of Andrew Wellington Fink and Susan Henrietta Beadle
929.2/FINMorgan, Bill D.James Finley and Caroline Giese; Their families, their descendants
929.2/FINThompson, Ruby FinchFinch Family of Dixie; 300 years in the South
929.2/FISCunning, Virginia FisherA History of the Fisher-Weaver Family; Six generations from the American Revolution
929.2/FISFischels, Helen SchmitzFamily Tree: Fischels - Bovy and Related Families
929.2/FISFischer, Ryan MichaelGenealogical Data on the Fischer, Knipe, Kooker and Tow Families of Iowa
929.2/FISFish, John A.Fish Family of Kossuth County
929.2/FISFisher, Robert V.Fisher Genealogy
929.2/FISPennington, Betty L.Fisher Facts
929.2/FISWhite, Jean M.The Descendants of Benjamin Fisher of Bedford County, Pennsylvania and Clermont County, Ohio
929.2/FITBasilici, EugeneHarold Gene Fitzgerald, An American Success Story
929.2/FITFosselman, Joseph C.The Fitzgerald, Gieger, Mihm, and Albinger Family Trees
929.2/FLEHeiderstadt, Robert, CompilerThe Flemings Ellen, James and Patrick and Their Descendants
929.2/FLEHustuft, Carol, CompilerFletcher Family History
929.2/FLIFaris, Forrest W.Laughlin Flinn of Virginia and his Descendants
929.2/FLIFlick, AlexanderCaptain Gerlach Paul Flick, 1728-1826, A Pennsylvania Pioneer
929.2/FLIFlickinger, D. K.History of the Flickinger Family
929.2/FLIFlickinger, Robert ElliottThe Flickinger Families in the United States
929.2/FLIFlint, C. EllisThe Flint Family; Robert Flint, the pioneer and his descendants
929.2/FLIFlint, Edward F., Jr. and Flint, Gwendolyn S.Flint Family History of the Adventuresome Seven
929.2/FLISultan, Beverly Flick, etal.Arthur Abram and Edna Pearl "Pudge" Flick, Their Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/FLOHarter, Mrs. Charles E.John Flora, Sr., Monroe Township; Flora 1827-1875
929.2/FLUKaufman, Jean L.The Fluetsch Family From Graubunden Switzerland
929.2/FOLStrieby, Byard B.Follmer Genealogy and History
929.2/FOLWilson, Sarah E.Follmers in Pennsylvania: Descendants of Hans Jakob Follmar
929.2/FONFonkert, J. H.The Fonkerts of Holland and America
929.2/FORCabossart, Debra Rae MorganForsythe's of Appanoose County, Iowa
Dennis, Gerneva FosterForster, Foster and Their Royal Descendants of England 823 AD; Virginia 1635 AD; USA 1990 AD
929.2/FORForeman, Charles E.William T. Foreman and Allied Families
929.2/FORForesman, Charles H.Foresman - Forsman; Descendants of Robert Forsman and Jane All
929.2/FORFoster, John W.Forster/Foster Genealogy: Some Descendants of Hugh and Abigail Forster
929.2/FORGriffith, Betty and Cloppton, DorothyThe Forret Family
929.2/FORStewart, Elizabeth Cobb, CompilerThe Descendants of Andrew Ford of Weymouth, Massachusetts, Part One - The First Six Generations
929.2/FORWillson, Verna ForbesRelated Forbes, Whitman and Burwell Families in the 1790 to 1910 Federal and State Census Reports
929.2/FORWillson, Verna ForbesRelated Forbes, Whitman and Burwell Families in the 1790 to 1910 Federal and State Census Reports
929.2/FOSCox, ChattieJoseph C. Foster and Kinsfolk
929.2/FOSFoster, George Jr.The History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Foster Family in the United States
929.2/FOSViggers, Ruth Isabel (Foster)Foster
929.2/FOSYates PublishingFoster Family History Sources
929.2/FOUFoulke, Joseph W.Foulke History and Genealogy of an Iowa Family
929.2/FOUNaegele, Violet B. and Brown, Leola B.Foust-Bishop-Hoover Family Histories
929.2/FOWFriedrickson, Lavada FowlerFowler Family History
929.2/FOWPeet, Terry Charles, CompilerA Memour of the Forebears and Descendants of Henry L. Fowler and Emma L. Minkler
929.2/FOWStickney, Matthew AdamsThe Fowler Family: A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Philip and Mary Fowler of Ipswich, Massachusetts
929.2/FOXFowwell, Thomas HarrisThe Family and descendants of Thomas Harris and Frances Humphry Foxwell
929.2/FRAFrakes, Nina HowlettDescendants of Philip and Phoebe (Case) Frakes
929.2/FRAFrantz, E. HaroldGenealogy of the Matthias Frantz Family of Berks County, Pennsylvania
929.2/FRAFraser, Marshall Elbert, CompilerRecords of the Ancestry of Marshall Elbert Fraser
929.2/FRAFrazier, Elizabeth Swank and Zelda SchwarzkopfThe Heritage and Legacy of Francis Frazier II, a Blacksmith
929.2/FRAFrazier, IanFamily
929.2/FRAHayley, Juanita ArleneAncestors and Descendants of Frank Fraaken and Grace Olds
929.2/FRAOuellette, Carol A. (Hubbell)Who Was Grandma Franklin?
929.2/FRAReynolds, Allice Burns, CompilerJohn Frakes and Elizabeth Timberlake Descendants
929.2/FRATripp, Grace, CompilerFrancis-Davidson Family History
929.2/FRAWilliams, Betty HarveyThe Franklin Fireplace
929.2/FRECrane, Jean FreelandA History and Genealogy of the Freelands and Related Families
929.2/FRECrouse, JackieFreland and Jones History
929.2/FREFrench, Robert HughesThe Family of David French
929.2/FREFreshour, Sidnes GlennWagon to Soquel, 1732-1932
929.2/FREHawkins, Cora FrearBuggies, Blizzards and Babies
929.2/FREHodgson, HowardFrench, Montz, Mellinger, Somers, Hodgson Family History
929.2/FREMosher, Merrill HillJohn Freeman of Norfolk County, Virginia, His Descendants in North Carolina dn Virginia
929.2/FREMurray, Patrick MurrayFreel-Wilson Genealogy
929.2/FREMyers, Patty BarthellAncestry and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman
929.2/FRIFribourgh, James H., CompilerThe Fribourgh Family
929.2/FRIFrisbee, Olin E.The Frisbee - Frisbie - Frisby Family Genealogy
929.2/FRIHackman, ElnoreThe Christopher and Catherine Freise Family
929.2/FROWestby, Vera M. PetersonErik Larsen Frovik and Dorothe (Paulsdtr) Frovik; seven generations of their descendants
929.2/FUCCoffman, Dorothy YoderThe Johan Henrich Fuchs/Fox and Johan Nicholaus Konig/King Families
929.2/FUDMonroe, Patricia A. RobertsThe Fudges of Madison County, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia
929.2/FULCooper, Donna L.Descendants of James and Ann (Green) Fulton from Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania to Jefferson County, Iowa
929.2/FULFord, Hattie FulwiderDescendants of John and Henry Fulwider
929.2/FULFuller, T.A.The Spear and the Spindle, Ancestors of Sir Francis Bryan (d. 1550), Kt.
929.2/FULPhillips, Eleanor Diane FullertonGeorge Benjamin Fullerton and Leota Pearl Barrett Family History, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
929.2/FUNFretz, A. J.A Brief History of Bishop Henry Funck and Other Funk Pioneers
929.2/FYEWonderlich, Neoma M. BrolliarJeremiah and Elizabeth Abraham Fye, Their Ancestors and Descendants also…Pearce Family
929.2/GAFBrown, H. AndrewHistory of the Gaffney - Heffernen Families of Northeast Iowa
929.2/GAGGage, John A.The Gage Family In England and America
929.2/GALGalford, Lloyd PrittThe Galford Ancestry
929.2/GALGallup Family AssociationGallup Genealogy
929.2/GALPoage, Jean Gleaves, CompilerThe Descendants of Archibald Galloway of Strathmiglo, Scotland
929.2/GALSmaltz, Janet M.The Joseph Jackson Gallentine Family - 1989
929.2/GAMCarlson, O. NormanThe History and Genealogy of the Gammill Family
929.2/GARDelavan, ElizabethUpstate Family
929.2/GARGarr, John C.Garr Genealogy
929.2/GARGarred, Willard R.The Garred Family of the Pacific Coast States; Sequel to The History and Genealogy of the Garreds (Jarretts) of Kentucky
929.2/GARGarwood, David V.Garwood Family Tree
929.2/GARGerard, RobertGarard/Garrard/Gerard/Gerrard/Girard, Descendants of Rev. John, Elias, and William
929.2/GARThompson, Linda A.The Tie That Binds, The Samuel Garber Family
929.2/GARWillhoite, HazelGenealogy of Christopher Garnatz Family
929.2/GASKoleda, Elizabeth P.Gaskill Genealogy
929.2/GAUOrmsbee, Mary ChalfantGaunt-Gantt Family; Some of the descendants of Peter Gaunt of Sandwich, Massachusetts
929.2/GAYSponem, Grace GayJohn Gay of Wiltshire, England and the town of Elba, Dodge County, Wisconsin
929.2/GEEGee, RonaldThe Descendants of Amos Curry and Samantha Scott Gee
929.2/GEHKildoo, P. J. Sally, et alThe Gehrt Family of Illinois: Descendants of George and Christina (Gabler) Gehrt of Neu-Dobischen, Sachsen-Altenburg, German
929.2/GEIGeitgey, Frances HarrsenGeitgey in America, 1762-1985
929.2/GEIGoist, Phares F.Geist Family History
929.2/GENHowell, H. ThomasOur Genevay Ancestors, A Geneva/Genevay Family History
929.2/GERAshcraft, WadonnaOur Swedish Ancestors: Magnus Germundsson and Teadora Andersdotter (Strandberg)
929.2/GERGuess, Leo and RozettaNicholas German Family; Westward from New York
929.2/GETRomas, Shirley C. and Kratz, Patricia C.Descendants of Johann Balthaser and Mary Margaret Getz
929.2/GEUGeurink, Everett HenryThe Geurinks, A Family Visit; William and Elizabeth
929.2/GEUGeurink, Everett HenryThe Geurinks, A Family Visit
929.2/GEZThompson, Mary Lou Ten HagenGezel, Chezems, Kimmel, etal from Marion County, Iowa
929.2/GIBGibler, Pauline RatliffOur His - Tree (Gibler Family)
929.2/GIBPicard, Sue Marvelyn ButterfieldGibis Family From Germany to the United States, 1600's to 1990's
929.2/GIFOlson, Raymond L.Ancestry of Elihu B. Gifford and Catherine Sandow Barrows
929.2/GILCartwright, Eldon P., CompilerThe Jedediah Gillett Family and Descendant Family Histories
929.2/GILDittmann, Frances Boner, CompilerThe Memoirs of Augustus Colson Gilmore, 1830-1910
929.2/GILGill, James C.The John George Gill Family of St. Lawrence, Pennsylvania
929.2/GILGill, Thomas F.History of the Gill Family
929.2/GILGillingham, Harrold EdgarGillingham Family, Descendants of Yeamans Gillingham
929.2/GILGilman, Lloyd, M.D., CompilerThe Gilmans of Connecticut
929.2/GILHendleman, James AaronSouthern Gill Genealogy, Gill Branch
929.2/GILLethbridge, Alice Skinner, CompilerThe Gilmore Family Album (related families included)
929.2/GILSherwin, Ann C.The Gilson Family
929.2/GILSpeer, Eunice E.History of the Gillespie-Steele Family
929.2/GILWhaley, Ella GilbertGilbert Family History 1800-1937
929.2/GILWhite, Eugene W.The Gill Family
929.2/GILWoolis, Larry A.Gilbert/Cochran Genealogy, as pertains to the ancestry of James Harvey Gilbert, 1846-1926
929.2/GINGingrich, Geneva M.Ulrich Gingrich, Descendants 1743 to 1988, Pennsylvania to Iowa
929.2/GIVFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Givens Family
929.2/GLAGlasener, F. RussellThe Glasener Gleanings, "A Pride in Our Past, A Faith in Our Future"
929.2/GLEGlenn, George David46 Glenn Family Civil War Ancestors
929.2/GLEWolf, Donna M.Some Glenn Families in Pennsylvania
929.2/GLIIrvine, Esther L.Joseph Glick Family Scrapbook
929.2/GODHarms, John W.The Goddard Book
929.2/GOEBruns, FredaFamily History of Benjamin Goeldner
929.2/GOFBarnes, Joseph Philip, ColonelThe History and Genealogy of the Nathan P. Goff Family of Randolph County, West Virginia,
Delaware County, Indiana and Madison County, Iowa
929.2/GOFGoff, Lois B.Goff-Davis Ancestral Lines
929.2/GOLGingerich, John W.Joseph Goldsmith, 1796-1876 and his descendants
929.2/GOLHomertgen, JoPortrait of a Woman on the Oregon Trail
929.2/GOLHovemeyer, EricSome Descendants of Benjamin Goldsberry
929.2/GOOBanvard, Theodore James FlemingGoodenows Who Originated in Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1638 A.D.
929.2/GOOGoodenough, Carol McWainGoodenow: 350 Years in America
929.2/GOOGoodpasture, Robert AbrahamThe Goodpastures of Iowa and Washington with Related Families
929.2/GOOno authorAncestors of Luanne Kay Goodrich
929.2/GOOJohnson, William A.Good - Goode Genealogy
929.2/GOOSeprodi, BettyGoodrell/Gooderl
929.2/GOOSprunk, David F.From Ledde to Champion Township: A Family History of the Goodmans and Klingemeiers of Ladde, 1690-2000
929.2/GOOTalcott, S. V., CompilerThe Goodrich Family
929.2/GOOWeber, Dale K. and VerleneThe Peter Good Family Book, 1530-1995
929.2/GOPFosholt, Sanford K.The Charcoal Burner's Legacy; A Goplerud Family History
929.2/GORGorder, August 3rdA Glimpse Into the Past of the Gorder Family
929.2/GOTManly, Charles GottschalkSome Descendants of August Gottschalk of Prussia and Clayton County, Iowa with a supplement of some descendants
of Samuel Stalnaker of Randolph County, West Virginia
929.2/GOUFleak, Elizabeth Eckert KennedyWilliam A. Gould Family of Prince Edward Island, Canada
929.2/GRADudley, Loren H.The John Charles Graham and Mary (Freel) Graham Family Tree
Gray, Karen CoxNigh Pope Creek, Josiah B. Gray of Anson, Maine and Keithburg, Illinois: His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/GRAPeters, Norman R.The Graue Family
929.2/GRAPeters, Norman P.Grave Family of Hannover, Germany, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana
929.2/GRASecor, Mary FeelhaverJohn Gray, Blacksmith of Delaware and His Descendants
929.2/GRASimon, John Y.The Personal Memoirs of Julia Dent Grant
929.2/GRAStrong, Frederick Augustus, CompilerDescendants of Edward Grannis, who was in New Haven, Connecticut as early as 1646 and died there December 10, 1719
929.2/GRAWoods, Blanche Burkey, CompilerDescendants of Henry Graeber, Jr. and His Wife, Mary Honadel
929.2/GRA/QJackson, Ronald VernUlysses Simpson Grant and Julia Boggs Dent Ancestry
929.2/GREBowler, AnnGeorge Greig/Grieg Genealogy
929.2/GREBurgelin, Marion Elizabeth Greenwell, CompilerThe Greenwell Family Tree; Some of the many branches on the Family Tree
929.2/GREDoliante, J. Sharon JohnsonGenealogical Serendipity: Families of Greene, Scoggin, White and Others
929.2/GREGreen, Thomas C.Genealogy of John Green, 1764-1841 and Abraham Whisler, 1811-1893
929.2/GREGreene, Frank L.Descendants of Joseph Greene of Westerly, Rhode Island
929.2/GREGreenleaf, Stanley ClaytonGrenleaf Genealogy, Family History and Connecting Families (supplemental to 1854 or 1896 or Grennleaf Genealogy)
929.2/GREGreenlee, William ClarksonThe Descendants of Edward Greenlee of West Virginia
929.2/GREHall, Nancy AustinThe Diary of Elizabeth Greenleaf; A woman of Colonial Boston
929.2/GREHeim, Marjorie Ida (Green)A History of the Descendants of Joseph Green and William S. Gove Families
929.2/GREJepsen, Vera Eloise and Wiseman, LowellThe Familie Green of Slesvig; Jurgen Green and Dorothea Goldstedt and Their Eleven Children, Ancestors, Descendants and Related Families
929.2/GRELong, AnneGreen/e Genealogy (14 volumes + 2 special indexes)
929.2/GREMoore, Faith Marie and AlbertDescendants of John J. Green and Paul Prose
929.2/GREMorrison, PatJohn Green, Irishman and His Descendants
929.2/GRENoble, CarrieWarren G. Gregg/Gregg Roots
929.2/GRESulzberger, Janet Ann (Green)The Green, Greene Tree
929.2/GREWalker, Richard BordeauxDaniel Gregory and His Wife, Sarah Lamont; Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/GREWright, William E.Ancestors and Descendants of William Browning Greene and Mary Hoxsie Lewis with Allied Families
929.2/GRIBerry, JuneDescendants of Uriah Gritman
929.2/GRIBrandt, Ray HenningThe Descendants of Hans Gries and Wiebke Ida Reese
929.2/GRICross, Samuel BenjaminThe Griese Family
929.2/GRIDavidson, Nancy GrittonGritton's Scotch-Irish, 1590 to 1995, Nineteen Generations
929.2/GRIGrier, William M., Jr.Grier of San Francisco; Builder in the west and his family
929.2/GRIGrier, William M., Jr.The Griers; Pioneers in America and Canada, 1816-1991
929.2/GRIGriffin, John R.Griffin Families Marry, an addendum to chapter three
929.2/GRIGriffin, John R., CompilerGriffin Families Marry
929.2/GRIGriffin, John RaymondA Few Ancestors and Relatives of John Raymond Griffin
929.2/GRIGriffioen, AlbertThe American Descendants of Jan Griffioen (1815) and Willemijntje Stam (1818) . . .
929.2/GRIGriffith, R. R.Genealogy of the Griffith Family: Descendants of William and Sarah Maccubbin Griffith
929.2/GRIGrigsby, Charles O.The History of the Bladinsville, Illinois, Grigsbys
929.2/GRIGrimes, William M.The Grimes Family
929.2/GRIGriner, Maxine EllisThe Griner/Flanders Family
929.2/GRILeonard, Carroll MendenhallGrigsby-Leonard Bicentennial, 1776-1976, Genealogy
929.2/GRIParkin, Robert E.Grimsley Family Workbook
929.2/GROAllison, Sarah and EugeneThe Life and Times of James and Rebecca Adams Groom, with an accounting of families descended
929.2/GROBailey, Lindsley ReeseThe Grosvenors of Schuharie and Montgomery Counties, New York State
929.2/GRODaniel, Arlie V., Jr.The Family of Lewis Grover and Georgia Lizzie Miles; Inside Out
929.2/GROEldridge, Evelyn GrothFrom Husmann to Bonde: A Groth Family History
929.2/GROGroves, George N.Genealogy of the Grove and Groves Families
929.2/GROHanley, Hazel Iola GroveA Biography of Julia Amelia Schoenfled Grove
929.2/GROLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Grover Genealogy
929.2/GROMadson, Harriet A.150 Years in "Amerika," The Story of Grovum-Ouverson/Stromme-Halvorson Families
929.2/GROno authorDescendants of Peter Grosscloss, Sr.
929.2/GROPicard, Sue Marvelyn ButterfieldThe Grov/Grove Family from Norway to America
929.2/GROPopelka, MelvinGrow Family
929.2/GRORichardson, FlorenceGrone, John Frederick and Wilhelmina (Albertus) Family History
929.2/GRUGruber, Alice M.Gruber - Reissenweber, A Generation of Letters
929.2/GUFGuffin, R. L.The Guffin Family in America
929.2/GUGDavis, John H.The Guggenheims, An American Epic
929.2/GULConrad, C. W. and English, HazelleFamilies of C. C. Gulling, born 17 June 1833 and Sarah Maudrue, born 3 May 1835
929.2/GULGulick, David E.Descendants of Hendrick Van Gulick
929.2/GULGulick, Paul I.The Gulick Book
929.2/GULScott, MarabethThe John Guldner and Elizabeth Frey Family History
929.2/GUNGunderson, Marion A.Gunderson/Bustrak: The Ancestor and Descendants of Gunder Bjornsen Bustrak and His Wife Marthe Jorgensdatter Boe/Grave
929.2/GURLichtenwalter, Gladys Eva GurneyGurney, 1800-1965; Brydon, 1837-1965 Family History
929.2/GUSPapke, Janet JusticeGustafsson to Justice
929.2/GUTno authorKnut Guttormsen Tolpinrud og Birgit Olsdatter Syversrudplass
929.2/GUTRiensche, Arlene GutknechtLeaves From Our Family Tree: Gutknecht Genealogy
929.2/GUTTyler, David E.A Guthrie Family History, The Descendants of Francis Guthrie
929.2/HACHackbarth, Emma PickeringAugust Hackbarth Family; 1865-1976
929.2/HACWenzel, PatHackathorn Family History From Switzerland to Centerville
929.2/HACWingeard, William O.A German-American Hacker-Hocker Genealogy
929.2/HADBrindle, Effie HadleyMemoirs
929.2/HADHaddock, Hugh Ransom, compilerLegends of the Haddock Family
929.2/HADHadley, Samuel PageGenealogical Record of the Descendants of Moses Hadley and Rebecca Page of Hudson, New Hampshire
929.2/HADHealton, Curtis E.A Hadley Genealogy, Volume I, Ancestry of Simon Hadley, The Immigrant and Some of His Descendants
929.2/HADHealton, Curtis E.A Hadley Genealogy, Volume II, Some Descendants of Joshua Hadley, 1743-1815 of Chatham County, North Carolina
929.2/HADHealton, Curtis E.A Haldley Genealogy, Volume III, Some Descendants of Jeremiah Hadley, 1741-1786, and
Joseph Hadley, 1745-ca 1794 of Chatham County, North Carolina
929.2/HAGGrady, Joseph L.From Ireland: Land of Pain and Sorrow
929.2/HAGGrawe, Alice M.Family of Friedrick Hagemann and Dorothea Knief
929.2/HAGHagan, HarryThe Family of Henry Hart Hagan
929.2/HAGHagedorn, Marinus C.An Open Door (The Hagedorn Family)
929.2/HAHRamsay, Daphne (Hon.)Hahn, Hann, Hon, Honn Family Genealogy
929.2/HAIPaul, Glenn S.The Richard Haines Family
929.2/HAKHakes, Harry M.D.The Hakes Family, Second Edition
929.2/HALBower, Janet King RobinsonTwigs from the Hale Family Tree
929.2/HALBowler, AnnBiography of Oliver Hale, Jr.
929.2/HALBruce, Margery Brandsberg KovacicHall-ing in the Family Line of John Wesley and Eliza Ann William Hall
929.2/HALHall, Garrison KentThe Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall
929.2/HALHall, Hayley MichelleHall and Pilkington Families of Iowa and Keokuk Counties, Iowa
929.2/HALHallock, Lucius H.A Hallock Genealogy
929.2/HALJacobus, Donald LinesHale, House and Related Families (Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley)
929.2/HALLeeper, Jean HallowellOur Hallowell Roots
929.2/HALLeeper, JohnThomas Hall Family
929.2/HALLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Hale Genealogy
929.2/HALLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Halterman Genealogy
929.2/HALLybolt, Harriet May HuntHallowell - Halliwill Family
929.2/HALRutherford, William KennethGenealogical History of the Halliburton Family
929.2/HALSumner, Edith BartlettAncestry and Descendants of Amaziah Hall and Betsey Baldwin
929.2/HAMBrooks, Alice HammondGrandad was a Cowboy
929.2/HAMCunningham, GeraldJames Hammer
929.2/HAMDavison, Elsie (Swan)An Alphabetical Listing of Hamiltons
929.2/HAMDonnelly, Mary LouiseImprints, 1608-1980, Hamilton, Allied Families
929.2/HAMHamilton National Genealogical SocietyThe Connector - Hamilton Family
929.2/HAMHammer, T. J.The Biography of Seth Hammer
929.2/HAMHammond, RalphPhillip Mamman, Man of Valor
929.2/HAMHampton, Carol A. (Baccus)The Hampton Family from Scotland to America
929.2/HAMHarrison, Pauline HambrickPauline's Pathways: Hambrick, Coleman, Moore, Rackley
929.2/HAMJones, Dorothy S. HuntThe Descendants of Benjamin J. Hamilton
929.2/HAMLister, Eugene ClarkHammond-Hale Ancestral Lines
929.2/HAMTjossem, Joan HammerlyThe Hammerly-Scott Family of Jasper County, Iowa
929.2/HANBakkum, Glenn A.A Family History of Gilbert Hanson and Andrine Tearningen Hanson and Their Descendants
929.2/HANCampbell, Vivian, CompilerHanner Cousins
929.2/HANHanderson, H. E., Dr.A Contribution to the Genealogy of the Handerson Family
929.2/HANHannum, William Hamilton (1863-1956)The Hannums of Massachusetts and Their English Forebears
929.2/HANHansen, Frederick J.The History of the Christian and Katherine Hansen Family of Brayton, Audubon County, Iowa
929.2/HANHanson, Gina (Jennie) HansonThe Hanson Heritage
929.2/HANHanson, Gina (Jennie) HansonThe Johannes K. Hanson Heritage
929.2/HANHanusa, EllenCross-Country Connection: A Hanusa Family History
929.2/HANKlotz, Lyle MilneThe Story of Our Family; John and Mary Hansel and Alexander and Patience Milne of Northeast Iowa
929.2/HANMcFarland, Arlene ParkHerman Hanson (Rue) Family, Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/HANMesecher, Cecelia AnnFamily Record: Hanson Family
929.2/HANMiller, Franklin, Jr.A Haner/Hayner Family in America, Volumes 1 and 2
929.2/HANPierce, Duane A.Our Hancock Family
929.2/HAPSanchez, KayeJohann Jost Happel and Descendants and Happel Family by David M. Barnoske
929.2/HARAlcock, John P.Five Generations of the Family of Burr Harrison of Virginia, 1650-1800
929.2/HARBailey, Christena HartThe John and Leonard Hart Families
929.2/HARDixon, ElizabethHarltley Family Tree, 1789-1982
929.2/HARHanson, Henry LewisThe Family of Albion Paris Hardy and Mary Jane Scott
929.2/HARHarbour/Witt Family AssociationHarbour/Witt Family Association Bulletin
929.2/HARHardin, John, EditorHarden Newsletter
929.2/HARHardin, Robert AllenThomas and Polly Hardin and Their Descendants
929.2/HARHardy, H. Claude and Hardy, Edwin NoahHardy and Hardie, Past and Present
929.2/HARHare, Richard C.Jacob's Sons and Daughters
929.2/HARHarjehausen, Arnold E.The Harjehausen Family in Germany and The United States of America from 1550 to 1984
929.2/HARHarmon, Terry L.The Harmon Family 1870-1984
929.2/HARHarnagel, Lee and NaomiThe Armourers; A genealogy of the Harnagels
929.2/HARHarrill, Billy T.The John Kendrick Harrill Family
929.2/HARHarrington, Jeanne, CompilerHarrington Heritage: A Record od the Descendants of Daniel Harrington of Bantry, Ireland
929.2/HARHarris, Allen C.Harris (Snyder) Family
929.2/HARHarris, Martha EmmelineNorman Wait Harris, A Tribute
929.2/HARHarris, Natalie SuzanneGenealogical Data on the Ancestors of Larry Cecil Harris and Cynthia Gayle Pack
929.2/HARHarrison, A. I.Trails Through Time: Harrison, George, Lenard, Hamby
929.2/HARHarrison, J. HoustonSettlers by the Long Grey Trail; Some pioneers to Old Augusta County, Virginia and their descendants
929.2/HARHarrison, James Edward, CompilerAndrew Harrison of Essex, County Virginia who died in 1718
929.2/HARHarrison, Mary, CompilerAnnals of the Ancestry of Charles Custis Harrison
929.2/HARHarry, Robert JesseThe Ancestors and Descendants of Hugh Harry and Elizabeth Brinton
929.2/HARHarsh, Robert C. and ClaraThe Harsh Family Genealogy, 1740-1987
929.2/HARHarter, Byron E.A Harter Journal; The family of J. George and Eva Harter
929.2/HARHartsook, Jay C.Genealogical Notes of Jay C. Hartsook
929.2/HARHartsough, Mary MaeA History of the Hartough - Hartsough - Hartsock Family
929.2/HARHartung, C. F.History of the Hartung Family; Descended from John Hartung, Sr.
929.2/HARHarvey Family of AmericaErastus Harvey, Pioneer, Preacher and Patriot
929.2/HARJackson, Ronald VernWarren Gameliel Harding and Florence Mabel Kling Ancestry
929.2/HARJones, Ruth HarrisonHarrison Heritage
929.2/HARKennedy, Clara Hart, CompilerEdward Hart; Descendants and allied families
929.2/HARLangbehn, John W.The Harman Family
929.2/HARLaursen, Ardyth HendriksenDescendants of Soren Jorgensen Haahr, 1596-2006, Through the Family of Jorgen Haahr Jensen, 1862-2006
929.2/HARPrieur-Rediger, AngelinaHarguess Hope - Iowa Chapter of
929.2/HARRichmond, Sam; Kacher, Colleen; Sims, GwenThe Descendants of Sarah Elizabeth (Little) and Frederick Sylvanus Harger, Sr.
929.2/HARRumple, Blanche LongHarris-Bolton Histories, 1673-1991
929.2/HARThornton, R. D.Harless Family Association Bulletins Index
929.2/HARWilliam, Louis J.The Harbours in America
929.2/HARWulfeck, Dorothy FordHardin and Harding of Virginia and Kentucky
929.2/HASHasty, Warren H.Descendants of John Hasty
929.2/HATHatfield, AbrahamThe Descendants of Matthias Hatfield
929.2/HATHatfield, AbrahamThe Hatfields of Westchester [County, New York]
929.2/HAUEllwanger, Gloria (Faber)The Hauser Family from Abenheim, Germany to North Washington, Iowa
929.2/HAUHaugen, Arnold O.The Haugen-Talhaug Relationship
929.2/HAUMcGuigan, Betty J. (Spieler)The Haupert Family History 1803-2001
929.2/HAURousseau, Joan Darlene (Haus)A History of Cecil (Smothers) and Ruth (Simerson) Haus and Their Descendants, 1909-1993
929.2/HAVWilliams, Robert LyleDescendants of George Rex Haver
929.2/HAWBakeman, Mary (Hawker)The Hawker, Pettit and McClintock Families of Alden, Freeborn County, Minnesota
929.2/HAWBornefeld, Jeanne Marie GebhardtOnce a Hoosier, Volume II, The Hawkins Book
929.2/HAWEllis, Connie Lynn KellyThe Family History of the Hawkins Family of New Hampshire
929.2/HAWGladden, Sanford CharlesDescendants of Stephen C. Hawkins of Campbell County, Kentucky; with reference to the allied families of Barton, Eckert, Marshall and Thomasson
929.2/HAWGraham, Michael H.The Haws of Dishforth, A Narrative Account of John and Mary Lazenby Haw and Their Descendants
929.2/HAWHawbaker, Eliphalet H.Hawbaker Descendants from 1737-1978
929.2/HAWHaworth, James RodgersGeorge Haworth and some of His Descendants
929.2/HAWShaw, Cheryl V. C.The Hawk Tale
929.2/HAWSimon, Cynthia Marie Drayer, CompilerGeorge Haworth, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/HAYBubal, Ruth HaywardGeorge Hayward, A Line from Concord, Massachusetts 1635; John Wood, A Line from Portsmouth Rhode Island 1655
929.2/HAYGraves, Mary Barringer, CompilerHaynes Genealogy - Andrew Haynes, 1840-1926
929.2/HAYHay, Nicholas EverettThe Genealogy of Nicholas Everett Hay (inludes McCollough, Gormally, Frink, McWilliams, Daniels, Quick, and Barta)
929.2/HAYHayes, Edward R.The A. D. Hayes Company, a Chain of Country Elevators in Southeast Iowa
929.2/HAYHayes, Edward R.David Hayes of Connecticut, Vermont and Ohio
929.2/HAYHayes, Walter O.Hayes, A Family History
929.2/HAYLieth, Barbara Jane, CompilerThe Hayward Family History: Samuel Hayward and His Descendants
929.2/HAYQuinn, Frances HaynesThe Haynes Eagle
929.2/HAYWestergard, Jacalyn HayesHayes: Finders and Keepers
929.2/HEAFetters, KathyHeathcote's of Des Moines, Iowa; A record of the descendants of James and Mary Ann (Chadwick) Heathcote
929.2/HEAGreen, Pat HeadyHeady Family Newsletter
929.2/HEAPrewitt, Richard A.The Healy Branch
929.2/HEAVan Orsdall, BeulahHeaton Family
929.2/HEDEvers, Kathrine HedgesOne Line of William Hedges from 1644 and Connecting Families
929.2/HEFHeflin, Thelma CadeThis Old House: Family Histories of Heflin, Obrecht, Praitt, Mehaffy, Cade
929.2/HEGMoberg, Norma McCallumHeginger Family History
929.2/HEIno authorFrederick C. Heileman, 1834-1907 and Caroline huttenlocker, 1832-1918
929.2/HEIno authorHeishman Family Tree (Harrison City, Indiana)
929.2/HEIHeisterkamp, James L.Heisterkamp Descendants
929.2/HEIHogan, Rita HeithoffHeithoff Genealogy
929.2/HELBrown, H. AndrewJohann Carl Friederich Helm and Caroline Bruggmann of Mecklenburg and Northeast Iowa
929.2/HELElliott, Marilyn L.Helgerson - Hill Heritage
929.2/HELFinlay, Belinda HendersonThe Descendants of Steffen Olai Berentsen from Helgas farm and Anne Marie Andreasdatter from Ramstad farm Norway
929.2/HELMoen, Gene C.Ancestors and Descendants of Sjur Halsteinson Helgeland and Katrine Torgjersdtr, Morkve
929.2/HELO'Neill, Edna HelgasonThe Helgason Family
929.2/HELStrahle, Donald Henry et al.Some Descendants of Christopher Helme of Rhode Island
929.2/HELStrahle, Donald Henry, CompilerSome Descendants of Christopher Helme of Rhode Island
929.2/HEMKoenen, Mrs. JohnnieHemmes Family Tree, 1845-1977
929.2/HENAndrew, James H.Before, With, and After Colonel William Hendricks Henderson
929.2/HENDavenport, John ScottThe Frontier hendricks, Volume 1
929.2/HENHenderson, Robert H.Our House of Henderson
929.2/HENHenning, ClintThe Genealogy of Clint Henning (includes Lubkeman, Carpenter, Harlson, Brown, Walker, Honald, and Pralle)
929.2/HENMayes, Dorothy BolgerNancy Lou Hutt and Benjamin F. Henson and Their Descendants
929.2/HENMcConnel, Marie (Mrs, F. M.)Hendricksons of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
929.2/HENMerritt, Margaret hendersonHenderson with Capper, Calhoune and Moore Connections
929.2/HENMonroe, Bergetta FrancesThe Hendry Family
929.2/HENMoore, Florence HendricksDescendants of Albert(us) Hendricks(on), 1673-1984
929.2/HENNoon-Kaster, Charolette A.Hendrix Family
929.2/HENPick, Thomas A.The Family of Mathias Hengen
929.2/HENSchaumburg, Emily KiteDirectory of the Descendants of Thomas and Polly Henderson
929.2/HENWisuri, Arbuta (Hendricks)Roots to Twigs, Descendants of William W. and Susan (Sears) Hendricks (1788-1981
929.2/HERHerndon, Dudley L., Jr.The Herndons of th eAmerican Revolution
929.2/HERHerr, Theodore W.Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and his direct lineal descendants
929.2/HERHershey, HenryHershey Family History
929.2/HERHertema, EnnisOstfriesland Heritage
929.2/HERHertzler, Emanuel C.The Other Hertzler-Hartzlers
929.2/HESBarekman, June BeverlyWho is William Hess?
929.2/HESParsons, Thelma HessI Shook My Family Tree: Peter Hess and Descendants, 1755-1982
929.2/HESSearl, Hester Geraldine LesterHester Genealogy
929.2/HESSearl, Hester Geraldine LesterHester Genealogy, supplement
929.2/HESWicks, Howard NelsonA Heslop Record; A genealogy for the descendants of George Anson Heslop
929.2/HEWHewett, Ruth Barthell, CompilerAncestors and Descendantsof Ruth Barthell Hewett
929.2/HEYMansen, Charlene MaeThe Heyers from Krofdorf to Keystone
929.2/HEYNasby, Reva JuneHeymann History and Genealogy, 1560-1997
929.2/HIAJohnson, William Perry, compiler and editorHiatt/Hiett Genealogy and Family History, 1699-1949
929.2/HICHickman, Donald RogerHistory of the Hickman Family of Northwest Ceder Rapids, Iowa
929.2/HICHowell, H. ThomasThe Hickman Family History, John Peter Hickman (1740-1825), in 4 volumes
929.2/HICno authorHicks Newsletter
929.2/HICRichardson, Letta RaeGenealogy of Hick Family, 150 Years, Polk County, Iowa
929.2/HICSmith, Pasa PalombiHicklin
929.2/HIEno author/publisherThe Hiemstra Family
929.2/HIEno author/publisherThe Hiebstra Family History, Updated 2004
929.2/HIEWesterkamp, Mrs. PeterThe Hiemstra Family History
929.2/HIGEason, Dona M.Precious Memories; Hightower Families in the United States
929.2/HIGLeeper, JeanHiggotts and Halls of Staffordshire, England
929.2/HILBatcher, Olive M.Hill-Wallace Family History
929.2/HILDonnelly, Mary LouiseThomas Hill and Rebecca Miles, Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/HILHagedorn, Marilyn HillThe Story of Cousins Susie, Sadie, and Dan Hill
929.2/HILFurniss, John NeilsonHill and Allied Families of Central Ohio
929.2/HILHill, Earl ScottFrom There to Here, an autobiography of Earl Scott Hill, 1896-1976
929.2/HILHill, Patrea MarieGenealogical Data on the Hill, Fosen, Belder and DeNeui Families of Iowa
929.2/HILHillis, E. HowardThomas Hillis and Descendants
929.2/HILHillis, E. HowardThomas Hillis and Descendants
929.2/HILMcDowell, ThelmaAmong My Pioneer Ancestors, the Hildebrand Family
929.2/HINGroves, Marlene Alma HinkleyHinkleys of Maine; the ancestry and descendants of Samuel Hinckley of Brunswick, Maine
929.2/HINHinshaw, WilliamThe Hinshaw and Henshaw Families
929.2/HIRLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Hircock Genealogy
929.2/HISMoseman, Ruth HistandFamily Directory of Samuel Swartz Histand and Susan Overholt Landis
929.2/HIZNeff, Glatha D.Hizer Genealogy
929.2/HOCBraffordd, W. R.The Hocking Family; Descendants of William Reynold Hocking and Mary Jane Naiber
929.2/HOCLeeper, Chauncey L.The Heritage of the Hockers of Northeast Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, 1716-1974
929.2/HOCWarner, Ann FitzpatrickThe Hockaday Family . . . The Descendants ob William Hockaday and Elizabeth Rogers
929.2/HODRobinson, JohnHodges Family
929.2/HOEVande Berg, Wilma J. (Hoekstra)Hoekstra - Kamminga Family History Book
929.2/HOFHamre, EileenFamily History of Rosa (Hofer) Luthi and Ernest Hofer
929.2/HOFRohrback, Lewis BunkerHoffelbauer Genealogy, 1585-1993
929.2/HOGHogle, Roger M.My Forefathers Pioneers of Central Iowa
929.2/HOGHogue, Lola GentryHoge and Houge: From a 1682 Scottish Immigrant to a 1986 Southern Clan
929.2/HOGIronmonger, Elizabeth (Hogg)Hogg Family of York and Gloucester Counties, Virginia
929.2/HOGLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Hogg/Hogue Genealogy
929.2/HOGNorton, Dixie McKenzie, CompilerGenealogy of Hogate Families
929.2/HOGOsborne, Sarah MyrtleHocketts on the Move, the Hoggatt/Hockett Family in America
929.2/HOHHohneke, Calie LeeThe Genealogy of Calie Lee Hohneke (includes McIntosh, Gray, Howell, Berndt, Radohl, Wikert and Fischer)
929.2/HOLBoelman, Phyllis Halfpap(?)Holzhuse, Lauen and Boelman Families
929.2/HOLCaskey, Marjorie J., CompilerFalling Leaves, a History of the Holmes Family and Allied Lines
929.2/HOLChessum, LucilleHistory-Record of the Holt Family, Descending from Samuel Holt, Jr. and Phebe Perr
929.2/HOLChessum, Lucille Josephine JensenDescendants of Marquis LaFayette and Rocene Holt
929.2/HOLCooper, Albert L.Ancestors and Descendants of John and Isabel Holt, Williamson County, Tennessee
929.2/HOLDurrie, Daniel S.A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the United States
929.2/HOLDurrie, Daniel S.A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the United States
929.2/HOLFarmer, Walter I., Margaret Farmer PlantonIn America since 1607, The Hollingsworth, Farmer and Judkins Families
929.2/HOLFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Holt Family
929.2/HOLHaltermann, MarilynSome Descendants of Jonathon C. Holland and Eleanor Friend
929.2/HOLHayley, Juanita ArleneJuanita Hols' Roots of Five Generations
929.2/HOLHolcomb, Herbert GordonJohn Holcomb's Odyssey; a nineteenth century American pioneer, 1797-1876
929.2/HOLHolladay, Alvis M.Other English and Early American Holladays - Volume Three
929.2/HOLHollen Family AssociationHollens Across America
929.2/HOLHolway, Richard ThomasHolway - Rich Heritage; a history and genealogy of two Cape Cod Families
929.2/HOLRice, Charles ElmerA History of the Hole Family in England and America
929.2/HOLSmith, PatriciaThe Family of Alonzo Holden and Carrie Crabtree
929.2/HOLSomers, Mary and Swanson, JeanDarwin Hinkley Holcomb (1852-1941) and his wife Louisa Jane Livingstone (1855-1939)
929.2/HOLSponsler, Kathlyeen M., CompilerDescendants of James and Ruth (Head) Holmes and Allied Families from Maryland and West Virginia
929.2/HOMKirkpatrick, Donna KnightGenealogy of Isaac and Sarah Dean Homewood of Fayette County, Iowa
929.2/HONDelap, FredThe Descendants of Jacob Honnold, 1744-1824
929.2/HONRutt, Anna HongOur Norwegian Ancestors and Their Siblings and Descendants
929.2/HOOFaust, Edward Baker, CompilerJohannes C.and Sopher Holdern Hoovel: A Line of Descent
929.2/HOOHoagland, George WilliamsDirck Jansen Hoogland Family History, 1657-1976
929.2/HOOHooper, Virginia SharpWe Travel with a Multitude: A History of the Hooper, Sharp, Adams and Bonnifield families and twenty-five Allied Families
929.2/HOOJackson, Ronald VernHerbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Ancestry
929.2/HOOKassak, MarianDescendents of Mathys Coenratsen Hooghteeling
929.2/HOOMcLean, Hulda HooverGenealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family
929.2/HOOMcLean, Hulda HooverGenealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family, Errata and Addenda, 1976
929.2/HORCottrell, Cora Bell (Horton)Our Horton Heritage, 1633-1970
929.2/HORHornaday, Quinn and AlineThe Hornadays, Root and Branch
929.2/HORHorton, Joseph O.Genealogy of David Jackson Horton and His Descendants
929.2/HORNorth, Janice TrageserOur Horr Family History: Hore - Hoar - Horr Ancestors
929.2/HORWhite, Adaline HortonThe Hortons in America, Being a Corrected Reprint of the 1876 Work by Dr. George F. Horton . . .
929.2/HOSHosford, Norman F. and David H.The Hosford Genealogy; A history of the descendants of William Hosford
929.2/HOSHostetler, HarveyDescendants of Jacob Hochstetler
929.2/HOSJennings, Laura (Olmsted)History of the Hoskins Family
929.2/HOSRussell, George ElyHoskins Families of Seventeenth Century America
929.2/HOTCowdell, NellieThe Hotchkiss Family; First six generations
929.2/HOTTharp, Maridean HotchkinThe Hotchkin Family
929.2/HOUHough, Granville W.Hough and Huff Families
929.2/HOUHough, Granville W., CompilerHough and Huff Families
929.2/HOUHough, Granville W., CompilerHough and Huff Families
929.2/HOUHouse, LeightonFirst Person Prounoun
929.2/HOVHovinga, GlennHovinger - Frikke - Muhring - Okken
929.2/HOWAcker, Betty WestcottHistory and Descendants of John Howland
929.2/HOWCook, DorothyBook of Family Group Sheets and Pictures (the charts start with Henry D. Howland)
929.2/HOWCook, Gerald WilsonThe Descendants of Claiborne Howard, Soilder of the American Revolution
929.2/HOWHowell, H. ThomasHowell Family History, George Noble Howell (1839-1882) and His Descendants
929.2/HOWHowk, Max EdgarHowk - Houk Families; Pioneers of Wapello County
929.2/HOWWhite, Elizabeth PearsonJohn Howland of the Mayflower, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4
929.2/HOYHoyt, Michelle L.Geneological History of the Hoyt Family of Fremont County, Iowa and Creighton, Busing/Buesing and Meier Families
929.2/HOYHoyt, Nancy Joanne (Skelton)Family Record of Haram Billings Hoyt
929.2/HUBHoover, Harry M.The Huber-Hoover Family History
929.2/HUBHubbell, Donald SidneyHubbell Pioneers
929.2/HUBMills, George S.The Little Man with the Long Shadow (Frederick M. Hubbell)
929.2/HUDBoyt, Helen Marie (Hudson)Hudson Facts and Figures, 1860-1968; Descendants of William James and Elizabeth Jane (Morlan) Hudson
929.2/HUDHudek, Mrs. Don (Darlene)Hudek Genealogy
929.2/HUDMcCarville, HaroldDescendants of Thomas Hudson
929.2/HUFFisher, Robert V.Huff Genealogy
929.2/HUGAlt, Bertha, CompilerHugh Hughes and His Descendants (1790-1866)
929.2/HUGHuguet, BernardHuguet
929.2/HUGno authorHugh Hughes and His Descendants
929.2/HUGSparks, J. GeraldThe Hughes Story
929.2/HUGTothill, Ruby Beatrice (Hughes)Our Welsh Ancestry
929.2/HUIHendren, RebeccaGenealogy of the Families Huit, Hubbard, Roach, Burton and Madison
929.2/HUKLehmer, Carol Ann (Halterman)Hukill, Johns, Laizure, Lee, McLallan, Coe
929.2/HULFulton, Patricia Mae HullThe Ancestors and Descendants of Harry Vern Hull, Sr. of Iowa
929.2/HULFulton, Patricia Mae HullThe Ancestors and Descendants of Vesper Beryl Fierce Hull of Iowa
929.2/HULHarper, Lynn C. and Hulce, SylviaThe Hulce/Hulse Families in America
929.2/HULHughes, Phyllis J. PankoninHulls in the American Revolution
929.2/HULHull, DavidHulls in 1850
929.2/HULHull, Robert E.The Ancestors and Descendants of George Hull and Thamzen Michell
929.2/HULHulsebus, Mrs. SidneyThe Hulsebus Family, 1812
929.2/HULWeygant, ColThe Hull Family in America
929.2/HULWhitney, Charles S.The Hullett-Houlett-Howlett Family
929.2/HUMAllen, Dorothy HumphreyIntersections and Crossroads of the Humphrey Family Expressway
929.2/HUMBrockman, William EverettEarly American History, Hume and Allied Families
929.2/HUMHetzel, Wayne E., CompilerGenealogies: Franklin and Mary (Sober) Hummel and Thomas and Annie (Merrill) Shamblen
929.2/HUMHummel Family Book CommitteeThe Hummel Family and Their Descendants [1st Edition, 1980]
929.2/HUMHummel Family Book CommitteeThe Hummel Family and Their Descendants, Second Edition
929.2/HUMHummel, FrankThe Hummel Family History
929.2/HUMHummer. FrankThe Hummer Family History
929.2/HUMMonlux, Frances MackinThe Humbert Family History
929.2/HUMMonlux, Frances MackinThe Humbert Family History
929.2/HUMSmith, Ione R. CardDavid (H)umble, 1775-?, of Montgomery County, North Carolina
929.2/HUMWebster, TheodoreThe Romance of Romanta and Hulda Humphrey, 1788-1859
929.2/HUNCunningham, Adelia (Mrs. William)Ancestors and Descendants of Jefferson Huntzinger and Susannah (Males) Huntzinger, 1785-1983
929.2/HUNHill, Myrtle HuntHunting the Hunts. Descendants of Jesse and Mary C. Hunt
929.2/HUNHunt, Mitchell J.The Early Hunt Families of Vermont
929.2/HUNHuntley, Virgil W.John Huntley, Immigrant of Boston and Roxbury, Massachusetts and Lyme, Connecticut, 1647-1977
929.2/HUNHuntley, Virgil W.John Huntley of Lyme, Connecticut
929.2/HUNKunkle, James E.Hunton-Huntoon Families in America
929.2/HUNLauffer, Myrl HuntrodsHuntrods-Vasey Genealogy
929.2/HUNPaul, Glenn S.The Hunter and Paul Family History
929.2/HUNRowland, ElaineWilliam Hunt and Sarah Mills; Their ancestors and ours
929.2/HUNWood, EmmaRichard Hunter, Irish Immigrant and His Worth County, Missouri Descendants
929.2/HUNZuehlke, Lawrence E.The Hunt - Rogers - Swaim Genealogy; Including the allied lines of Bond, Chase, Downer, Candy, Gould, Jackson and Merrill
929.2/HURFisher, Robert V.Hurt Genealogy - revised 2007
929.2/HURFoster, Venita HurrClimb with Me My Family Tree
929.2/HURHickman, MaggieThe Hurst Family History
929.2/HURHurt, Oscar H.The Early Hurt Family of Virginia and the Early Hunt Records
929.2/HURStreet, Connie and Hurst, Lora RuthWilliam Hurst of Western Virginia
929.2/HUSFreas, Margery HustonThe Descendants of Captain Joseph Huston of Cumberland, York and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania
929.2/HUSHuston, Richard Alan, CompilerThe Huston Family - Iowa Supplement
929.2/HUTByam, Edwin ColbyDescendants of John Hutchins of Newbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts
929.2/HUTColket, Meredith B. Jr.The English Ancestry of Anne Marbury Hutchinson and Katherine Marbury Scott
929.2/HUTCunningham, Jerald R.Johann Christopher Huttenlocher and Louise Magalena Spieth
929.2/HUTHutchins, Jack RandolphHugh Hutchins of Old England
929.2/HUTHutchins, Jack RandolphThe Story of Jacob Hutchins
929.2/HUTHutchins, Jack RandolphRobert Hutchins of Colonial America
929.2/HUTHutchins, Jack RandolphGenealogy of Thomas Hutchins of Salem, Massachusetts
929.2/HUTHutchins, Jack RandolphThe Story of Jacob Hutchins of Athol, Massachusetts, Revolutionary Soilder and Accounts of Other Hutchins who served in the Revolutionary War
929.2/HUTHutton, HaroldHistory and Genealogy of the Hutton Family
929.2/HUTno authorHuttenlocher and Allied Families
929.2/HUTOrr, Paul R.Hutchcroft Family Descendants
929.2/HUTOrr, Paul R.Hutchcroft Family Descendants
929.2/HUTTownsend, Rita HinemanHutchins - Hutchens: Descendants of Strangeman Hutchins
929.2/HUXHuxford, Raymond WilliamHuxford, Cyrus Pettier
929.2/HUYWilson, Sylvia E.Huyck, Howk, Houck in America, 1600's-1982
929.2/ILEIler, Morgan B.Iler Family Ancestry
929.2/ILEIler, Morgan B.Iler, Euler, Eiler, Eyler, Oyler, Oiler and Others
929.2/IMEDewitt, Opal I. ImelThe Imel History and Allied Families
929.2/IMEImel, Edward Lawrence, CompilerImel, Newton, Priest Families
929.2/IMMKeller, Velma Byrum, CompilerImmel and Imel Families in America
929.2/IMUCunningham, Jerald A.The Imus Family
929.2/INGWaterhouse, CarmackCertain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse and Allied Families
929.2/INMInman, Charles G.Daniel Inman and His Descendants, ca. 1776 to ca. 1976
929.2/INNFisher, Robert V.Innerst Genealogy
929.2/IREIreland, Warren Charles, CompilerA Record of the Ireland Family, showing descendants of the American Progenitor, Thomas Ireland 1625-1669
929.2/IRVIrwin, KathrynIrvine: The Iowa Connection, William Henry and Mary Waugh Irwin
929.2/ISEIseminger, Mary PlattWarp and Woof (John Ehret Iseminger and Mary Plann Iseminger)
929.2/ISKIske, GaryIske and Allied Families
929.2/IVEIves, Arthur CoonGenealogy of the Ives Family
929.2/IVEIves, J. RussellThe Lives and Family of Robert Burton Ives and Anna Maude James - Volume Three
929.2/JACBarber, Donna Lynn (Jacobs)The Jacobs Family History 1750-1994
929.2/JACGunderson, Carl M. R.Ancestral Forefathers of the T. C. Jacobson Family
929.2/JACJackman, Etta C., CompilerWalking Through the Shadows with the Jackmans
929.2/JACJacobs, Dennis W.Descendants of Silas Jacobs
929.2/JACno authorJacob Family
929.2/JACno authorJacob Family: A Short History of the Hampshire Branch of the Jacob Family 1515-1953
929.2/JACSisson, SarahThe Jacksons, Yours and Ours
929.2/JACWard, Maude R.History of Descendants of Andrew and Elizabeth Hardin Jackson
929.2/JAEJaeckel, Karl T.The Family of Ferdinand and Meta Neeman Jaeckel
929.2/JAMJames, Gilbert S. (Jim)Beyond the Hop Rock
929.2/JAMJameson, Angela JeanFarmers, Pioneers and Immigrants: The Ancestors fo Benjamin Kieth Jameson
929.2/JAMMarkley, Janet JamesMatthew James of New Hampshire and His Known Descendants
929.2/JAMPaul, Glenn S.History of James-Younger-Cole Family
929.2/JAMPetersen, BradnerAncestry of the Jameson, Gilbert, Joy, Skinner and Related Families
929.2/JAMSteele, Phillip W.Jesse and Frank James, The Family History
929.2/JARCorbitt, Jeri L.A History of the Jarnagin Family in Iowa
929.2/JAUno authorJauberg, including Church, Courson, Dale, Gates, Gotz and other family lines
929.2/JEFJeffers, Stanley H.A Chronology of the Life of Wilson John Jeffers
929.2/JENBrien, PatThe David Jenkins Family in Pennsylvania and California
929.2/JENCunningham, Jerald A.John C. Jennings, 1844-1933
929.2/JENGroves, Carnice JenningsJennings-McMillan-Faulling-Whaley-Bluer and other families of South Carolina
929.2/JENJennings, Eileen (Stockman)The Jennings Family, Descendants of David Jennings
929.2/JENJennings, Eileen StockmanThe Jennings Family
929.2/JENJensen, Roger J.Book of Remembrance for the Jensens, McCarthys and Allied Families
929.2/JENKenny, RuthJoshua Jenkins - James Stafford Descendants
929.2/JENWilson, Willis GailEarl Knight Jenks Family History
929.2/JEPJepson, Maarguerite and Foster, Peggy JuhlJepson - Juhl Families of Denmark and Iowa
929.2/JEWHarkness, Marjory GaneThe Fishbasket Papers; The Diaries of Bradbury Jewell, Esq., 1768-1823
929.2/JEWJewell, PlinyThe Jewell Register Containing a List of the Descendants of Thomas Jewell of Braintree, Massachusetts
929.2/JOBJobes, David B.Jobes, Breller, Bell and Stonebraker Families
929.2/JOBKlobnak, Mabel M. JonesFrederick Ludwig Jobusch and His Descendants in Iowa
929.2/JOHBaird, Verda Johnson, CompilerThe Johnson and Hanson Families, descendants of Johan Hemmingson and Maja Stina Larsdotter
929.2/JOHCrow, Jennie F. DowningJohnston-Stapp and Allied Families
929.2/JOHJanssen, Mildred O.History of the Johns and Rainsbarger Families
929.2/JOHJohnson, Ben S., Jr.Progeny of Capt. Griffith Johnson (1734-1805) of Allegany County, Maryland and Some of Their In-Laws
929.2/JOHJohnson, Lorand V., M.D.Johnston of Caskieben, Crimond and Caiesmill
929.2/JOHJohnson, Melvin, CompilerPer and Selma; Leaving Sweden, a story of one immigrant family settling in southeast Dakota Territory in 1882
929.2/JOHJohnson, Robert LelandThe Ancestry of Anthony Morris Johnson, Volumes III, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII
929.2/JOHJohnson, Rogers BruceAncesters of Rogers Bruce Johnson
929.2/JOHJohnston, Bertlyn CrouseJohnston, 1755-1999; McGinnis 1798-1999; Dill, Frazier and Pike Family History
929.2/JOHJones, Eloise Corey and Louise Tolander UnkrichA Genealogy of the Johnson Family; Descendants of John Anderson
929.2/JOHLandolt, Lillie CordesJohnson Family History
929.2/JOHPaget, Frances; Sunderman, Susan & Greig, EleanorThe Seeds We are Sowing
929.2/JOHReynolds, Janet JohnstonJohnston Family History
929.2/JOHSherman, Jeanette Johnson, CompilerJohnson-Mitchell Ancestry
929.2/JOHVarner, Georgia AnnJohannes Johansson [John Johnson of Sweden]
929.2/JOHYates, William A.Johnson Gleanings - Volume One
929.2/JONLogan, Ines SwentyJones Family
929.2/JONNelson, Frances R.Jones Journeys
929.2/JONno authorJones Family Genealogy
929.2/JONno authorJones Family History
929.2/JONSlade, Lois VeltmanThe Jongewaard Family
929.2/JONWhite, Dr. J. M.A Family History of the Descendants of Simon Jones
929.2/JONYoung, BeverlyThe Family of Ann Jones and John Knauer
929.2/JORJordan, BenjaminHistory and Genealogy of the Jordan Family of Harrison County, Indiana
929.2/JORJordan Reunion CommitteeGenealogy of Jacob Jordan and Mary Ann Shriver
929.2/JORJordan, Tristram FrostThe Jordan Memorial, Family Records of Rev. Robert Jordan and His Descendants in America
929.2/JORRhude, Andreas JordahlJordahl Family History
929.2/JUDJudd, SylvesterThomas Judd and His Descendants
929.2/JUNJunkin, GayleThe Descendants of Joseph Junkin I and Elizabeth Wallace
929.2/JUNRobinson, Richard D.Repassing at My Side…A story of the Junkins
929.2/JUSCushman, Mrs. Palmer H.Justice and Umstead Families of Frederick County, Maryland, 1685-1947
929.2/JUZJuza, Susan M., CompilerThe Juza Family History
929.2/KADKading, ShirleyKading Family History
929.2/KAGBigsby, Nina KagariceThe Ancestors and Descendants of John Calvin and Mary Clapper Kagarice
929.2/KALKaldenberg, Regina Elizabeth GarretsonA Genealogy of Kaldenberg Descendants
929.2/KARBetterton, MarlaKarr Genealogy
929.2/KARKarels, Brent AldenKarels; The Family of Andrew and Anna Wiegmann Karels
929.2/KARKarter, Sister BenedictaThe Karter - Otte Families
929.2/KATBarnes, Josephine Auner, CompilerGenealogies of Kate, Beghtol, Vance, Boone and Pennington Families
929.2/KAUCoffelt, Robert JohnKauffelds/Coffelt in America
929.2/KEADeSmidt, Mildred Marie DunlevyMary Ellen Kearney Dunlevy; Her ancestors and descendants
929.2/KEAKearney, Michael JohnMidwest Families
929.2/KEAKearns, Mabel I.A Family History and a List of Descendants of John Kearns and His Wife Margaret
929.2/KEBKebel, LarryKebel Family Records
929.2/KEEKaufman, Patricia FoulkeReverand Jonathan Anthony Keeney and His Descendants
929.2/KEIKeith, Laurence A. "Larry"Keith, Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath, and Keeth Families in North America
929.2/KEIKing, LarryKeith Kinfolks; Descendants of James Keith, Sr. from 1720 to 1979
929.2/KEIMichael Koiner Memorial AssociationA Historical Sketch of Michael Keinadt and Margaret Diller, His Wife
929.2/KELHolderby, BeverlyThe Descendants of Joseph and Mary Kelso of Licking County, Ohio
929.2/KELKelley, Elton PhilipJeremiah Kelley of Weston, Maine and Allied Families
929.2/KELKelly, Giles M., CompilerA Genealogical Account of the Descendants of John Kelly
929.2/KELno authorWard Kelly
929.2/KELRatcliffe, Susan KellarMichael Kellar and Catharine Monroe of Fairfax County, Virginia . . ., 1760-2002
929.2/KELTritle, Helen KellerThe Family
929.2/KELYates PublishingKelly Family History
929.2/KENKendall, William L.Genealogy of William L. Kendall and Barbara J. Scheffers
929.2/KENKennel, Elmer FisherDescendants of John Riehl and Sarah Diener Kennel
929.2/KENMcMurry, Betty NicholasThe Kennedy Family of Iowa
929.2/KENPennington, Betty L.Kennedy Klues
929.2/KENRapp, Mabel AzeltineThe Kenison Story and Allied Families: Esselsteyn, Sweet, Green, McCallum, Heath, Box and Rapp
929.2/KENRichards, SylviaJonathan Kendall Memorial
929.2/KENSeaver, J. MontgomeryKennedy Family Records
929.2/KENSpeaker, Mark E.Kennaley Family History
929.2/KERKarns, Mrs. Charles WilliamA Branch of the Kern (Karns) Family
929.2/KERKerr, MarandaThe Genealogy of Maranda Kerr (includes Knowler, Paton, Flack, Lowery, Broomfleet, Vance, Lobberecht, Hook,
Engle, Hall, and Smith
929.2/KERMesecher, Cecelia AnnFamily Record: Kerr, Worley, Venator
929.2/KERRegel, Bess KernDescendants of Adam Kern, 1731-1975
929.2/KERWeger, William G.The Golden Threads: Kerr, Carpenter, Vincent, Hall, Ralston and All Allied Families
929.2/KESKesselring, PaulTo My Grandchildren
929.2/KESRoss, Clara MaeKessels of Hardy County, West Virginia and Related Evans Family
929.2/KETHopkins, T. M. ReverandReminiscences of Col. John Ketcham of Monroe County, Indiana
929.2/KEVKeve, J. F.History of the Keve Family, also short histories of Coles, Fullwoods, Latourettes, Floreys, Whipples and Long
929.2/KEYHoot, Paralee Keys SimpsonThe Family Keys
929.2/KIEBrandsgard, Constance L.The Kiener Family
929.2/KIEGeiber, Robert L.A Genealogy of the Kieffer Family of Washington County, Kansas
929.2/KILKillam, John L.Killams
929.2/KILKilpatrick, Edward FloydKilpatrick and Allied Families
929.2/KIMKimbro, Robert "Bob" B. Kimbrough, Jr.Kimbrough Descendants
929.2/KIMKimm, Jim and DottiThe Book Kimm
929.2/KIMMadsen, Truman G.A Noble Son: Spencer W. Kimball
929.2/KIMMessner, Charles A.Records of the Kimmel and Related Families
929.2/KIMSanchez, Kaye SmithThe Kimm Book II, 2007
929.2/KINFetters, Lois Verlee (King), CompilerDescendants of Wanton and Martha Popple King
929.2/KINGassler, Don W.King Family Records
929.2/KINHepperly, Ira W.Ancester and Descendants of Reverand John King, 1786-1862
929.2/KINHustuft, CarolThe Family History of Henry Banner King and Yelventon Bredwell
929.2/KINKingery, Ben L.Kingery, Samuel, 1788-1843 and Catharine, 1790-ca. 1875 and Their Descendants
929.2/KINKing, LarryBlue Ridge Mountain Kinfolks
929.2/KINKinkead, June Lee MeffordOur Kentucky Pioneer Ancestry; A history of the Kinkead and McDowell Families of Kentucky
929.2/KINYatesKing Family Group Sheets
929.2/KIPMoberg, Norma Edward Kiplinger Family History
929.2/KIPMoberg, Norma McCallumFamily History of Edward Kiplinger and Mary Heginger
929.2/KIRFisher, Robert V.Kirkwood Genealogy
929.2/KIRGroh, Waunita FarrierThe Kirk Family in America; Descendants of Robert Kirk and Martha (Hooper-Harper) Kirk
929.2/KIRHagan, Jeanette LoomisKirlin-McGinnis Family History
929.2/KIRKirkpatrick, George M.Kirkpatrick Newsletter
929.2/KIRKirkpatrick, Melvin and Hudson, DavidA Kirkpatrick Genealogy
929.2/KIRWhiteis, Carol Joyce KirchgatterKirchgatter Kin
929.2/KIRWilson, Clarence K.The Kirk and Wilson Family Tree
929.2/KISKisby, GeorgeAlfred and Grace (Campbell) Kisby Genealogy
929.2/KISReckert, Robert D.The Jacob Kissinger Family, 1690-1982
929.2/KITMcCormick, George ChalmersJohn Kitchel and Esther Peck, Their Ancestors, Descendants and Some Kindred Families
929.2/KLEChojnacki, Mary Jane Klein, CompilerA Klein Family History, Christoph Klein, 1883-1985
929.2/KLECline, Glenn V.Descendants of Andreas Klein
929.2/KLESchmitz, Aloysius F.The Klein-Herber Family Tree, 1820-1977
929.2/KLESnell, John and Winona, CompilersThe Klein Family
929.2/KLESnell, WinonaDescendants of Gerrit Klein
929.2/KLEWiff, Patricia M.Das ist ein Klein familien historiche (The First History of the Klein Family)
929.2/KLICavell, Allen D.The Family of Frank and Mary Klima
929.2/KLIEmley, William E.My Mother's Family - Klinzman
929.2/KLIKlimesh, Cyril and Ira, DoloresThe John Klimesh Family History
929.2/KLIMunkel, Marion Irene (Klinge)Klinge-Stenslie Family History
929.2/KLISponsler, Kathlyeen M.Klinger/Schaefer and Allied Families
929.2/KLOKlonglan, Willene and BernieKloglan Genealogy
929.2/KLOKloster Families of Denmark and America 1670-Present, etalThe Kloster and Nis Nielsen Family Tree Book
929.2/KLOMohring, Linda etalThe Kloster Family of Denmark
929.2/KNEKnee, LarryKny/Knie/Knee Families of Our Common Ancestors
929.2/KNERasmussen, ErnieThe Kneeland Family Descended from James Hardy Kneeland
929.2/KNIBeekman, Jane KyhlResearch Notes on Knight and Lomax and Allied Families
929.2/KNIGanier, MerleKnight Letter
929.2/KNIKennedy, Sean Michael PatrickA Genealogy of the Knight, Kennedy, Mahoney and Raabe Families
929.2/KNOCaldwell, Willie MaeThe Genealogy of the Knott Family, 1617-1989
929.2/KNOStrong, Jeanne WatersKnox-Martian-Whitlock Families
929.2/KNUKnudsen, SteveThe Family of Stephen and Brita Knudsen
929.2/KNUMaitre, Merry Esther (Bote)The Knust-Sommer Families, 1700-2007
929.2/KOCBayer, FrankChristian Kochenderfer Family
929.2/KOCHanson, JaniceThe Family Record of George W. Kochheiser and His Wives: Mariam C. and Elizabeth
929.2/KOEKoenen, Elizabeth JurgensOur Heritage: Koenen Family Tree, 1825-1976
929.2/KOPStubbs, DanielKoppen Family History
929.2/KOTKottke, JeanetteA Kottke Family History; West Prussia, Germany to Chickasaw County, Iowa
929.2/KRAKramer, GeorgeThe Life and Times of Pa and Ma Kramer
929.2/KRAKramer, GeorgeThe Life and Times of Pa and Ma Kramer
929.2/KRAKramer, Melissa LynnThe Genealogy of Melissa Lynn Kramer (includes Lake, Cook, Rule, Menke, Merschbrock, Roxlau, Stump)
929.2/KRAMcCandless, Mrs. Allie KrahlingDaniel Krahling and Related Families
929.2/KRARosenkild, Gertrude KratzerThe Kratzer Clan; line of Joseph and Mary Polly Dunn Kratzer
929.2/KREKresge Historical CommitteeDescendants of Conrad Kresge, The Pioneer
929.2/KRENewman, Hazel KreitlowKreitlow/Knoedler/Schroeder
929.2/KREOlson, Helen CurrentThe Kreger Family History
929.2/KRESimmons, Roberta ThiesenKretzinger/Cretsinger; Descendants of John Kretzinger, 1780-1850
929.2/KROBrandt, LindaThe Krogmeier Family from Delbrueck, Westphalia, Germany to Lee County, Iowa
929.2/KROWilliamson, Rita KayeThe Krome Family
929.2/KUEKuehl, Joseph DaleKuehl, Herbert, Nelson, Rold, Batman, Duff, Johnson and Knight
929.2/KUNKunkel, CharlesKunkel Family Records
929.2/KUNMallett, Manley W.My Kunkle - Mack/Mock Ancestry
929.2/KUSRichardson, Frances R.The Kuster/Castor Family, 1520-1994
929.2/KUTLane, Patricia Ann (Stefani)Kutin
929.2/KYHBeekman, Jane KyhlOur Danish Ancestors, The Kyhl and Hansen Families of Iowa
Call NumberAuthorTitle
929.2/LABEvans, Joan M.Genealogy of Peter Labadie and Umelia Cicotte
929.2/LABEvans, Joan M.Peter Labadie and Umelia Cicotte; Ancestors and descendants
929.2/LACLacey, Garland HowardAncestors and Descendants of Hiram G. Lacey and Sophia Sell
929.2/LACMiddleton, Mary McCallThe Lackor Family: Lackore, Lacore, La Core, Lucore
929.2/LACRezek, Patricia J.Descendants of Lawrence and Catherine Monaghan Lacy and John and Catherine Monaghan Mithen
and Allied Families - Danahey, Ryan, Wickham, 1800-1981
929.2/LADKeith, Lorraine HallLadd, Cole and Allied Families
929.2/LAIBrouhard, Forrest EdwardLaird Family
929.2/LAMHenderson, Bea and Shay, MildredWilliam and Ann Lambert
929.2/LAMMohom, James L.Lamb and Allied Families of the Sequatchie Valley
929.2/LAMSandifer, Wilma R.The Lamka Tree
929.2/LAMTurowski, Marie M. and Morgan, Bill D.Thomas Lamb and Lydia Hutson and Their Descendants
929.2/LAMWacker, Anna Belle LampeThe Lampe-Oberman Family History
929.2/LANChapman, JacobLane Genealogies, Volume I, William Lane of Boston, Mass., 1648
929.2/LANFitts, James HillLane Genealogies, Volume II, William Lane, Dorchester, Mass., 1635; Robert Lane, Stratford, Conn., 1660 . . .
929.2/LANJackson, Doris Christine Grace BlummerAdjusting Branches of the Lane, Slack, Bush, Chaney, Dodson, Williams, Grace and Blummer Family Trees
929.2/LANLanaghan, Joseph P., ColonelLanaghan and Burzlaff Genealogy
929.2/LANLandolt, L. A. (Mrs.)The Landolt, Weber, Shuck and Culler Families
929.2/LANLandwehr, Michael A.Landwehr and Allied Families
929.2/LANLangille, Allister SloanLangille Family Genealogical Records
929.2/LANLansdown, Albert YoungThe Generations of Andrew Thompson and Silvey Williamson (The Story of the William Henry Lansdown Family)
929.2/LANLehmann, Joy DealLandon Family History
929.2/LANMichler, Hazel E., CompilerLangan Family
929.2/LARCowden, Virginia M. BisgardI Shook Our Family Tree
929.2/LARLarick, Ellen LouiseA Larick/Lorch Family
929.2/LARLaRue, R. LarryThree Hundred Years with LaRue Families, 1680-1981
929.2/LARSalisbury, SusanMy Family Lariviere-Morin
929.2/LARSwanson, Earl R.Ancestors and Descendants of Sven Larrsson (1819-1860) and Hanna Larsdotter (1830-1983)
929.2/LASAult, Alden, CompilerLashells of Conewago and Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvani
929.2/LASSanderson, Letha, CompilerThe Frederick Laster Family Record
929.2/LATHenry, Linda PenningerJeremiah Brisco Latimer and Laura Berry Kinne
929.2/LATLatham, Richard J.Selected Latham Families from Randolph County, North Carolina, 1780-1980
929.2/LAUAspinwall, Elizabeth L.Laubscher, The Seattle Connection
929.2/LAUSnedden, BarbaraLaub Family History
929.2/LAWPepper, DianeLawrence Family History
929.2/LEALeach, DorothyThe Leach Pedigree
929.2/LEALeake, Donald E.David Z. Leake Family
929.2/LEALeaming, Paul V.A History of the Leaming Family
929.2/LEDEgerton, JohnGenerations, An American Family (Ledford Family)
929.2/LEDSchroeder, Glenn BurnettGenealgoical History of Carolyn Jeanne Ledgerwood Schroder, Paternal Line Ledgerwood
929.2/LEDShaw, Cass LedyardThe Ledyard Family in America
929.2/LEEGambill, Nell McNishThe Kith and Kin of Captain James Leeper and Susan Drake
929.2/LEEGregg, Cheryl (Brown)The Alexander Leeper Family History
929.2/LEELee, Edmund JenningsLee of Virginia, 1642-1892 . . . The Descendants of Colonel Richard Lee
929.2/LEELee, J. N.Memoranda of the Lees and Cognate Families for Three Hundred Years Back
929.2/LEELeeper, JeanThe Robert Newton Leeper Family, 1864-1990
929.2/LEELeeper, Jerry and Glenn S. PaulThe Leepers of America
929.2/LEELeeper, Laura A.Genealogy of Alexander Leeper
929.2/LEEThe Society of the Lees of VirginiaThe Lees of Virginia; Descendants of Richard Lee and Anna Constable
929.2/LEEWillson, Reba and Glover, BettyThe Lees and Kings of Virginia and North Carolina, 1636-1976
929.2/LEFForman, Martha (Leffler)A Family Record of Mansuit Leffler, 1803-1895 and Irene Cavin, 1815-1881 and Their Descendants
929.2/LEGKarasinski, GertrudeLeggett/Cockill/Willard/Tabor/Townsend/Balster/Jacobs/Heeren/Grumm/Hinrichs/Eggers
929.2/LEHLayman, Earl R.Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental Before Emigration
929.2/LEHLayman, Earl R.A Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook
929.2/LEHLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Gerald Dean Lehmer "Jerry" Genealogy
929.2/LEIGallagher, Georgene (Leininger)An American History of the 1837 Leininger Family; Descendants of Jacob and Margaretha Schultz Leininger
929.2/LEILein, RodneyLife is a Challenge, Our Life and Stuff
929.2/LEKLekwa, Verl L.The Lekwa Family, Familien Lakva
929.2/LEMDelamater, Philip D.Connecting with Our Past: A Genealogy of Descendants of Claude LeMaitre
929.2/LEMLemmon, Lawrence CliftonJohn Lemmon and Elizabeth Mickey
929.2/LEMPauley, James L., Jr.Lemker
929.2/LEMTrampush, Raymond and Aurora LeMoineThe Genealogy of the Lemoine-Civalier Lineage in France, Canada and U.S.A.
929.2/LENLenihan, James J.Lenihan Family History
929.2/LEOFerguson, Edith Beverly PhemisterA Leonard Reference
929.2/LEOLeonard, Mary E.Our Leonard Family History; Constant(ine) Leonard and His Descendants, 1775-1995
929.2/LESKnudson, Ruth BlanchardAmerican Pilgrimage for Lesans, Blanchards, Swearingens
929.2/LESLester, Lloyd EverittLesters from Ireland to America 1848
929.2/LEUGroh, Nita FarrierThe Leuty Line
929.2/LEVCarrier, Helynn M.The Descendants of James Levi Sr. and Ellen Hardie
929.2/LEVDavis, Emma-Jo LeveyMichael Levey (1759-1843) (LeVee, Levy, Live, Evey, etc) and his Descendants
929.2/LEVLeveridge, Michael E. A Godly Minister, The Reverend William Leverich of Great Britain, New England and New York
929.2/LEVMiller, ShirleyThe William Levey Family, New York, Iowa
929.2/LEWCook, Michael L.Pioneer Lewis Families
929.2/LEWHurley, William Neal, Jr.The Lewis Families, Primarily of Montgomery County, Maryland
929.2/LEWLewis, Robert J.C.K.Lewis Patriachs of Early Virginia and Maryland
929.2/LEWLewis, William G.Lewis Family, Pioneers of Eastern Tennessee and Indiana Territory (account of Revolutionary record of Nathan Lewis of Wales)
929.2/LEWSorley, MerrowLewis of Warner Hall, The History of a Family - and Their Descent from Other Early Virginia Families
929.2/LIBLibby, Robert J.An Incomplete Genealogy of One Branch of the Libby Family
929.2/LICHenschel, MildredLickiss Families and English Ancestors
929.2/LICMcCloskey, Agnes M.Lickteig, 1740-1962 and Studer, 1715-1980
929.2/LIESutton, James C.Descendants of Johann Georg Liebenstein
929.2/LIGLighter, Edwin H.Genealogy and Family Histories of the Lighter and Wilhelm Families
929.2/LIGLighter, Edwin H.The Lighter Family History
929.2/LILLilleberg, NoraGenealogy of Ole Lilleberg and Sarah A. Olson, 1872-1970
929.2/LINAnderson, Ruth and Dick (R. L.)The Linneman Family of Chariton County, Missouri
929.2/LINCooper, Irma LinchThe Lynch-Linch Family in America
929.2/LINJackson, Ronald VernAbraham Lincoln and Mary Ann Todd Ancestry
929.2/LINLindly, HoraceThe Lindlys and Allied Families
929.2/LINLinn, Roger BowerThe Clan Linn in the Twentieth Century
929.2/LIPGarvin, Carol LippsThe Henry Lipps and Rebecca Harden Family
929.2/LIPOlsen, Judith M.Lippincott, Five Generations of the Descendants of Richard and Abigail Lippincott
929.2/LISList, HowardList Family Notes with Data on Banta and Demarest Families
929.2/LISLister, Eugene ClarkThe Descendants of James and Mary (Eakins) Lister
929.2/LITFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Litzenberger Family
929.2/LITLittle, Harold E.History and Genealogy of the Theophilus Little Family
929.2/LIVDonnelly, Mary LouiseArnold Livers Family in America (Lyvers, Lievers)
929.2/LOCGregath, Anna May Cochran IVA Lockhart Family in America
929.2/LOCHolden, Frederic A. and Lockwood, E. DunbarColonial and Revolutionary History of the Lockwood Family in America
929.2/LOCLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Lockey Genealogy
929.2/LOCLocke, AlmonLocke Family History
929.2/LOCLocke, Arthur H.A History and Genealogy of Captain John Locke
929.2/LOCLockwood, Brent TheoneLockwood/Schutz/Adamson/Sabin Family Relationships
929.2/LOCMaurer, Grace M.A Genealogy of John W. Lockwood
929.2/LOCno authorSome Descendants of Edmund Lockwood of Cambridge, Massachusetts
929.2/LOEEnglehorn, Alfred J.The Loepp and Ortmann Families
929.2/LOEKaufman, Jean L.Loetscher Family From Graubunden, Switzerland
929.2/LOHLonness, Omer L., Sr.Lohnes Family
929.2/LOKMadsen, Richard, CompilerLoken-Bakken Family
929.2/LONGnacinski, Janneyne LongleyLongley Families in America
929.2/LONHogle, Roger and SharonThe Family of Charles H. Long, Sr. and Myrtle Fiscus Long
929.2/LONLondon, Dr. J. PhillipAmerica the Beautiful: London, Phillips, Scott and Mitchell Families
929.2/LONMiller, ShirleyJames M. Long 1830-1914
929.2/LONMiller, ShirleyThe Longs of County Cork, Ireland
929.2/LONTaylor, Agnes LongstrethThe Longstreth Records
929.2/LONWahrenbrock, Lucille Ruth (Gifford)Descendants and Ancestors of Lydia Longstreth and Benjamin Underwood
929.2/LOOGunderson, Marion AbbottLoomis; Ancestors and descendants of Milford Loomis
929.2/LOOJensen, BettyThe Descendants of Joseph Loomis; Specifically of Wallace and Weltha Brady Loomis
929.2/LOOLoomis, EliasDescendants of Joseph Loomis
929.2/LOTKahn, Edythe T.Jacob and Sarah Wolf Lotz; Their ancestry and descendants 1760-1994
929.2/LOUFreund, John M.Some Descendants of Richard Lounsberry of Rye, New York
929.2/LOVKaser, Sandra Lea SandersLovejoy Lore and Lovejoy Legends
929.2/LOWBall, Evelyn V. LoudermilkA New Colonial Family History, Lines of Lowdermilk, Brown, Hudson, Moore, Vancil and Donner
929.2/LOWBoggan, Alberta LowderOur Children's Heritage
929.2/LOWGreenslet, FerrisThe Lowells and Their Seven Worlds
929.2/LOWLounds, Arlene LoweLowe News is Good News
929.2/LOWLowe, Amy E.Genealogical material on the Lowe and Nelson Gamilies of Wisconsin and Iowa
929.2/LOWLowell, Delmar R.The Historical Genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899, Volumes I and II
929.2/LUBLubkeman, SarahThe Lubkeman-Schnabel-Muhlenbruck-Imerman Genealogy
929.2/LUCHall, Betty PorterGovernor Robert Lucas, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/LUCMcCourt, MarthaThe American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard
929.2/LUCParrott, Pauline (Young)Our Lucas Family and Steps to the Mayflower
929.2/LUDPutzier, Berdina LudovissyThe Ludovissy Family from Luxembourg to Clayton County, Iowa
929.2/LUGGraves, Twila LugarMore Descendants of Adam Lugar
929.2/LUGGraves, Twila Mae LugarLugar Family Genealogy
929.2/LULFrey, Connie Lull, CompilerAncestors and Descendants of Timothy Seymour Lull
929.2/LUMHepperly, Ira W.Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Lumpkin and His Wife, Elizabeth (Forrest) Lumpkin
929.2/LUSEvans, LorettaDescendants of Caleb Luse, 1793-1872 and Margaret Culbertson 1804/1808-1881
929.2/LUSHull, Robert E.The Lush Family History
929.2/LUTHamer, Lila Eileen "Lolly"Luthi - Wintermeier [Genealogy]
929.2/LUTLutz, OlgaA Chaplain Named Paul; The Lutz family recalls World War Two
929.2/LUTLutz, Olga Anna Louisa CorneliusLetters From Grandma to Nineteen of God's Miracles
929.2/LUTLutz, Terry JayGenealogical Data on the Lutz, Coverdell, Hohensee and Hughes Families of Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska
929.2/LUTMcVey, Kipling Louise, CompilerLuthi-Weiss Family: They met in Minnesota
929.2/LUULuurtsema, Allen W.A Biography of Tonnis Luurtsema Family
929.2/LUZLuzmoor, Denise LynnThe Luzmoor and Hergenreder Families of Colorado and Iowa
929.2/LYBWomack, Dorothy OwensKeep In Touch: The Balser and Catherine (Ream) Lybrook Family Truths and Tales
929.2/LYMLyman, C. J., CompilerThe Lyman Family
929.2/LYNThornton, Hazel E.Lynn, McDowell, Rohrer, Shelander
929.2/LYNWile, Jane (Currie) etalThe Lynds Family
929.2/LYOBennett, Charles P., CompilerInto the Lyons Den: A History of Cornelius R. and Hannah Cronin Lyons
929.2/LYOLyon(s) Families Association of AmericaThe Lyons Tale
929.2/LYOLyon, Goerge E.Lyon Family History and the Rippetoe Connection
929.2/MAAPoduska, Velam D., CompilerStamreeks Maat, "Een Oud Delfalands Geslacht"
929.2/MACMack, Paul E.The Mack Family
929.2/MACMacNaul, Albert G. and Mary AliceThe MacNaul/McNaul Family and Related Families
929.2/MADAlbertson, Rosa M.Hans Madsen and Sidsel Marie Christensdatter: Their Ancestors, Descendants, and Families, 1670-1984
929.2/MADMaddy, JohnUs Maddys; Descendants of William Maddy
929.2/MAGBarnard, Walter CharlesMaggard/Gilbert Genealogy - Volume One
929.2/MAGMcLey, Francis M.Magli-Mackley-McLey Family History
929.2/MAIFord, Ethel TaylorThe Mai - Maze Directory; Including families from Adams to Young
929.2/MAIFosholt, Wilma I.The Iowa Mains
929.2/MALKlonglan, Willene, CompilerMaland Genealogy
929.2/MALLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Malcolm-Hanson-Burg-Reis-Beitz
929.2/MALMalcolm, John KarlThe History and Genealogy of the Malcolm Family
929.2/MALMallett, Anna s.John Mallet, the Huguenot, and His Descendants, 1694-1894
929.2/MANManley, TrudiManley Family Newsletter
929.2/MANMann, Pauline Bachman, CompilerShuah Strait Mann, 1826-1918, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MANManson, Duane A. (Reverand)Manson - Rattray Genealogy
929.2/MANRyan, Willis M.Robert Manatt; His Heirs and Assigns
929.2/MARClark, BradMarchello, Goffo and Related Families
929.2/MARCooper, Donna L.The Descendants of Francis and Catherine (Oller) Marley
929.2/MARCross, DavidThe Marvick Family History, 1400's-1993
929.2/MARHay, Thomas ArthurMartin Genealogy; Descendants of Lieutenant Samuel Martin
929.2/MARJohnston, Bertlyn CrouseMarcy 1662-1724; Morris 1582-1690, Family History
929.2/MARKimball, Eliza ResslerThe Margretz Family
929.2/MARMarshall, Marvin L., CompilerThe Marshall Family
929.2/MARMarshall, RichardMarshall Family History
929.2/MARMartin, Mary Coates350 Years of American Ancestors, Thirty-eight Families, 1630-1989
929.2/MARMartin, Mary Coates350 Years of American Ancestors, Thirty-eight Families, 1630-1989
929.2/MARMartin, Mrs. Roy, CompilerHistory of William W. Martin and Elizabeth Hill Martin
929.2/MARMartsching, Paul WilliamMartsching, Paul William Ancestors
929.2/MARMartsching, Paul WilliamList of the Descendants of John William Martsching, 1844-1930
929.2/MARMcClure, G. R.Daniel Martin Family Genealogy
929.2/MARMestad, Merikay, CompilerMarteeny and Allied Families
929.2/MARno authorDorothea Falkenhagen and Gottlieb Marten
929.2/MARPrewitt, John MarshallMarshall of King George County, Virginia and Mason County, Kentucky
929.2/MARSanchez, KayeDescendants of Aesabeus Marean
929.2/MARSeaver, J. MontgomeryMartin Family History
929.2/MARShannon, Jeanette MarshLewis William and Laura Augusta Hartpence Marsh; Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/MASKelsey, Mavis Parrott and Mary WilsonThe Family of John Massie, 1743 - ca. 1830
929.2/MASMason, Floyd R., CompilerJohn Mason and Mary Ann Miller of Virginia
929.2/MASMason, Jennifer LynnThe Genealogy of Jennifer Lynn Mason
929.2/MASMassey, Frank A.Massey on Censuses
929.2/MASMassey, Frank A.Massey Genealogy Addendum
929.2/MASMassie, Evelyn HepworthA Massie Family History
929.2/MASMastin, Victor E.A Partial History of Certain Mastin, Rathbun, Dye Families
929.2/MASSloane, Alice RichardsonThe Ancestry and Descendants of John Lawrence Mason and His Brother Francis Henry Mason
929.2/MASSwanson, Earle and PatriciaMaskrey Family Chronicles
929.2/MATMatheny, Angela K.Genealogical Data on the Matheyn and Dowell Families of Polk County, Iowa
929.2/MATSimpson, MarvelMathern - Brect - Kreber Family History
929.2/MATTucker, Ruth FenstermannMatthews' Memoirs, Thomas J. and Nancy Coleman Matthews Family, 1782-1998
929.2/MAUWolph, William RichardThe Descendants of Peter Mauck, 1708-1980
929.2/MAXHouston, Florence WilsonMaxwell History and Genealogy
929.2/MAXMaxwell, FayMaxwell History and Genealogy and Maxwell Families of Ohio
929.2/MAYDaehler, JohnThe Maytags
929.2/MAYGieber, Robert L.A Genealogy of the Mayer Family of Washington County, Kansas
929.2/MAZMaze, Nancy C., CompilerThe Descendants of the Edward Maze Family, 1787-1987
929.2/McADanels, Janice A.The McAfee Family, The Records of the Ancestors and Descendants from Ireland to United States
929.2/McAMcAnelly, Gaylon S.The John McAnelly Family; Descendants of John McAnelly, 1762-1843
929.2/McBMercer, JaniceOut of the Wilderness
929.2/McCAnderson, Richard L., CompilerRecord of Charles and Cynthia McCaffree Family, 1848-1957
929.2/McCArcher, ScottThe Ancestors of Carl Henry McCoy
929.2/McCBrouhard, ForrestThe Story of Commodore Perry McCord and Sarah Elizabeth Smith and Their Descendants
929.2/McCDavidson, Ralph E.The Pioneer McCart Family
929.2/McCDavison, Ralph E. and Devore, IleneThe McConnell Family
929.2/McCEaton, Mary Louise (McCollough)The History of John and Esther (Gamble) McCollough
929.2/McCElliott, Thelma, CompilerWillaim McConnaughey, Ellen Berry and Descendants
929.2/McCFisher, Robert V.The Descendants of Dennis McCarthy
929.2/McCHand, EstherOur John McCullough, 1685-1750 and His Descendants
929.2/McCHenderson, John McClenahanThe John McClenahan Folk
929.2/McCHerald, Ella Marie McCannThe McCann Family; Their deep roots and tangled branches, ca. 1823-1985
929.2/McCHolmes, Jean S.The McCullochs of the American Frontier, The Descendants of Sir Alexander McCulloch, 1620-1675
929.2/McCLazear, Winifred McCollom, CompilerMcCollom History, 1762-1962
929.2/McCLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)McCoy Family History
929.2/McCLesher, Lois BuchwalterThe McClelland - Evans Family History, 1888-1996
929.2/McCMarble, Allan e.The Descendants of James McCabe and Ann Pettigrew
929.2/McCMcCarty, Clara S.McCartys of Virginia; With emphasis on the first four generations in the colony
929.2/McCMcCarville, Joseph, CompilerMcCarville/McCarvel Family
929.2/McCMcClellan, MaryThe Genealogies of McClellan, Coleman, Glynn, Wickey
929.2/McCMcCone, Percy V.McCones of Iowa, Related Families and Others
929.2/McCMcCormick, Edna HayesWilliam Lee McCormick, A Study in Tolerance with Genealogy
929.2/McCMcCormick, Leander J.Genealogical Tables of the Descendants of Robert McCormick, b. 1780 d. 1846 of Rockbridge, Virginia
929.2/McCMcCormick, Leander J.[McCormick] Family Record and Biography
929.2/McCMcRae, Robert A.McRae - Badgley Genealogical Family Lines of Marion, Warren, and Mahaska Counties, Iowa
929.2/McCno authorThe Family of Wesley Douglas and Luisa Josephine McCleery
929.2/McCno authorAncestry of Loris Ivan McCreary
929.2/McCOfferburger, AndrewOver the Hill Twice: A Bio-narrative of Paul McCorkle
929.2/McCPaul, Glenn S.The Robert McCready Family and Related Families (Leeper and Paul)
929.2/McCPerkins, B. DottieMcCormick Genealogy with Related Families, 1991 Back to 1744
929.2/McCRoth, Lloyd J., CompilerTerrance and Sarah (Boylan) McCabe and Their Family
929.2/McCSimpson, Helen PorterMcCleary and Allied Families
929.2/McCSummers, Betty K.Clan McCullough/McCulloch Newsletter
929.2/McCYarwood, William R.McCullough Memos - All Spellings
929.2/McDAnderson, Richard L.Nathaniel McDowell, Buffalo Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania
929.2/McDCorothers, Margaret Strand(?)Family History of The McDowell, Wilson, Families
929.2/McDMcDaniel, John H.McDaniel and Related Families
929.2/McDMcDaniel, Steven L., CompilerMcDaniel Pedigrees, Volumes One - Three
929.2/McDUnger, Eunice M.McDevitt - Lowell Lines
929.2/McDMacDowell, Dorothy KellyMcDowells in America, A Genealogy
929.2/McEMorey, Naomi McEvoy, CompilerMcEvoy Family Album; Michael, John and Thomas McEvoy
929.2/McGCox, Chattie FosterBrief History and Genealogy of a Branch of the McGrew Family
929.2/McGKriebs, Lu AnneClan McGeorge from Scotland to Pennyslvania to Missouri
929.2/McGPritchard, Mary B.Thomas McGovern, 1827-1905, His Predecessors and Descendants
929.2/McGWhite, Barnetta McGheeIn Search of Kith and Kin; The History of a Southern Black Family
929.2/McIBaker, Zena, CompilerMcIntosh Families
929.2/McIMcIntosh, Walter H.Genealogical Record of Families in New England Bearing the Name McIntosh
929.2/McIMcIntosh, Walter H.Descendants of John McIntosh of Bedford, New Hampshire
929.2/McKBaldwin, Grace RidgewayMcKinney Genealogy
929.2/McKFate, EthelMcKeever, Alexander, Fate Family Records
929.2/McKJackson, Ronald VernWilliam McKinley and Ida Saxton Ancestry
929.2/McKKruse, Maralee (McKibben)McKibben Family History
929.2/McKMcKeehan, RobertMcKeehan Pioneers in Iowa and Descendants, 1840-1980
929.2/McKMcKeever, Merle W.Reuben McKeever Family History
929.2/McKMcKinney Family AssociationThe McKinney Maze
929.2/McKMcKray, Elizabeth B.The McKray Family of Johnson County, Iowa
929.2/McKno authorDescendants of Anthony McKanna
929.2/McKNorton, Dixie McKenzieThe MacKenzie Clan, "Lads and Lassies"
929.2/McKViggers, Ruth FosterMcKibbens of Pennsylvania; Descendants of James and Lettice McKibben
929.2/McKWilson, Margaret TylerThe McKim Family, Descendants of Alexander, Son of Sir John McKim, Ireland
929.2/McLDolan, Anita HelenMcLaughlin-McGonegle/McGonigle
929.2/McMBone, Marilyn A.McMurry Family; Descendants of William and Mary McMurry
929.2/McMCarter, Dorothy (Mrs. Allie, Jr.)Thomas and Deborah McMillan Family, 1706-1977
929.2/McMTaylor, Lucille MoutreyThe McMurray Family of Ireland
929.2/McNWahlert, H.M.The McNamaras of Northeast Iowa, A Compendium of Names and Family History
of John W. and Anna Maloney McNamara and Descendants
929.2/McNMcNay, William HaroldDescendants of John and Hannah McElnay (McNay)
929.2/McNMoore, Dorothy McNiel, CompilerGenealogy of the McNiel Clan, 1720-1967
929.2/McNParrott, Pauline (Young)Food and Fun with the McNays
929.2/McPPrall, Richard D.The McPherson and Miller Families
929.2/McPPrall, Richard D.The McPherson and Miller Families, Supplement
929.2/McQNeal, Carl B.The McQueen Family of Johnson County, Tennessee
929.2/McVMcVey, Lola, CompilerOur Family Heritage, 1700-1984
929.2/McVno authorThe McVay-McVeigh-McVey Family Archives
929.2/MEAKuebrich, Charles Terrance "Terry"A Genealogy of the Mead Family
929.2/MEALehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Mears Genealogy
929.2/MEANichols, Harry E.Andrew Jackson and Margaret Dennison Mears; Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/MEATisdale, Denison A.Mead Genealogy, Featuring Asa B. Mead's Family from 1749-1959
929.2/MECGabrielson, Dorothy MeckleyMartin Israel Meckley Family
929.2/MECWatts, AlreMechem Family Genealogy from 1702
929.2/MEEMeek, Christopher A.The Meek/Meeks Family of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky
929.2/MEESlater, Clare Hugh, CompilerJoshum and Nancy Meeker, Iowa Pioneers
929.2/MEHHeflin, Thelma Elizabeth Cade"And Those You Love" - Mehaffey - Risk Family Narrative
929.2/MEIMineart, Robert D.A History of the Meinert/Mineart Family
929.2/MEIMineart, Robert D.A History of the Meinert/Mineart Family [Addendum]
929.2/MEIMinert, Roger P. et alGerhard Henrich Meinert: His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MELGeorge, Georgia CookMelendy Genealogy
929.2/MELGordon, BettyFamily Trees of Meltvedt/Knutson/Charlson
929.2/MELLeavitt, Emily WilderMelvin Genealogy
929.2/MENSmith, Sidney DeanMendell Family Genealogy
929.2/MERArp, Merl E.Among the First: Story of John and Joseph Merritt, Their Families and Movement West
929.2/MERMelberg, MerrittMerritt and Melberg Family
929.2/MERMerritt, Margaret E.The Merritt Family History
929.2/MERMertes, Ruby AndersonThe Mertes Family History
929.2/MERMiller, Dixie Jean MericalGenealogy and History of Benjamin B. and Magdalen Smith Merical and Their Descendants
929.2/MERno authorAre your descendents on any of these trees
929.2/MESHamilton, Esther and Kaufman, Jean L.The Messing Family in Germany and America
929.2/MESReniger, Jerilyn JacklinThe Messenger Family in Portage and Geauga Counties, Ohio, New Connecticut
929.2/MESWood, Anne Farrell (Higgins)The Paternal Lineage and Some of the Descendants of Isaac Messenger of Connecticut
929.2/MESWright, Nettie PostThe Messenger Family in the Colony of Connecticut (concentrating on descendants of Edward Messenger, Bloomfield, Connecticut)
929.2/METMetzger, MadelineThe Andrew Metzger Family History
929.2/METMetzger, WillodeanThe Metzger Family History, 1653-1981
929.2/METMurphy, Sallyann J.The Metcalfe Family Album: Six Generations of Traditions and Memories
929.2/MEYGreen, Diane MeierMeyer Family of Jackson County, Iowa and Ida County, Iowa
929.2/MEYno authorThe World Book of Meyers - Volumes One and Two
929.2/MEYSherman, FaithMeyers/Young; A collection of family history
929.2/MICMichel, AnnaThe Michel-Schwake Family, 1865-1991
929.2/MICMickley, Minnie F.The Genealogy of the Mickley Family of America
929.2/MIKMikesell, Jerome B.William Jackson Mikesell and the Mikesell Family
929.2/MIKMikesell, Nadine AlleneThe Mikesall Family
929.2/MIKRhode, Ardella M.Meiyssel, Meixel, Mikesell
929.2/MILArnold, Verle MillerMiller Family History; Descendants of Jacob Miller, 1805-1998
929.2/MILCady, Jeanne DotyMillsap and Shields, Ireland to Canada to Iowa to the West
929.2/MILCady, JeanneMillsap plus Millsop and Matchett
929.2/MILCotner, Katherine Borchers, CompilerThe Descendants of John Christopher Miller and Hanna Franciska Stratman - Seven Volumes
929.2/MILEller, A. W.It All Began in Boone
929.2/MILHart, James E.Descendants of Charles Miler, Sr.
929.2/MILHuston, Richard A.The Miller-Greubel Families
929.2/MILKeith, Lorraine HallStumpens Mill to Prairieville, A Miller Family of Lee and Whiteside Counties, Illinois and Their Descendants
929.2/MILKeuchel, Edward F. and Sellers, Robin J.The Millers of Crescent City, Florida
929.2/MILKing, Freda Ann Miller SmithValentine Miller, Schumacher, Hofer and Wohler
929.2/MILLittrell, J. HarveyGeorge Doe Miller (1874-1934); His ancestors and descendants
929.2/MILMcFarland, Kenneth T.H.The Ancestry of John Wilson Miller
929.2/MILMeacham, Alna Irene Suddeth, CompilerWilliam Miller Family
929.2/MILMertes, Ruby AndersonThe Miller Family
929.2/MILMiller, Betty C.The Miller, Cain, Dugan and Parish Families of Taylor County, Iowa
929.2/MILMiller, J. CarsonJacob Miller of 1748, His Descendants and Connections, Parts II, III and IV
929.2/MILMiller, KristonMiller, Finley, Carroll, Smith
929.2/MILMiller, Oscar R.Descendants of Daniel D. Miller and Lydia B. Troyer
929.2/MILMiller, ShirleyI Didn't Always Wear Purple
929.2/MILMiller, ShirleyTwo Centuries of the Millars 1780-1980
929.2/MILMiller, ShirleyTwo Centuries of the Millars (1982) (1990 Addendum)
929.2/MILMiller-Anderson, LucileDoors Ajar: The Life Story of Lucile Miller-Anderson
929.2/MILMills, Donald E.An Index to Mills Family Names, Found in the Collection of Donald E. Mills
929.2/MILMills, Katie R.History of the Simon Mills Family - Book Two
929.2/MILMills, Ralph E.History of the Simon Mills Family - Book Three
929.2/MILno authorMiller Family History
929.2/MILNourse, Eva (Miller)The Millar-du Bois Family
929.2/MILWright, Hildred Ann MillerThe Generations Cometh
929.2/MINAdams, BertramMinteys and Hunters of Howard County, Iowa
929.2/MINAdams, BertramMinteys and Hunters of Howard County, Iowa
929.2/MINBaselt, FondaA Minkler-Minckler Heritage
929.2/MINMaxwell, C. J.Descendants of John Minear, 1732? - 1781
929.2/MINMiner, John AgustusThomas Miner Descendants, 1608-1981
929.2/MIRMiracle, Danyelle Alberta BarbetteMiracle and Romer Families of Clinton County, Iowa
929.2/MISBarnes, Robert Jr., CompilerMiskimmins; The descendants of David and Rachel Miskimmins
929.2/MITMcMains, Patricia (Mitrisin)Michael Mitrisin, 1864-1929, and His Descendants
929.2/MITMitchell, CarlaPedigree Charts and Family Group Records of the Mitchell, Sinift, Shup, Miller
and Related Families of Warren County, Iowa
929.2/MITScott, ThomasThe Descendants of Peter Mittelkauff
929.2/MITYates PublishingMitchell Family History Sources
929.2/MOFDalton, Helen Agnes (Moffatt)A History and Genealogy of the Moffatt Family in America, 1663-1978
929.2/MOFMoffett, GeorgeBallybay Moffetts
929.2/MOHMohn, DotThe Mohn Papers
929.2/MOHMohr, Gertrude CorneliusMohr News; A family newsletter
929.2/MOLLinder, J. Kenneth, CompilerThe Descendants of Joseph Molle
929.2/MOLMiller, Herman and Alice, CompilersMoller-Miller Family: The Hans Moller Family (Muller, Moeller, Mueller, Miller)
929.2/MONMonk, Eloise L., CompilerMonk, Kanak, Moore, Gray and Related Families
929.2/MOOFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Moore Family
929.2/MOOFoster, John WilsonMoore and Hay Families in New England
929.2/MOOMoon, Milton L.Moon, A Colonial Quaker Family
929.2/MOOMooney, George W.Mooney-Garner Ancestry
929.2/MOOMoore, Faith MarieLineage of Faith Moore; Moore, Morgan and Stephens
929.2/MOOMoore, F. McCormickMy Chester County [Pennsylvania] Ancestors and Me
929.2/MOOMoore, Horace L.Descendants of Andrew Moore of Poquonock and Windsor, Connecticut
929.2/MOOMoore, James H., CompilerMoore Family History
929.2/MOOMoore, Kenneth W.A Brief History of the Moore Family; Descendants of Samuel J. Moore, 1765-1862
929.2/MOOMoore, Marjorie W.John James Moore and Lucy Jane Yeates and Their Descendants
929.2/MOOMooty, Helen Kline and DonMooty, Auchmuty - The Iowa Branch
929.2/MOOno authorRecords of Moore Reunions, 1922-1974, Guthrie County, Iowa
929.2/MOOSeaver, J. MontgomeryMoore Family History
929.2/MOOSmith, Helen MooreMoore, Martin, McNeil
929.2/MOOWallace, Margaret J.One Moore Family Tree
929.2/MORAnderson, Richard L.The Morgans of mid-America
929.2/MORCheever, Lawrence OakleyThe House of Morrell
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.Jonathan Morgan, 1792-1858, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.The Decendants of Sarah Morgan, 1773-1858
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.William S. Morgan, 1784-1866, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.Thomas Morgan, 1773-1858, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.Ralph Morgan, 1789-1869, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MORCollins, Gerald E. and Tuohy, Ann D.Ruth Morgan, 1787-186?, Her Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MOREmerson, Helen Rieger, CompilerMorton-Emerson Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/MORHall, William C.The Thomas Morrow Genealogy
929.2/MORHarrington, JeanneHow Many More; Ancestors and Descendants of John and Mary Elizabeth More, 1690-1978
929.2/MORLoveley, Donald F.Ancestors, Relatives and Descendants of Robert Emmett Morris Family
929.2/MORMorgan, Billy D.Patrick Morgan and Margaret Halfin of Ireland and Their Descendants
929.2/MORMorgan, Harvey JamesMorgan: The Saga of a Dauntless American Family
929.2/MORMoriarty, DanThe Moriarty Story; Chiefs of Eoghanacht of Loch Leine
929.2/MORMorris, Cecil DouglasDescendants of Anthony Morris
929.2/MORMorris, Lewis E.Along the Way with Benjamin Morris (1758-1808) and His Wife Sarah
929.2/MORMorris, Mark BentonThe Henry and Jane Morris Family of Van Buren County, Iowa
929.2/MORMorton, Mary H.Morton Twigs
929.2/MORPaul, Glenn S.The Morris Family History and Related Families
929.2/MORSmith, Annie MorrillMorrill Kindred in America, Volume Two
929.2/MORWatts, KathieEarly History of the Mortvedt Family
929.2/MOSBade, JamesThe Letters of the Barber-Patten-Moses-Richart Families of Illinois and Iowa
929.2/MOSD'Aiutolo, Leila EldridgeMoseley Family History - Two Volumes
929.2/MOSMoser, G. Vance, Jr.Descendants of John Moser, 1744
929.2/MOSMosher, Lee EdwinThe Mosher Family Tree
929.2/MOSMosher, Martin LutherFamily Records of Stephen Mosher (1806-1891) and Ruth Smith-Mosher (1806-1987) and Their Descendants
929.2/MOSMoss, T.C.The David Moss Family
929.2/MOSSmith, Earl E.Mosher History and Genealogy
929.2/MOXno authorMoxley Family From Groton to Grinnell
929.2/MOXSanders, JimThe Moxleys, A Rembrance
929.2/MOYMichler, Hazel Ethel MillerHistory of the Family of William and Mary Corbin Moyer
929.2/MUEGaines, Elinor AndersonOur Mueller Heritage
929.2/MUHArp, Merle E.The Muhs Families of the Midwest
929.2/MUMCross, Betty DixonThe Mumford Family - Maryland to Iowa
929.2/MUNAdams, Virginia DeButtsCertified Family Records of Walter S. Munter, 1878-1967
929.2/MUNMunn, Jean FarrarMunn Family Genealogy
929.2/MURMurley, Margaret RebaJohn and Rebecca Murley of Cornwall and Their Descendants
929.2/MURMurray, Edward JosephThe Murray Family Tree; The Murray's of Monroe County, Iowa
929.2/MURMurray, Frederick Gray, M.D., CompilerThe Andrew Keachie Murray Family
929.2/MURMurray, Laurence WilliamMurray of Livermore, Parts one and two, 1870-1970
929.2/MUSFisher, Robert V.Musser Genealogy
929.2/MYEHall, William C.The John Gottlieb Myers Genealogy
929.2/MYEWilliams, Rhea Helen MyersOur Roots, The family of Marion L. and Helen M. Myers
929.2/MYKBrown, Hubert W.A Family History of Knud and Ingeborg Myklebust
929.2/NABNabers, Thomas MooreJames Monroe Nabers Family
929.2/NAIDevilbiss, David WilberGenealogy of the Naill Family; The descendants of the Christian Naill, Sr.
929.2/NAINail-Ray and Allied Families AssociationThe Families of Henry Nail and Mary Keller and Descendants: Thomas Ray and Elizabeth Pearce
929.2/NAINeff, Helen NaillThe Naill Family
929.2/NARNarber, Gregg R.A History and Genealogy of the Narber/Narver/Nerber Family in the United States
929.2/NASFraser, Marshall ElbertGenealogical and Historical Matter of the Descendants of Francis Nash of Braintree, Massachusetts
929.2/NASNash, Elizabeth ToddFifty Puritan Ancestors, 1628-1660
929.2/NAUBassett, Henry and RichardThe Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Naumann and Catharine Ann Keck
929.2/NAUKillam, John L.Naumans
929.2/NEANeal, Clarke L.Genealogy of the Martin Neal Family
929.2/NECScott, Celia J. NachanickyThe Nachanicky Family Heritage, 1833-1981
929.2/NECScott, William J.Every Name Index of Individuals for The Nechanicky Family Heritage
929.2/NEEBreffeilh, Melva KinchOur Needham and Bagley Kin
929.2/NEEGieber, Robert L.My Family History: The Nees Family Tree (also Nibe Family)
929.2/NEFDochterman, Chas.Estate of Henry Neff Sr. and Hannah Neff Sr., 1756-1840
929.2/NEGNolte, Ira E.Negus Family Ancestry Through Terrell, Wing, Coppock Lines
929.2/NEIGreen, Diane MeierFamily History Update for Neitzke Cousins' Reunion
929.2/NELBenson, Ellen CarlsonThe Trail of Yesteryear Goes On and On and On; A history of the Nelson-Carlson-Karlstrom Families
929.2/NELBrown, Violet Marie NelsonNelson and Brown
929.2/NELMarkley, Rena Vandenberg, and Yoder, GlennAncestors and Descendants of Thomas Bays Nelson and Francis Miller
929.2/NELSchroeder, Twila R. EkstromTorger and Gertrude Nelson; Their ancestors, descendants, and related families, 1685-1976
929.2/NETBowler, AnnMoses Nettleton Genealogy
929.2/NEWClark, Eunice NewboldSix American Colonists and Their Descendants
929.2/NEWClark, Eunice NewboldSix American Colonists and Their Descendants
929.2/NEWEmery, William M.Newell Ancestry; The story of the antecedents of William Stark Newell
929.2/NEWHindman, Sarah Baird, CompilerOur Newman Family
929.2/NEWNewlin, Algie I.The Newlin Family; Ancestors and descendants of John and Mary Pyle Newlin
929.2/NEWNewsome, Samuel HendrixsonThe Descendants of James Newsome and His Wife, Rebecca Illingworth
929.2/NICAmerican Genealogical Research InstituteThe Nichols Family
929.2/NICHaasan, Hazel N.Nice Family History; The ancestors and descendants of Joseph Nice (1791-1874) and
his wife, Mary Clemmer (1794-1882)
929.2/NICNicholson, Kenneth J.John and Mary Williams Nicholson
929.2/NICNicholson, Kenneth J.John and Mary Williams Nicholson, North Carolina Pioneers to Indiana and Iowa
929.2/NICNicholson, Kenneth J.John and Mary Williams Nicholson, North Carolina Pioneers to Indiana and Iowa, with known descendants
929.2/NICPeifer, Bonnie McGillThe Descendants of Samuel Nichols, 1746-1824
929.2/NIEAlbertsen, Rosa Marie NelsonAnders Christian Nielson and Juliane Marie Pedersen
929.2/NIEAlbertsen, Rosa Marie NelsonNicolai Anker Nielsen and Anna Petersen Moller
929.2/NIERiensche, ArleneNielson Chronicle
929.2/NIMNimmo, Sylvia L.Nimmo, Waddle (Wadell), Gavin, Wilson Families, including Mains and
Marshall Families of Jasper and Marion Counties, Iowa
929.2/NISAlbertsen, Rosa Marie NelsonNisse Madsen Nissen and Johanne Marie Philipsdatter, Peder Rasmussen and
Kirsten Philipsdatter and Nisse Peder Jorgensen
929.2/NISKahn, Edythe T.Jacob Niswanger; His ancestry and descendants, 1711-1992
929.2/NISNissly, AliceNissly, Parts One and Two
929.2/NISRiensche, ArleneNissen Family Association
929.2/NISSauder, EdithNissly; The descendants of Reverand Martin Nissly and Mary Connelly
929.2/NITDe Vries, Fredrick D.Nitzsche/Nitsche Family History
929.2/NIXCox, Jean W.Nixon Family Memorials
929.2/NIXNixt, David GeraldNixt and Lantz Families of Butler and Floyd County, Iowa
929.2/NIXNixt, Eric GeorgeNixt and Vance Families of Floyd County, Iowa
929.2/NOANoack, Ruth etalNoack Heritage
929.2/NODNodurft, Raymond L.The Nodurft-Nodorft Family Tree
929.2/NOETurnipseed, Merle E.Our Noecker Kin
929.2/NOFNoftsger, RaymondNoftsger Family History
929.2/NOLNollen, CarlThe Nollen Family in America
929.2/NOLRonsheim, Edward J., Sr.The Stephen-Daniel Line of the Noland Family
929.2/NOREnglehorn, James A.Letha Norton and Her Descendants
929.2/NORLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Norris Genealogy
929.2/NORNorris, George M.Those Good Old Days
929.2/NORNorthrup, John burwellThe Northrup Family
929.2/NORNorton, Dixie McKenzie, CompilerGenealogy of Norton Families
929.2/NURLane, Evelyn C.Nurse and Esty Families in Early Massachusetts
929.2/NUSKruempel, CarlNus-Meisgeier History and Genealogy
929.2/NUZSanders, Wilma NuzumNuzum Family of Iowa, 1855-1979
929.2/NYENye, L. Bert, Jr.A Genealogy of American Nyes of German Origin
929.2/OAKHowell, H. ThomasOakwood, A Family That Put Its Name on the Map, Henry Oakwood (ca1755-1792), in 2 volumes
929.2/O'BRBrown, Joyce E.Collections of Materials About the O'Brien, Jones, and Craig Families
929.2/O'BRMyers, Melvin G.The O'Brien's of Martin and Daviess Counties, Tennessee
929.2/OCHOxenger, Robert G.Ochsenreiter Family; The descendants of Joh. Jacob Ochsenreiter, 1753-2000
929.2/OCOBaldwin, Grace RidgewayO'Connel-Coyle Genealogy
929.2/ODECooper, Donna L.Some Descendants of Jacob Odell of Washington County, Vermont
929.2/ODEO'Dell, William F.Twelve Families…an American Experience; A family history of O'Dell-Baer and related lines
929.2/ODEO'Dochartaigh HeadquartersO'Dochartaigh; People of the Oak Houses
929.2/ODOMathews, AnthonyOrigin of the O'Dohertys
929.2/ODORoman, Ruth DaughertyO'Dochartaigh Clann History
929.2/OFFHarryman, Ethel I.The James Offill Family Came to Iowa
929.2/OGBCooper, Donna L.Some Descendants of Hartwell and Francis Ogburn
929.2/OGDWheeler, William OgdenThe Descendants of Joh Ogden of Fairfield, Connecticut and New Fairfield, New Jersey, born 1673, died 1745
929.2/OGDWillingham, Chester MorseOgden Brothers and Their Descendants
929.2/OHAO'Hara, Heather CarolO'Hara and Dreyer Families of Iowa
929.2/OHLSims, Viola MayThe Descendants of Johann Heinrich Ohl, ca. 1742-1981
929.2/OLDOlds, Edson B.The Olds (Old, Ould) Family in England and America
929.2/OLIKoithan, Fern BedfordOliver, Hoar and Loomis Families
929.2/OLIStein, Nancy HawlickOliphant Family History; Descendants of William and Betsy Gordy Oliphant
929.2/OLLCooper, Donna L.Descendants of Peter and Catherine Oller
929.2/OPPWarren, Betty, CompilerThe Oppolds in America
929.2/ORROrr, Warren H.Nine Generations of Orrs in America, 1700-1954
929.2/ORTHale, Marilyn Anith Orth HaleOrth, Vollmer, Willem, Gebhardt Family Tree
929.2/OSBFricke, Evelyn OsborneOsborne Offspring
929.2/OSBHarrell, Elizabeth J. (Betty)The Osbornes
929.2/OSBMorgan, Linda A.A Place We Call Home: The Ernie Osborn Story of Cheyenne County, Nebraska
929.2/OSTDahl, Barbara and Ostrander, EmmettOstrander Family Vital Records
929.2/OSTOstergaard, Albert J.Ostergaard and Stueland Families
929.2/OSTOstrander, EmmettOstrander; A genealogical record, 1660-1995
929.2/OTTGreen, SueThe Ottele Family History
929.2/OTTno authorFamily Record of Daniel D. Otto and His Descendants
929.2/OTTMeints, Cheryl T. (Jurgens)Ostfriesland, Germany to Gage County, Nebraska (Ottersberg Family)
929.2/OVEMilligan, Grace OverholtzerChristian Overholtzer and His Father Jacob
929.2/OVEPostle, Kathleen R.The Chronicale of the Overbeck Pottery
929.2/OVEScott, TomSome Descendants of Jacob Overman 1652-1715 of Saxony Germany
929.2/OVEWood, Norris PhilipDescendants and Ancestors of Adam Overpeck and His Wife, Elizabeth Mann
929.2/OWEEllis, Connie Lynn (Kelly)Owen Descendants
929.2/OWEOwens, Clarence RiceThe Family Search of Clarence Rice Owens
929.2/OWEOwens, James R.William and Phebe Witt Owens Family History
929.2/OWSBodine, Ronny O.John Owsley; A Virginia Soldier of the American Revolution and Pioneer Settler of Tennessee
929.2/OXEOxenreider, Clyde WilliamThe Ochsenreuter's, the clearer's of the land; Oxenreider, Oxenrider, Oxenreiter, Oxrider, Oxender,
Ochsenreider, Ocksrider, Ocksenreider
929.2/OYLOyler, Richard F.Ancestors (and Some Descendents) of Grant Oyler and Susan Ferguson
929.2/PACHighsmith, RuthElisha Packer; His ancestors and his Descendants
929.2/PACPace, Harlan E.Family Records of Michael Pace Families
929.2/PAILehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Paisley Genealogy
929.2/PAIMcMurry, Betty NicholasThe Paine Family: Ten Generations from 1638 to the 1920's in Iowa
929.2/PAIPaine, JosiahPaine Genealogy
929.2/PALLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Palmer Genealogy
929.2/PANFjeld, Lydia InmanRoots and Branches, 2008
929.2/PALSchomer, David L.Lewis Henry Palmer, 1829-1884
929.2/PANKoleda, Elizabeth PottsSome Ohio and Iowa Pioneers, Their Friends and Descendants
929.2/PANMacQueen, MargaretThe Pancoast Family
929.2/PANMacQueen, Margaret FarrellThe Pancoast Family
929.2/PANPannkuk, George E.Pannkuk Family History
929.2/PARBoyd, Scott LeeThe Parrish Family Including Allied Familes of Belt, Boyd, Cole . . .
929.2/PARFosholt, Wilma I., CompilerThe Richard Montgomery Partington Family
929.2/PARLarew, Mildred May ParsonsThe Family of John Parsons and Jane Ham Parsons
929.2/PARno authorThe Parsons Family Tree
929.2/PARParker, Frances ElizabethThe Family of Parker
929.2/PARParks, John V.Parks, A Family History; The ancestors, family, and descendants of Edward and Sarah Parks
929.2/PARParrish, GeorgeThe Growing Family Tree; The genealogy and extended family of George and Donna (Sjoren) Parrish
929.2/PARParrott, Loretta BeckThe Parrott Family
929.2/PARParrott, Loretta BeckAncestors of Virgil Howard Parrott
929.2/PARParshall, James ClarkThe History of the Parshall Family, 1066-1900
929.2/PARPartlow, Thomas F.The Partlow Family and Connections
929.2/PARRieger, Susanne Parisho, CompilerMy Grandparents, 114 Surnames to History
929.2/PARScott, Evalyn ParrottLinks That Bind; The Parrott Family History
929.2/PARWarner, Jesse LenardThe Parish - Parrish Chronicles
929.2/PARWhitehouse, Martha L.Descendants of Elijah Partridge (1763-1814) and Prudence Brown (1761-1844)
929.2/PATAllan, June ThomasSadie Helena Patrick and Her Family
929.2/PATPatrick, S. J., CompilerPrecious Bonds
929.2/PATPatterson, Norman G.Patterson and Pattison Family Association
929.2/PATPatterson, Norman G.Adam Patterson of Pelham Massachusetts
929.2/PAUHale, Marilyn A. OrthPaulus/Behne Family History
929.2/PAUPaul, Eva M.The William Paul Family
929.2/PAUPaul, Glenn S.The John Paul Family
929.2/PAUPauley, James L., Jr.Pauley, Caldwell, Crooks, Hinton, Hughes
929.2/PAUVan Name, Elmer GarfieldJoseph Paull Genealogy, ca. 1657-1717
929.2/PAVno authorPavik Family Memoir
929.2/PAXDoran, Adelaide PaxtonThe Paxton Family
929.2/PEAMatthews, James Alonzo, Jr., CompilerPearce, Bartlett, Matthews, Smart and Allied Families
929.2/PEAPearson, Sarah LynneThe Genealogy of Sarah Lynne Pearson (includes Rhoads, Thumma, Welty, Becker, Pint, Mitchell, and Bunn)
929.2/PECPeckham, Charles Wesley, Sr.The Peckham Family
929.2/PEDOber, M. Jean Peterson PearsonThe Chronical of Peder Ommundsen Pedersen and His Descendants Began in Kvitsoy, NorwaY
929.2/PEDPedersen, Paul JensenRecollections of the Life of Paul J. Pedersen
929.2/PEEPeet, Terry Charles, CompilerJohn Peet, 1597-1684, of Stratford, Connecticut and His Descendants (Memorial-Third-Edition)
929.2/PEERichardson, Robert N.Valentine Peers
929.2/PEESchmidt, Susan PeetEber Peet Genealogy
929.2/PENCarpenter, RussellThe Genealogy of the Pengry, Pengrye, Pingre, Pingry, Pingree, Pingrey Family
929.2/PENHolmes, BeePennington Pedigrees
929.2/PERAdams, BertramThe Descendants of John Perry of London
929.2/PERLittrell, J. Harvey, CompilerTheodore Bolivar Perry and Amanda Craig; Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/PERMoore, Dorothy McNiel, CompilerLyman Perry and His Descendant, 1806-1698
929.2/PERPerks, Carla RaePerks, Gammon, Mitchell; Decatur county family surnames
929.2/PERPerry, James G.Kinfolk: A History of the Families of John Thomas Perry and Agatha Victoria Maddox
929.2/PETChindgren, LillieCarolina's Children; A history of the Peter Peterson Family
929.2/PETMontag, Leona MackieFrom Denmark to Iowa; The story of Frederick Petersen
929.2/PETPeterson, John G.No Stones: The Promis for Petersons Coming to America
929.2/PETPetty, James WinterThe Petty Papers
929.2/PEYThe Peyton Society of VirginiaThe Peytons of Virginia
929.2/PFAno authorPfantz and Allied Families; State Center, Iowa, 1850-1990
929.2/PFEPfeiffer, Katie LynnThe Genealogy of Katie Lynn Pfeiffer (includes Pfeiffer, Fink, Matschuk, Bunkus, Biel, Laschansky, Streitz, Tilton,
McClain, Clampitt, Sallee, Hopkins and Millar
929.2/PHEJohnson, Bernice PhelpsA Genealogy of Allison Phelps and Related Lines
929.2/PHEPhelan, John T.Phelan, Malone, Kevill, Stutz and Klaes Families
929.2/PHIStewart, Ermine RoadyPhillips Family
929.2/PHITunnis, ClarencePhillips-Hiserote
929.2/PHIWallis, MichaelOil Man, The Story of Frank Phillips and the Birth of Phillips Petroleum
929.2/PIEPieschl, EmilMy Memoirs, 1882-1976
929.2/PIGArtlip, Elaine CorbinRobert Pigsley of Dighton and His Family
929.2/PIGKelleher, Polly P.John Pigman and His Descendants
929.2/PINPinney, Laura YoungGenealogy of the Pinney Family in America
929.2/PIPPiper, William C.Descendants of James Piper of the Big Spring
929.2/PIRYoung, Dwight WaynePirtle Grandchildren
929.2/PITBradley, Littleton Porter, IIILife in Iowa in the mid-1800's; A story of the Pitzers of the early Iowa
929.2/PITPitcher, MiloMy Heritage on Moninyridge
929.2/PITPitkin, Hattie E.Pitkin Family
929.2/PITPitkin, Roy MacbethAddendum to "Pitkin Family of America", A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Pitkin
929.2/PIXPixley, RalphThe Pixley Story
929.2/PJEDozier. IoneThe Pjerrou's: Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/PODPoduska, Velma D., CompilerPoduska Family History: Martin's American Dream
929.2/POGPogue, Lloyd WelchPogue/Pollock/Polk Genealogy as Mirrored in History
929.2/POHMineart, Robert D.The History and Descendents of Vincent Pohren and Margurita Arndt Family
929.2/POHPohlmann, Sara WalchThe Genealogy of Sara Walch Pohlmann (includes: Pohlmann, Wellenbruck, Riedmann, Weisenberger, Jansen, Wissink, Hemming, Walch, Welling,
McEvoy, Baltzar, Costigan, Beddow, Smith and Mallory
929.2/POIPoindexter, RonaldPoindexter Ancestry and Their Descendants Throughout the Years
929.2/POLGraves, Mary Barringer, CompilerPolke Genealogy - Clara Polke, 1845-1877, and Allied Families
929.2/POLno authorA Genealogy of the Descendants of John Polley of Roxbury, Massachusetts
929.2/POLno authorA Genealogy of the Descendants of George Polley of Roxbury, Massachusetts
929.2/PONKenworthy, Jeanine Z.The Pond-Buckley Families and Associated Lineages
929.2/PONPonsness, Harold and GladysLars J. Ponsness; Including descendants
929.2/POOFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Pool Family
929.2/POOPoole, Murray EdwardThe History of Edward Poole of Weymouth, Massachusetts, 1635
929.2/POQLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Poquet Family History
929.2/PORKraemer, Carlyn (Popp)The David Porter Family
929.2/PORPotratz, Carl, CompilerThe Genealogy of the Bogislaff Potratz Family
929.2/POTStieg, Frank H., Jr.Pottenger Pioneers of Ohio
929.2/POWKee, James FrancisSilhouettes on the Horizon; A narrative and historical account of the Walter Powers and William Kee, Sr. Families
929.2/POWPowell, Merle J.The Powell's
929.2/POYMacLean, JohnThe Family of Poyntz
929.2/PRABonner, Kathryn R.Bonner-Prather Bulletins, 1960-1967
929.2/PRAEllsberry, Elizabeth PratherEllsberry-Prather Bulletins, 1973-January 1984
929.2/PRAPrall, Richard DwightThe Prall Family
929.2/PREno authorThe Presnell Family from the 16th Century
929.2/PREPressler, Roy CharlesThe Pressler-Lawson Families
929.2/PREPrewitt, Richard A.Prewitts in the Census and Military
929.2/PREPrewitt, Richard A.Isham Prewitt of Virginia
929.2/PREPrewitt, Richard A.Michael Prewitt, Sr. and His Descendants, 1720-1977
929.2/PRIPrice, Fredrick LongyearEliphalet Price, 1811-1880, An Early Pioneer of Iowa and Colorado
929.2/PRIPrice, Jay BerryThe Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines
929.2/PRIPrichard, A. M.Descendants of William Prichard
929.2/PRIPrince, HezekiahRemarks of My Life
929.2/PRIPringle, Wayne N.Pringle Family History
929.2/PRISeaver, J. MontgomeryPrice Family Records
929.2/PRISperry, John F.Welsch Ancestry, Ancestry of Hugh Price II, An Emigrator Prolific
929.2/PROFisher, Robert V.Provolt Genealogy
929.2/PROLane, Evelyn C.Proctor Family In Early Massachusetts
929.2/PRORoss, Shirley BrodersenThe Proctor Connection
929.2/PRUPrewitt, Richard A.Abraham Pruett and Rebecca Branson, Their Descendants
929.2/PRUWassenaar, ArdythMemoirs and Genealogy of the Prunty Family
929.2/PUDPaul, Glenn S.Puckerbaugh/Butterbaugh, Immigrant Brothers of 1752
929.2/PUGJames, Velma RevellOur Pugh Parentage - Past, Present and Prevalent
929.2/PUMPumphrey, L. N.The Pumphrey Pedigree
929.2/PURGoodrum, T.Dawn PursleyThe Pursleys and Stouts of Barren Co. Kentucky
929.2/PURJelinek, Sharon K.New England to Iowa, Abstracts of Purdy-Haskins-Berry Families
929.2/PURPurvines, Stuart HoyleThe Purviance Family; A genealogy with allied families
929.2/PUTPutnam, HaroldThe Putnams of Salem Village
929.2/PUTPutz, Nancy and Michels, EstellaThe Putz/Puetz Family History
929.2/PUTPutzier, Clifford R., CompilerThe Putzier- Vogel and Groth-Nielsen Families
929.2/PUTSnedden, Howard and BarbaraThe Putnams
929.2/PYLMiller, Shirley E.Pyle - Sams Families
929.2/QUEBrafford, Bill and DeloresAlexander and Mary Stewart Query and Their Descendants
929.2/QUIBird, Robert BryonA Quibell Family Scrapbook
929.2/QUIGraves, Mary BarringerThe Ancestry of Elizabeth Quickel
929.2/QUIGraves, Mary BarringerThe Descendants of Elizabeth Quickel and John Roads; The Roads chapter
929.2/QUIJacobs, B. DianeJohn Nils (Anderson) Quick of Jefferson County, Iowa, Family Record, 1700-2004
929.2/QUIMurray, Laurence W.Larimer of Laverne, part two; Quick ancestors of Laura Emily Bowley Larimer
929.2/RADO'Kane, Connie HumeThe Raduege/Radig/Radick Family of Wisconsin, Iowa and California
929.2/RADRadspinner, William AmbroseThe Radspinner Story
929.2/RAFGugeler, Helen Louise RaffetyAncestors and Descendants of Edger Elon Raffety, 1852-1922, and Descendants of
Kittie Matilda Rowley Raffety, 1864-1960
929.2/RAIRainey, Ralph E.Wallace A. Rainey and Jessie I. Ringer; Their ancestors, descendants and allied families
929.2/RAITinnia, Raymond M. and Paul, Glenn S.Rainsbarger Family, The True Story
929.2/RALGoelz, Elizabeth ZettelmanRobert Raley, ca. 1715-1805, and His Descendents
929.2/RALno authorThe Story of the Family of Otto and Anna Steiner Rall
929.2/RANDaniels, JonathanThe Randolphs of Virginia
929.2/RANGillund, Leslie H. RandelsRandles, roots and branches
929.2/RANHeck, VeraThe Ranfeld History, 1840-1991
929.2/RAPDonelly, Sister Mary LouiseRapier, Hayden and Allied Families of Colonial Maryland and Kentucky
929.2/RASHansen, Frederick J.Dane Imigrants named Rasmussen, 1868-1903
929.2/RASLane, Patricia (Stefani0Raspet: Descendants of Joanes and Marchia (Tusic) Raspet
929.2/RATBrainard, Doris F.Conrad Rathloff and John Lawrence Martin Families
929.2/RAUAndersen, JohnJohn Frederick Rauscher and Hazel Catherine Blakesley
929.2/RAUDern, John P. and Waidner, M. MarjorieRauenzahner to Routson; A family on the move
929.2/RAURausch, William KarlGenealogy of the Rausch Family
929.2/REAAnderson, Marie C.The Reasoner Story, 1665-1990
929.2/REAKantorowicz, Mildred ReamsReams Family Genealogy, 1650-1987
929.2/REAEdgington, MildredThe Read Family History, 1740-1978
929.2/REAMohler, Barbara LeGateReames-Brown Descendants, 1650-1983
929.2/REAReam, Forest V.Some Early American Ream and Allied Families
929.2/REAReames, Claud WilsonReames Family Genealogy
929.2/REASmith, H. A., MD.The Reams, Reames Family and Allied Families
929.2/RECKing, LarryRector Records
929.2/REDPells, Louise RedfearnThe Francis Redfearn Family
929.2/REEHollander, MildredRoots and Branches of the Family Tree; Reed, Hamilton, Richards, Grubb, Poulson,
Stille of Stilley and Talley Families
929.2/REEMikesell, LarryReeves Family Records
929.2/REEReece Family Reunion CommitteeReeece History
929.2/REERidgeway, Barbara ReevesReeves Family
929.2/REESeaver, J. MontgomeryReed Family History
929.2/REESeaver, J. MontgomeryReed Family History
929.2/REGRegan, Jamie MarieGenealogical Data on the Regan, Martin, Raemaker, Keeton and Carnes Families of Iowa
929.2/REIno authorReinartson Family Genealogy
929.2/REIReid, Robert E.Reid Family: Jeremiah Reid of Timber Ridge, Hampshire County, Virgina
929.2/REIReiner, Glenn H.The Thomas Jefferson Reiner Family Heritage Book
929.2/REIReisetter, Carrol, CompilerReisetter Family Tree, 1810-1970; updated through 1985
929.2/REIRiffe, Fred J.Reiff to Riffe Family in America
929.2/REIRiffe, Fred J.Reiff to Riffe Family in America
929.2/RENRenaud, Emily JoRenaud and Huyser Families of Iowa
929.2/RESRessler, EliasDiaries of Elias Ressler, 1882 and 1883, Butler County, Iowa
929.2/RESRessler, Mary E. MillerThe John M. Ressler Family, Genealogy of John M. and Elizabeth Yost Ressler . . .
929.2/REUMaker, Betty ColemanReusch/Jones and Allied Families
929.2/REVJames, Velma RevellRevell: Recollection Record and Reveries, 1722-1994
929.2/REXBower, Edward BirchGeorge Rex Genealogy, Ancestry . . .George Rex First of England to Pennsylvania in 1771
929.2/REYFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Reyburn Family
929.2/REYLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Reynolds Genealogy
929.2/REYMiller, June ReynoldsReynolds, Saltzmanns, Mosier
929.2/REYMiller, June ReynoldsReynolds, Saltzmanns, Mosier
929.2/REYReynolds, LeslieGenealogical Data on the Reynolds and Summers Families
929.2/REYReynolds, Marion H.The History and Descendants of John and Sarah Reynolds (1630?-1923)
929.2/REYReynolds, Wayne LeighThe Descendants of Stephen, Daniel, John and Silas Reynolds
929.2/REYWiant, Rex HarlanWest Virginia to New Virginia, My Reynolds Ancestors & Collateral Relatives
929.2/REZRezabek, Marvin P., CompilerOf Bushes and Starlings…A Genealogy of Two Bohemian Families
929.2/RHOAnderson, Alvin L.Rhoades and Allied Families
929.2/RICBowler, AnnJesse Chineth Richards Genealogy
929.2/RICEllis, Ray LowtherA Genealogical Register of Edmund Rice Descendants
929.2/RICGinter, Alice120 Years with the Richmond Family
929.2/RICKarns, Mrs. Charles, CompilerGerhard Richter and Heirs
929.2/RICLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Richey Genealogy
929.2/RICMerritt, Margaret E.By the Name of Richards
929.2/RICRichardson, Harry M.Richardson Family Researcher and Historical News
929.2/RICRichardson, Ruth EllsworthSamuel Richardson (1602-1658) and Josiah Ellsworth (1629-1658), some descendants
929.2/RICRice, Margaret"The Rice Family by A.H. Ward (1858) and "A Genealogical Register of Edmund Rice
Descendants" (1970), Supplement Number 2, Parts 1 and 2
929.2/RICRix, Guy S.History and Genealogy of The Ricks Family of America
929.2/RICSmith, Elsie HawesEdmund Rice and His Family, [We Sought the Wilderness]
929.2/RICWard, Andrew HenshawA Genealogical History of the Rice Family, Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice
929.2/RICWard, Andrew HenshawSupplement to "The Rice Family, Descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice", 1858
929.2/RICWilson, W. G.Richmond Ancestry, 1483-1993
929.2/RIDBaldwin, Grace RidgwayRidgway (Ridgeway) Family
929.2/RIDHoeman, Andree Sieverin, CompilerA Partial History of the Riddle-Beavers Families of Botetourt County, Virgina
929.2/RIDRyder, Gordon JamesThe Rider-Ryder Family from Virginia
929.2/RIEJones, Wayne V., CompilerThe Rieka Family of Bavenhausen and America
929.2/RIERider, Thomas J.A Documented History of the Rieman Family, 1727-1970
929.2/RIERiensche, ArleneRiensche Roots
929.2/RIGRighter, Charles BoardmanRighter Genealogy, The Ohio Branch
929.2/RILKimball, Charles N.Descendants of John Riley, Jeremiah Coakley, Felix Sharkey
929.2/RILRiley, George DonaldTidewater Maryland Ancestors, 1634-1999
929.2/RINRinaldo, Peter M.The Rinaldos from Poland
929.2/RINRinehart Family History CommitteeLewis and Elizabeth Rinehart and Descendants
929.2/RINRing, StanleyA Record of the Descendants of Johan (Larsson) Ring and Marie Persdotter, 1811-1975
929.2/RINRinkel, Charles T., Jr.The T. E. Rinkel Family in America
929.2/RINRinkel, Charles T., Jr.T. E. Rinkel Family, Second Edition
929.2/RIXRixford, Elizabeth M. LeachFamilies Directly Descended from All the Royal Families in Europe (495-1932) and Mayflower Descendants
929.2/RIVRivers, Betty HatfieldGenealogy of the Rivers Family
929.2/ROBBarton, Joanne Robins, CompilerOut of the Robins Nest
929.2/ROBBunnell, Paul J.The House of Robinson, The Robinsons of Rhode Island . . .
929.2/ROBMonroe, Patricia A.The Roberts (Tudor) - Landis Family of N.W. Iowa, Pennsylvania and New York
929.2/ROBPaul, Glenn S.The Robertson Family
929.2/ROBReath, Theodore W.Sketch of Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Hill Bissell Roberts
929.2/ROBRobbins, Lanny A., PhDThe Benjamin Robbins Family
929.2/ROBRobbins, Lawrence G.The Nicholas Robbins Family
929.2/ROBRobinson, Stephany LynThe Genealogy of Stephany Lyn Robinson (includes Robinson, Ayers, Johnston, Bloom, Sheppard, True, Langston and Eakins)
929.2/ROBRobl, StephanieGenealogical Data on the Robl and Baker Family
929.2/ROCBradley, Aubrey O.The Rockey Family
929.2/ROCClose, Earl, Jr.The Family of Linnie Fay Rockwell
929.2/ROCno authorA Gathering of the Families of Ezra Rockwell, Sr.
929.2/ROCWagner, Margaret M., CompilerRock Family History, 1807-1969
929.2/RODMoore, Dorothy McNiel, CompilerRodabaugh-Rodibaugh Genealogy
929.2/ROERoes, MarionWhere Have All the Roeses Gone?
929.2/ROFBetterton, MarlaRoff Genealogy
929.2/ROGRogers, Larry GilbertPedigree Charts, Rogers, Foster, Rhodes, Tyler, Ehlers, Moeller, Luchau, Lamp
929.2/ROHNeal, Wickliffe B.The Rohrer Families
929.2/ROHRohrbach, Lewis BunkerRohrbach Genealogy, Volume Three
929.2/ROLBrown, Stuart E.Pocahontas' Descendants; with corrections and additions
929.2/ROLRobertson, WyndhamPocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her Descendants through her marriage to John Rolfe
929.2/ROLWojnar, Frances BriesEliza; An Iowa pioneer
929.2/ROMMcDonnell, Mildred A., CompilerThe Romine Family, Book One
929.2/RONRonfeldt, DennisFisher Family History
929.2/RONRonfeldt, DennisRonfeldt Family History
929.2/ROOBrunia, William FransEpke Alberts Roorda and Froukje Wijgers vander Lune
929.2/ROORosa, Loren CyrusGenealogical (sic) of the Roosa and Rosa Families
929.2/ROPSoper, Mary Waller ShepherdThe Roper Family Bible Record
929.2/ROSCraig, LoisErasmus Rosenberger and His Families in Germany and America
929.2/ROSDaniel, Karen SteinThree Generations of Descendants of Shaply Prince Ross, An Early Texas Pioneer
929.2/ROSPine, Pauline F. Smith and Pine, GordonDavid Ross (1772-1841) Descendants of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
929.2/ROSRose Charles M. and Gregath, Ann C.Gathering the Roses
929.2/ROSRose, Ben LaceyAlexander Rose of Person County, North Carolina and His Descendants
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineAbstracts of Early Virginia Rose Estates
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineThe Brothers, Reverend Robert Rose and Reverand Charles Rose of Colonial Virginia
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineReverend Charles Rose of Scotland and Westmoreland County, Virginia
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineReverend Robert Rose of Scotland and Essex and Albemarle Counties, Virginia
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineAncestors and Descendants of Frederick Rose of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineAndrew Rose Family of Bucks and Mercer Counties in Pennsylvania
929.2/ROSRose, ChristineThe Brothers, Captain Lewis, Matthias and Martin Rose; Sons of Gotlieb/Godlove Rose
929.2/ROSRose, Eunice BrooksWilliam Rose of Surry County, Virginia; Some of his descendants and related families
929.2/ROSRosenberger, FiettaJacob Rosenberger, Son of Erasmus Rosenberger and His Descendants
929.2/ROSRosenberger, Francis ColemanSome Notes on the Rosenberger Family in Pennsylvania and Virginia, 1729-1950
929.2/ROSRoss, Robert L.The Ross Family of New Jersey
929.2/ROSStarr, Eretta RoseThe Ancestry and Descendants of Jairus Rose and Zilpha Gillett
929.2/ROSVojta, AlvenaThe History of the Rossow Family
929.2/ROSWarner, SethThe Descendants and Antecedents of John Parham Rose (1793-1869) and Mary H. (Langford) Rose (1802-1879)
929.2/ROTBergstrom, Irene Rothfus, CompilerDescendants of Johannes Rothfuss and Anna Bleich
929.2/ROTRoth, SadieDescendants of Mary Egli and Joseph Roth
929.2/ROTSwenson, DonRoth-Bandimere Family History Book
929.2/ROUBuckner, Goldie RouseThe Alexander Rouse Family, 1829-1964
929.2/ROUFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Routh Family
929.2/ROUNeal, Goldie RouseThe Joy Journal of the John F. Rouse Family, of Ayrshire, Iowa
929.2/ROURoush, Lester Le RoyHistory of the Roush Family in America
929.2/ROURoush, Walden F.History of the Roush (Rausch) and Allied Families in America
929.2/ROUSherman, Nellie HunterRouze Family Genealogy
929.2/ROWBrook. Alice HammondEchos From Rowan…Early Settlers of Wright County, Iowa
929.2/ROWMott, Ruth K.My Search for Rowe Ancestors
929.2/ROWRussell, H. S.Descendants of Moses Rowley
929.2/ROWShirer, Cora LuellaThe Rowland Story
929.2/RUBCross, Betty DixonHenry Ruble and Mahala Martin Family
929.2/RUBFlook, Charity ZoeWestward Ho! Compilation of the history of the Ruble Family
929.2/RUBRuby, DougRuby, Dunham, Shaffer, Marsh Families
929.2/RUFYarbour-Ruff, Corey AlanGenerations of Our Past (Ruff Family, Goodrich Family)
929.2/RULGoddard, Sterling E.The Rules from Hounam Mill Roxburghshire, Scotland
929.2/RUPRupalo, Deena LeeThe Genealogy of Deena Lee Rupalo (includes Rupalla, Gormanski, Cooper, Hamm, Brees, Maytum, Palmer and Hammond)
929.2/RUSDay, Merle Virginia Morris Hayes"Our Days" Volume One
929.2/RUSFosholt, Sanford K., compilerThe Rustebakke and Nubson Families
929.2/RUSKuipers, John W.The Pieter Rus Family
929.2/RUTFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of Joseph Rutledge, Sr.
929.2/RUTHammand, JaneMemories of the Rutledge Family of New Salem, Illinois
929.2/RUTRutherford, William Kenneth, CompilerGenealogical History of Our Ancestors
929.2/RUTRutledge, EricGenealogical Materials on the Rutledge and Skinner Families of Michigan
929.2/RYBWood, Ermon and Emma, CompilerDelila "Lile" Rybolt (Spurgeon)
929.2/RYDSweeney, Vera J. DahlstromThe Ancestors and Descendants of Amanda Maria Andersdotter (Jacobson) Hansen Rydstrom
929.2/RYERyerson, TomEphriam Miller Ryerson and Helen Nervig Ryerson, Their Ancestors, Their Descendants, Their Lives
929.2/SAFSaffell, Lester FranklinSaffell Families U.S.A., 1730-1978
929.2/SAGSage, Roger O.Life in Iowa in the 1800's; The Warner and Addie Sage Family History
929.2/SALSalmon Family AssociationThe Salmon Family Genealogy and History
929.2/SALMiller, ShirleyThe Edward Sams Family (contains a five generation chart of Shirley Miller)
929.2/SAMno authorSams Memoriam, John and Susan Evaline
929.2/SANHelmer, Richard Bryan, CompilerJames and Alvin Sanders, Livestock Journalists of the Midwest
929.2/SANKeairns, Marilyn C. SanduskyThe Sandusky (Sandowski) Saga
929.2/SANMyers, Carolyn SandersonThe Sanderson-Baird Legacy
929.2/SANSanders, Patrick B.The Genealogies of the Sanders and Watson Families
929.2/SANSanford, Grover MerleThe Sandford/Sanford Families of Long Island; Their ancestors and descendants
929.2/SAPSappenfield, James C.Sappenfield
929.2/SARDarnell, Frances CarterJames Sargent of Maryland and His Descendants
929.2/SARHearne, Thomas RussellAncestors and Descendants of Isacc L. Sargent, 1818-1988
929.2/SARRadell, Neva HenriettaThe Satori Legacy
929.2/SAUSauer, David LeeGeorge and Theresa Sauer Descendancy, 1868-2006 and Address Book
929.2/SAWCarter, AmorySawyers in America
929.2/SAWMeyer, Henry (Hank)The Sawin Saga
929.2/SAWSawyer, Henry LeeSawyer Family Genealogy, 1831-1966
929.2/SAWSawyer, Henry LeeSawyer Family Genealogy, 1831-1966
929.2/SCABoone, Roger S.Some Quaker Families; Scarborough/Haworth
929.2/SCABoone, Roger S. and Morgan, MarjorieSome Quaker Families; Scarborough/Haworth
929.2/SCAJohnson, Robert LelandA Good Gene Pool of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland (Scarborough Family)
929.2/SCHAasheim, Sharon SchwartzSchwartz Family History, 1804-1978
929.2/SCHBanner, Raymond V.Abraham and Samuel Schoch Families of Ringgold County, Iowa
929.2/SCHBartels, Deloras SchwisowJohann Schwisow Family Tree, 1820(?) to 1965
929.2/SCHBauer, StanUpdate to Family Histori of Schmidt and Kistenmacher Families of Scott County, Iowa
929.2/SCHBaxter, June Ann Schneck and Baxter, John W.A Schreiber Family from Indiana
929.2/SCHConnell, Esther J.The Families of Schweizer and Brandau
929.2/SCHCunningham, Jerald A.Descendants of William Schweers, Early Settler of Adair County, Iowa
929.2/SCHDavis, Dorothy M.Our German Ancestors; Schlesselman/Roesch
929.2/SCHEbbott, Elizabeth AdamsDescendants of Isaac Schneider, 1786-1879
929.2/SCHEllis, Connie LynnDescendants of Adolph and Caroline (Ziezo) Schlitter
929.2/SCHEllwanger, GloriaThe Schaller Saga: Bohemia to Iowa
929.2/SCHFischels, Helen SchmitzFamily Tree: Schmitz, Burbach and Related Families
929.2/SCHGaines, Elinor Anderson, CompilerAncestors and Descendants of George Peter Schaller
929.2/SCHHackman, ElnoreThe Theodore Schmitt Family
929.2/SCHLawrence, Maud L and Hurd, Geraldine L.The Schutt-Brown Genealogy
929.2/SCHLawrence, Maud L and Hurd, Geraldine L.The Schutt-Brown Genealogy
929.2/SCHLevine, Rachel (Scherf)Scherf, Christian Andreas Scherf Family Including His Twin Wilhelm
929.2/SCHLockwood, Brent TheoneSchutz/Huber/Adamson/Sabin Family Relationships
929.2/SCHLudens, Walter (Mrs.)The Descendants of Henry Albert Scholtens and Anna Bosch Scholtens
929.2/SCHLutz, June (Shaull)A Historical Account of the Schneider/Snider/Snyder Family
929.2/SCHRumbaugh, Melvin DaleThe Descendants of mennekes Schakel of Marion County, Iowa
929.2/SCHRussell, Dorotha M.Schaper and Schnoor, Two Lippische Families in America
929.2/SCHSchadt, Robert RussellEchoes; Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families with lineages to Schadt, Heinemann, Poorman, Kinley et al.
929.2/SCHSchlenker, Mark FrederickTheobald Schlenker - His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/SCHSchleppi, Robert SamuelDescendants of Hans Ulrich Schleppi
929.2/SCHSchmidt, Duane H.Pathways to Provenance (Descendants of Schmidt/Hauck, Taylor/Constable, McCoy/Hite/Bruce and
Hasselman/Buche/Gfeller/Romberger Families)
929.2/SCHSchneider, RandallThe Schneider/Pralle Family History
929.2/SCHSchooley, Thomas and JamesTrails of Our Fathers; Some descendants of the American Schooley Family and Related Families
929.2/SCHSchrader, TaylorThe Genealogy of Taylor Schrader (includes Schrader, Tully, Hill and Short)
929.2/SCHSchramm, GeorgeAutobiographical Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Century during the period 1820-1868
929.2/SCHSchroeder, Lois J. BarberThe Schroeder Family, 1860-1978
929.2/SCHSchuiteman, Abby LynnShuiteman and Vermeer Families of Iowa
929.2/SCHSchwake, Nathan WayneGenealogical Data on the Schwake, Adamson, Lewis and Green Families of Iowa
929.2/SCHSchwalm Historical AssociationJohannes Schwalm, The Hessian
929.2/SCHSchwarztrauber, Sayre ArchieSchwarztrauber, Stewart and Related Families
929.2/SCHSeward, Adele SchoopThe History and Genealogy of the Schoop-Riekens, Schenk-Hachmann Families
929.2/SCHSlutz, Ralph J., CompilerThe Descendants of Johannes Schluetz
929.2/SCHSnyder, Frank RickmanDescendants of Peter Schneider (Snyder) and Elizabeth Muller of Grayson County, Virginia
929.2/SCHStaber, Sylvester J.Schissel Families and Descendants in the United States
929.2/SCHStark, HeinzThe George Schramm Story
929.2/SCHSutton, James C.Ancestors of Mildred Shaull Rudasill
929.2/SCHSutton, James C.The Descendants of Nicholas Scahll for Mildred Ellen Shaul Rudasill (2 volumes)
929.2/SCHTapper, JamesSchnurr Brothers in America, 1853-1980
929.2/SCHWalter, Anna Lee MerriganSchiefelbusch Family and Hagan Family
929.2/SCHWarden, Viola E.Schwiegger Genealogy: The Schwieger Family Story
929.2/SCOEvans, Carol, CompilerDescendants of Andrew Zane Scott and Margaret Jane Kendall Scott
929.2/SCOJelly, Luella ScottScott-Fish Family; A HisTree
929.2/SCOno authorScott Pedigree Charts
929.2/SCOScott, Samuel J.Musings - Scott and Dickson Families
929.2/SCOScott, TomSome Descendants of John Scott and Mary Pryor of Greenbrier, County, VA
929.2/SCOTurner, Margaret MasonThe Scott Family in Canada, 1831-1981
929.2/SCRRoss, Shirley Brodersen, CompilerHumphrey Scroggin of Logan County, Illinois; His ancestors and descendants
929.2/SEALawton, John JulianThe Seamans Family in America; As descended from Thomas Seamans of Swausea, Massachusetts
929.2/SEAPoli, Twila J. and DeMarce, Brenda A.Sears, Our Connections from Then to Now
929.2/SEBSeberg, Nathan AndrewThe Genealogy of Nathan Andrew Seberg (includes McPheron, Davis, Mitzger, Rodgers, Young and Eubank lines)
929.2/SEDMurphy, Daniel I.Sedore Family History, Volume One
929.2/SEEHansen, Charlene MaeThe Seeck Family
929.2/SEEJames, Betty Jane SeeAncesters of Betty Jane See
929.2/SEESee, Joe B.The History and Genealogy of the See and Related Families
929.2/SEESee, joe B.Texas and New York State Sie and See Families
929.2/SEESee, Philip H.The Tarrytown Sees, 1674-1966
929.2/SEESeeley, Clyde RussellThis is My Life
929.2/SEISidener, Orrin WadeThe Story of A Dozen Generations - Volume One
929.2/SEISidener, Orrin WadeThe Story of A Dozen Generations - Volume Two
929.2/SEISidener, Orrin WadeThe Story of A Dozen Generations - Volume Three
929.2/SEISidener, Orrin WadeThe Story of A Dozen Generations - Volume Four
929.2/SELCrabb, Martha L.Over the Mountain
929.2/SELEwart, Ruby L. WilliamsJohn W. Selby, 1797-1850, and Elizabeth Lyon, 1803-1896, and Their Descendants
929.2/SELSelgelid, Oren CurtisGrandad Remebers, Down memory lane with Oren Curtis Selgelid
929.2/SELSellards, James A.Family Album
929.2/SELSellards, James A.Family Album, A Personal Perspective
929.2/SELSellers, Laura LeighThe Genealogy of Laura Leigh Sellers (includes Sellers, Brown, Kleindolph, Maples, Reifschneider, Faust, Kruetzmann and Wigand)
929.2/SELSeltmann Centennial Book CommitteeA History of the A. E. Seltmann Family
929.2/SENSandel, George F.George Sendel, Sr. and His Descendants
929.2/SENSensenig, Leonard E.The Ancestors and Descendants of Michael and Lydia Sensenig, 1814-1989
929.2/SEPMurphy, Carrie Anne WilsonJulia Mary Seppie, One Woman in Time and the Men Who Loved Her
929.2/SERJohnson, Dorothy ServissThe Serviss, Hollenbeck, Thomson and Ross Families and Their Johnnycake Journey
929.2/SETno authorDescendants of George Setzer
929.2/SEVKlonglan, Willene MalandGenealogy of the Severeid-Richardson Families
929.2/SEVPaul, Glenn S.Branches From the Sever Family
929.2/SEVPaul, Glenn S.Sever, Morris, Mastin, Hunter Families
929.2/SEWKnoblock, Helen IrelandThe George M. Sewell Family Genealogy
929.2/SEWNelson, Beverly SewellThomas Sewell Family with Bogan, McCaffree, Messinger Lines
929.2/SEWSeward, George C.Seward and Related Families
929.2/SEWSeward, George C.Seward and Related Families and We Remember Carroll
929.2/SEWSeward, George C.We Remember Carroll; A tribute to Carroll Frances McKay Seward, 1913-1991
929.2/SEWThomas, M. HalseyThe Diary of Samuel Sewall, 1674-1729
929.2/SEXGehrke, Velma O.Story of a Sexton Family
929.2/SEYSeymour, MalcolmPuritan Migration to Connecticut
929.2/SEYWhite, Jessie EnglishThe Seybs; A history of the family in America, 1835-1949
929.2/SHAAdams, Albert StirlingThe Sharp Family of Southern New Jersey, 300 Years in New Jersey, 1682-1981
929.2/SHABerry, Brian J. L.The Shapleigh, Shapley and Shappley Families, 1635-1993
929.2/SHABowler, AnnWilliam Sharp Genealogy
929.2/SHAKerns, Wilber L.Shanholtzer History and Allied Family Roots
929.2/SHAKnipfer, Ronald E.Shaeffers of Boone County, Iowa
929.2/SHAPeters, Genevieve E.Know Your Relatives the Sharps, Gibbs, Graves, Efland, Albright, Loy, Miller,
Snoderly, Tillman and Other Related Families
929.2/SHARuble, Cholris ShadeSpan The Years With Me; From pioneers to Shadeland
929.2/SHARudisill, MildredThe Six Family Newsletters, 1973-1979
929.2/SHAShannon, Wayne E., Jr.Shannon
929.2/SHASharp, John E.Peter Sharp Family History
929.2/SHAShaw, R. E.A Record of the Shaw Family
929.2/SHAShay, Mildred, CompilerThe Shay Family From Ireland to Iowa, 1848-1985
929.2/SHEElliott, MarilynShepherd Kin
929.2/SHEGuengerich, S. D.A Memorial History of Daneil Schottler Sr. and his ancestors, 1833-1910
929.2/SHEHeiss, Joyce ShecklerSkeckler (Shackler)
929.2/SHERedington, Rachel HoltDescendants of Leonard Sherman of Isle of La Motte, Grand Isle County, Vermont
929.2/SHESheely, Forrest S.Sheely; Selected descendants of Andrew Sheely, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
929.2/SHEShepard, GeorgeBible Records of Shepard Families of Lee County, Iowa
929.2/SHESheppard, Lillian A.Sheppard-Marshall and Allied Familes; Burrows, Clark, Deakins/Dickens, Gatchell,
Graves, Green, Hibbs, Hudson and Many Others
929.2/SHESherborn, Charles DaviesA History of the Family of Sherborn
929.2/SHESherman, John H.Sherman Directory
929.2/SHESherwood, Violet G.Sherwood and Related Families, 1400-1980
929.2/SHEWallace, Beverly J.Francis Marion Shetenhelm
929.2/SHEWeber, Verlene VaughnCharles and Ella Mae Sherman, 1433-1995
929.2/SHEWeber, Verlene VaughnCharles and Ella Mae Sherman
929.2/SHEWhite, Jean M.Shetterly, Shatterly, Sitterly, Shutterly, Shetter, Shatley Genealogier
929.2/SHEZang, Marian SherburneOur Sherburne Ancestry
929.2/SHICady, JeanneDescendants of James Shields; Monaghan County, Ireland to Simcoe County, Ontario
929.2/SHIShields, Ercel B.Shields Family History, 1799-1999
929.2/SHIShields, John EdgarA History of the Shields Family
929.2/SHIShinn, Allen G.Genealogical Data Relevant to Allen Trimble Shinn
929.2/SHIShinn, Josiah HThe History of the Shinn Family in Europe and America
929.2/SHIShirk, HalShirk-Sherk Family History and Genealogy, 1710-1982
929.2/SHOShoemaker, Benjamin H., IIIShoemaker Pioneers
929.2/SHOShope, RoxannaBratwurst, Bagpipes and Tea; A history of the Shope, Stinson, Tilinghast and related families
929.2/SHRRogers, Janet MarsdenDescendants of John Shriver and Jane Rush of Wayne County, Iowa
929.2/SHUOtt, LyndaJacob Shuck and Susannah Jones Schuck, A Life That Spanned a Nation
929.2/SHUShuck, LarryShucks, Fleshmans, Sydenstrickers and Other Families
929.2/SHUShuey, D. B.History of the Shuey Family in America from 1732-1919
929.2/SHUShuptrine, Harry R.The Shuptrine Family
929.2/SHUShurtleff, Benjamin (6th)Descendants of William Shurtleff of Plymouth and Marshfield, Massachusetts, Volumes I and II
929.2/SICBecker, Vickie RaeBeginnings; Karl Sickmann
929.2/SIDSutton, James C.Sidener
929.2/SIGFilean, Eleanor SiglinThe Siglin Family History
929.2/SILSilver, Benjamin StumpOur Silver Heritage
929.2/SIMLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Simerson Genealogy
929.2/SIMPerry, Max, CompilerSimpson-Roach Families
929.2/SIMSimpson, Dennis William, CompilerSimpson and Allied Families
929.2/SIMSimpson, MarvelAlexander and Hannah Simpson Family History
929.2/SIMSims, John DavidAncestors and Descendants of Alford Sims, A Sims Family History (Second revision)
929.2/SIMSkelton, Dorothy Geneva SimmonsThe Squire Simmons Family, 1746-1986
929.2/SINHeetland, Bonnie ErskineSinning, Schlomer and Related Families
929.2/SIPDickey, Mildred SipePaul Sipe; Palatine Immigrant, 1752
929.2/SIPSawyer, HenrySimpa Family Genealogy, 1765-1975
929.2/SISBerry, Brian J. L.Yankee Heritage, A Sisson Ancestry
929.2/SIVFerguson, Connie SiverlyThe Siverly Family of New York, Pennsylvania and Iowa
929.2/SKARezek, Patricia SkahillSkahill Descendants in Galway and Iowa; Their Irish Origins
929.2/SKESkellenger, Amanda AnnThe Genealogy of Amanda Ann Skellenger (includes Skellenger, McCaulley, Prokop, Burtney, Dickey, Shawhan, Baxter and Pittman)
929.2/SKESkelton, John WilliamJohn Skelton of Georgia
929.2/SKILethbridge, Alice SkinnerSkinner-McHenry Family History
929.2/SKOEhrig, Frances Camille (Hansen)The Skow Family
929.2/SKOMiller, Gerald A.History of the Skiglung/Svensson-Smith Family: From Sweden to the American Plains, 1847-1992"
929.2/SKOno authorUpdates to "History of the Skogland/Svensson-Smith Family: from Sweden to the American Plains, 1847-1992"
929.2/SLASlater, Clare H.Thomas and Mary E. Slater, Iowa Pioneers
929.2/SLASlaughter, Stephen S.History of a Missouri Farm Family; The O. V. Slaughters, 1700-1944
929.2/SLASlaymaker, Henry CochranHistory of the Slaymaker Family
929.2/SLATyler, David E.A Slack Family History, Descendants of Randolph and Sarah (Penn) Slack
929.2/SLOJustice, Jean FitchSloan, Hale and Smith Family History
929.2/SLOSloan, MargaretWe're Here and We're Going to Stay! Stories of the Sloan and Bishop Families Who Migrated from Ireland to Iowa
929.2/SLOWaddell, Nora SloanThe Sloan Family Tree, 1781-1981
929.2/SMASmalley, Matthew F.John Smalley and His Descendants in America, 5 June 1632 to 1 January 1960
929.2/SMASmart, Richard Eugene, CompilerThe Descendants of William Smart, Sr., 1720-1795, and Allied Families
929.2/SMEThe Hans Halverson Smedsrud Family OrganizationThe Hans Halverson Smedsrud Family Tree
929.2/SMIBlackwell, Rebecca L.Richard Arrow Smith of Wake County, North Carolina and His Descendants
929.2/SMICrippen, Irene Smith, CompilerThe Family of Adrian Vestal and Anzaletta (Speck) Smith
929.2/SMICunningham, Jerald A.Descendants of John W. and Caroline Mathas Smith of Ringgold County, Iowa
929.2/SMIFoland, Ellen V. SmithDiary of Silas Hagerty Smith
929.2/SMIKitching, William T.Thelma Bernice Smith Vester - With Her Descendants and the Ancestral Families, Book I
(includes Smith, Vandewater, Kimball and Garrett)
929.2/SMIno authorThe Descendants of Samuel Smith of Sherington England
929.2/SMIno authorSmith Centennial Memorial
929.2/SMIPark, Alice CrandallOur Immigrant Ancestors From Scotland
929.2/SMIPennington, Betty L.Smith Sagas
929.2/SMISanchez, Marilyn KayeJohn O'Connor Smith and Descendants
929.2/SMISanchez, KayeThree Brothers Who Served in the Civil War
929.2/SMISmith, Harold V.The Trail of the Wildcat; A Smith family history
929.2/SMISmith, Malcom L.Working with People, Bugs and Apples
929.2/SMISmith, Oliver and Fay LambSmith - Glade Genealogy
929.2/SMISmith, Richard C.A Smith Family History
929.2/SMISmith, Walter G.Genealogy of Elezer Smith, Grafton, New Hampshire
929.2/SMIWaters, Margaret R.Smith Family; Descendants of George and Barbara (Bash) Smith
929.2/SMIWilson, Mary E. and Suzanne W.The Pioneer Iowa Family of John Stewart Smith
929.2/SMOSmouse, J. WarrenThe History of the Smouse Family of America, 1738-1969
929.2/SNOPaul, Glenn S., and Chance, HildaSnowberger Family
929.2/SNOStutesman, John HaleSamuel and Elizabeth (Sloan) Snoddy
929.2/SOPSoper, Earl F. and DawnThe Soper Conpendium
929.2/SOUAtwood, KarolThe William E. Southern Family
929.2/SOUMcAuley, Ruth Campbell, CompilerThe Descendants of William H. South and Susan Iowa Skyles
929.2/SPALones, Lela Lillian, CompilerSpahr/Spohr/Sphar
929.2/SPARutherford, William Kenneth Genealogical History of Our Ancestors [Spalding Family], Volumes I and II
929.2/SPASpahr, Herman G.The Spahr Family History
929.2/SPASparks Family AssociationThe Sparks Quarterly
929.2/SPEArends, Jane CarlsonA History and Collection of Memories of the Ed and Maude Hurlock Speck Family
929.2/SPEDelahunt, Mary LouThomas and Nancy Lemmon Speer
929.2/SPERoberts, Gary Boyd, compilerAmerican Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Frances Spencer
929.2/SPESchroeder, Glenn BurnettGenealogical History of Carolyn Jeanne Ledgerwood Schroder; Maternal line Sperry
929.2/SPESpeaker, Mark E.Speaker Family History
929.2/SPESpencer, Jack Taif and Spencer, Edith WoolleyThe Spencers of the Great Migration
929.2/SPIGrube, Jean B.Descendants of Nathan Spicer, 1735-1811
929.2/SPIHoneyman, Gale Edwin SpitlerThe House of Spittler - Spitler, 1736-1976
929.2/SPRMaull, BaldwinCharles Springer's Family in Swedish History
929.2/SPRWilken, DaleSpragg Family
929.2/SPUWood, Ermon and EmmaDavid Taylor Spurgeon, Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/SPUWood, Ermon and EmmaSpurgeon, William - Immigrant
929.2/STAAnderson, Alvin L.Stanley and Allied Families - Volumes Two and Three
929.2/STAAnderson, Alvin L., PhD.Stanley and Allied Families
929.2/STAClark, BradStangl, Schmitt and Related Families
929.2/STAHalterman, MarilynSome Descendants of Heinrich (Henry) Stakey and Hanna Frederike
929.2/STAHalterman, Marilyn HollandFriedrich August Stake ad Harriett Rush
929.2/STAHolbrook, Marjorie LaddStauffer - Sauder Genealogy
929.2/STAJones, Earl E.The Stalcup Family History
929.2/STAMcConnell, George EdwardOur Family's Starbuck Ancestry
929.2/STAno authorLife of Edgar Williams Stanton - In Memoriam, 1850-1920
929.2/STARodemeyer, Patricia L.The Stackhouse Clan, 1500's to 1988
929.2/STAShaw, Cheryl CarpenterThe Starch in My Family Tree
929.2/STASimpson, Sandi BennettDescendants of John Stanley and Ann Eliza Cunningham Stanley
929.2/STASpohnheimer, Gina StaplesThe Staples Family
929.2/STAStaber, Sylvester J.The Staber's History
929.2/STAStackhouse, Eugene GlennStackhouse: An Original Pennsylvania Family
929.2/STAStambaugh, HelenStambaugh, 1686-1986
929.2/STAStauffer, Ezra N.Stauffer Genealogy of America and History of the Descendants of Jacob Stauffer
929.2/STAStouffer, Elsie M.Genealogical Study of Henry Stauffer, Son of Johannes (Hans) Stauffer
929.2/STAWilken, Dale W.Starr Family of Clayton County, Iowa
929.2/STEAlberts, B. L., CompilerThe Stewart Family
929.2/STEBogner, Kathleen RodibaughStever Story; Saga of Emma and Jacob Stever and their descendants, 1852-1982
929.2/STEBowler, AnnHorace Stevens Genealogy
929.2/STEBrainard, Doris F.The William Steel Family History
929.2/STECrowley, Ward RaymondHosmer Stevens Relationships
929.2/STEFisher, Edmund G.Some Descendants of Thomas and Jane (Jefferson) Stephens
929.2/STEGreene, Lida LisleThe Stevenson Chronicle
929.2/STELarson, Beatrix MarieSteinmetz Steps
929.2/STEno authorJohn Stewart (1740-1820) and his wife, Elizabeth [Henry] (1743-1823) of York County, Pennsylvania
929.2/STENovak, Ray E.Life of Effie Allen Stevens, 1878-1958
929.2/STESmith, Walter BurgesThe Sterry Family of America, 1670-1970
929.2/STEStephens, James FrancisDescendants of John Stephens and Lucretia Gaskill
929.2/STEStetzel, Ronald D.George Stetzel and Catherine Albright Stetzel; Her ancestors and Their Descendants
929.2/STEStetzel, Ronald D.Our Clark, Lindsey, Matson, Mercer and Welty Ancestors
929.2/STEStewart, Cameron Ralph, CompilerThe Ancestry of Cameron Ralph Stewart - Two Volumes
929.2/STEVander Linden, RonThe Sterrenburg Family History
929.2/STIHale, MarkStingley Family Traditions and Genealogy
929.2/STILehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Stivers Genealogy
929.2/STIStickfort, Lee Roy J., CompilerStickfort Families; Eilert, Mina and John D. Family History
929.2/STIStickney, Matthew AdamsThe Stickney Family, 1637-1869
929.2/STIStiff, Judd GolladayMy Name is Stiff
929.2/STIStiles, Jessie VernanThe Family of Jonathan Stiles of Guernsey County, Ohio
929.2/STIStiles, Victoria J. and Dwight D.Some Descendants of Dr. Aaron Stiles of Hebron, Tolland County, Connecticut
929.2/STOBishop, Don E.Descendants of Bartholomes Stovall (1655-1722), The First Five American Generations
929.2/STOBrindle, Marvin ClaireThe Descendants of Daniel and Catherine Stover
929.2/STOGeitgey, Nancy J.Descendants of Hugh Stott
929.2/STOHolmes, Jean StockmanThe Descendants of Robert H. Stockman, 1790-1853
929.2/STOLeBlanc, Eva LaughlinDescendants of Henry Stone and Tabitha Tuttle
929.2/STOMadden, Ann and Wessling, MaryThe Stover Family
929.2/STOMcMains, Vera L. StookesberryA Branch Line of the Stookesberry's
929.2/STOno authorStoker Family History Starting in 1732
929.2/STOSimpson, MarvelHistory of the Storm Family
929.2/STOStock, Harold Thompson I.Biographical History of the Families of William H. and Emma Cutler Stock and John and
Laura Bamford (Bumford) Stock, and their descendants
929.2/STOStoddard, CharlesThe Stoddard Tribeloid
929.2/STOStone, Martha JaneA History of the Stone Family
929.2/STOStorke, C. A., CompilerThe English Storkes in America
929.2/STOStout, J. D.Stout and Allied Families
929.2/STOStover, Margaret HarrisStover/Stouffer
929.2/STOSwanson, Earle and PatriciaStone Family Chronicles
929.2/STOVanBrocklin, MarilynnThe History of Lydia and Solomon Stowell and the Descendants of Phebe and Solomon Jr.
929.2/STRBrooks, Connie StrooperStroope/Stroop Family History, Volume I
929.2/STRCreswell, Lyn LoydFriedrich Wilhelm (William) Strohben and Johanna Louise Mathilde (Carolin) Zapf
929.2/STRDwight, Benjamin W.The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Massachusetts
929.2/STRJohnson, Genevieve CrownerDavid Strickland and His Descendants
929.2/STRSmith, Joan and Barbara LaFolletteStrong and Mitchells, Seven Generations of Many More Leaves from the Family Tree
929.2/STRStrathman, William ErwinHermann Strathmann, 1786-present
929.2/STRStrathmann, William ErvinHerman Strathmann, 1786 to Present
929.2/STRStreet, Keith M.Zadoc Street and Eunice Silver
929.2/STRStrieby, Byard B.Stieby Genealogy and History, 1726-1967
929.2/STRStriegel, Robert (Fr.)Striegel Family Line; Six generation
929.2/STUJones, Wayne V.The Stull Family
929.2/STUKrantz, PatStuart
929.2/STUStuder, CaseyStuder and Schoonover Families of Iowa
929.2/STUStuhr, Virginia Ann AltafferThe Ancestors and Descendants of Adam Stuhr
929.2/STUStump, ThurmanMichael Stump, Sr. of Virginia, 1709-1768
929.2/STUSturgeon, Mary C.Family Roots, Ties and Trails
929.2/STUSturgeon, Walter J.A Genealogical History of the Sturgeons of North America
929.2/STUSturtevant, Robert HunterDescendants of Samuel Sturtevant
929.2/STUStutesman, John Hale Jr.Jacob Stutzman; His children and grandchildren
929.2/STUTurnipseed, Merle E.Grandpa George Stump
929.2/SULHeiderstadt, Robert S., CompilerThe Sullivan Families; Timothy and Catherine
929.2/SULMarek, JerryThe Family of Frank Suler
929.2/SUMAppleton, W. S.Record of the Descendants of William Sumner, 1636
929.2/SUMBainbridge, Karyl Ann SumnerSumner Footprints; Ancestors and descendants of Samuel Sumner, 1856-1930
929.2/SUMLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Summy Genealogy
929.2/SUNAnderson, Ethel PearsonThe Sundquist Story
929.2/SUTSutherland, Neil S.A Thousand and a Half Sutherlands; A genealogy of Roger Sutherland, his ancestors and descendants
929.2/SUTSutliff, Samuel Milton, Jr.A History of the American and Puritanical Family of Sutliff of Sutcliffe
929.2/SVEBarton, Hildor ArnoldThe Search for Ancestors
929.2/SVESvec, M. Melvina, CompilerThe Family History of Frank Svec and Rose Kvetensky, 1865-1984
929.2/SWAAdams, BertramThe Swaim Story
929.2/SWAHarriman, Eliza DuffordSwackhamer - Dufford Bulletin
929.2/SWAHolliday, J. S.The World Rushed In; The California Gold Rush Experience
929.2/SWAMalmstrom, Ronald E.Swan Directory
929.2/SWAPeck, Irene A. SwansonThe Family of Alfred Swanson and Christena Johnson
929.2/SWASwaney, Charles B.A Swaney Family History
929.2/SWASwaney, David R.Descendants of James Swaney
929.2/SWASwank, Gladys RaeThe John Swank Genealogical Line, 1790-1977
929.2/SWEAnthony, Richard and Foster, Margaret AnnThey Came For A Better Life
929.2/SWEAnthony, Richard and Foster, Margaret AnnThey Came For A Better Life
929.2/SWEFinks, Betty LouSwensons in America
929.2/SWESweet, Mary Lewellwyn GwaltneyThe Story of Four Families
929.2/SWILovely, Donald F.Ancestors, Relatives and Descendants of Patrick Joseph and Catherine Swift
929.2/SWISwim, JerrySwim Family History
929.2/SWISwisher, EmelynSwisher Family Genealogy in Warren County, Indiana
929.2/SWIWalker, Emma SwinneySwinney Family
929.2/SWOMorese, Emily SwopeThe Swope Family Book of Remembrance
929.2/TACTack, Richard Harms, CompilerTack in the United States, 1900 Soundex
929.2/TAFRoss, IshbelAn American Family: The Tafts, 1678-1964
929.2/TALLaPiana, John C.Edward/William Talbot of Cambridge, New York
929.2/TALLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Talbott/Talbotts Genealogy
929.2/TANTannehill, James B.Genealogical History of the Tannahills, Tannehills and Taneyhills
929.2/TAPLuppes, HilkaThe John H. (Hilka) Tapper Family History
929.2/TATCarpenter, Evelyn YatesTate and Allied Families of Robertson County, Tennessee
929.2/TATTatum, DavidAutobiography of David Tatum
929.2/TAVRose, Lois E.Tavenner: James Oscar and AraBelle and Descendants, 1850-2000
929.2/TAVRose, Lois Esther (Hammond)Tavenner, James Oscar and AraBelle and Descendants, 1850-2003
929.2/TAYFord, Ethel TaylorThomas Taylor and Benjamin Branch of Nashville, Tennessee and Related Families
929.2/TAYJones, DeiannaOur Taylor Clan; From about 1750 to 2003
929.2/TAYLinden, GraceTaylor Family Chronicles: The Descendants of William and Elizabeth Wells Taylor
929.2/TAYTaylor, Thomas F., etalOur Taylor Clan; From about 1750 to 2003
929.2/TEADay, Jesse H.Teape, A genealogy with special reference to those outside the U.S.
929.2/TEADay, Jesse H.The Descendants of John Teape and Elizabeth Bunce
929.2/TEATeauge Family Memorial AssociationThe Teague Family Magazine
929.2/TEEBayer, D. FrankAbraham Teeter Family, Children and Descendants of Abraham and Ellizabeth (Shively) Teeter, 174- to 1984
929.2/TEEBayer, D. FrankAddendum to the Abraham Teeter Family, 1792-1986
929.2/TEETeeter, Grace A.The Nathaniel Teeter Family and Other Related Families
929.2/TEMAllan, June ThomasDonna Templeton; Her ancestors and descendants
929.2/TEMClague, Yolande TempletonThe Templeton and Allied Families
929.2/TERCedar Falls Chapter D.A.R.The Diary of Henry Clay Terrell (1861-1868)
929.2/TERTerry, Ernest L., CompilerTerry Family Census - Two Volumes
929.2/TETWinfield, Eva A. (Teter)Teter Descendants of Hans Jorg and Maria Dieter
929.2/THEBastian, Diana G.Our Thew Family Heritage
929.2/THINiendorf, Carol ThiersFamilie Their; The Heinrich and Dorothea Their Family, 1772-1994
929.2/THISimmons, Roberta "Bert" ThiesenThiesen, Meggers, and Jensen Family to Iowa and Beyond
929.2/THOAllan, June ThomasFive Generations of Thomases and Some Related Families
929.2/THOCrismore, Mary ThomasThe Robert and Anne (Moore) Thomas Family History
929.2/THOEberle, Mrs. RobertThompson Family; William Morgan Thompson and James G. Thompson
929.2/THOEhrig, Francis Camille (Hansen)Descendants of Hans Jorgen Thomsen and Ane Kjerestine Ditlevsen
929.2/THOGavlak, Nancy Miller Thompson SmithThe Norwegian and American Ancestry of Mammie Clarice Miller Thompson, 1545-1982
929.2/THOHeiselman, LouiseThe Thomas Family; Descendants of "Rev"Tristram Thomas
929.2/THOHorlacher, Vaneta and LeviWilliam Thomas and Sarah Huffines Family of Hancock County, Indiana
929.2/THOJames, Larry A.The Jewell and Thomas Families of Frederick County, Maryland and Wilson County, Tennessee
929.2/THOJames, Larry A.The Thomas Family of Wilson County, Tennessee
929.2/THOJohnson, Clara B.The Thome Family
929.2/THOPruett, Richard G.Thorington Family
929.2/THOPugsley, JayThompson and Pugsley Family
929.2/THOSorbo, CliffordDescendants of Henry O. Thompson
929.2/THOSpencer, Richard HenryThomas Family of Talbot County, Maryland and Allied Families
929.2/THOSpinks, Carrie Naomi ThompsonAncestors and Descendants of William Andrew and Lillie Jane Godwin Thompson
929.2/THOStanding, RobertThe Quaker Family of Thornbrough of Northern Ireland and Colonial America
929.2/THOStein, Helena Knoll and Lois ThompsonThe Family of Sally M. (Sarah) Thompson
929.2/THOThoman, Dwayne J.The Thoman Heritage
929.2/THOThomas, Dick"Thomas" of Indiana, 1850
929.2/THOThomas, Gretchen L.Thomas Tracks
929.2/THOThomas, RayThomas Family, 1785-1977
929.2/THOThomas, Robert LouisA Genealogical History of the Descendants of Dr. Louis Albert Thomas and Adelia Olivette Gregg
929.2/THOThomas, Rolland ShieldsDavid Thomas and His Descendants, A native of Wales
929.2/THOThompson, Harry OrlouThompson Family History, 1741-1965
929.2/THOThompson, James W.Descendants of John Thompson
929.2/THOThompson, Mary MorrisSamuel Thompson of McMinn County, Tennessee and Some of his descendants
929.2/THOThornburg, Charles Collier, IIIA Discourse on the Thornburgh's of England, Ireland and America
929.2/THOWood, Emma JeanThompsons from Chatham County, North Carolina
929.2/THOWynn, C. B.Isaac Thomas of Sevierville, Tennessee
929.2/TILBurns, Vincent GodfreyThe Story of Colonel Tench Tilgham in Prose and Poetry
929.2/TILHuxford, Raymond W.The Tilley Family
929.2/TILTillman, JoeThe Descendants of Friederich Tillmann and Mary Gehling
929.2/TIMBailey, Lindsley R.Robert Timson, British and American Soldier, and his descendants, 1754-1900
929.2/TIMRunman, Bunnie TimmonsThe Timmons Family Newsletter
929.2/TINBacon, Charles L.George Washington Tinsley of Blakesburg, Iowa
929.2/TISAlexander, Irene P. and Louise L. HumbleAncestors and Descendants of George Frederick Tisdale and Susan Collett Tisdale
929.2/TJOEyer, Cathryn A.Tjossem Heritage
929.2/TODMcClure, ImogeneOur Todd Cousins
929.2/TODVibber, John RussellFamily Tree of Samuel Todd, 1750-1816, and Allied Families
929.2/TOMno authorJames Toman Family
929.2/TOOToomsen, LorenThe Toomsen Herald
929.2/TOPTopp, John D.The Ancestry and Descendants of John F. and Augusta Topp
929.2/TOPTopp, Jon D.The Ancestry and Descendants of Joe Topp
929.2/TOPTopp, Mrs. ErnestJoseph Topp Farm Centennial, 25 October 1869 - 26 October 1969; One hundred years of living
929.2/TOWLane, Evelyn C.Towne Family in Early Massachusetts
929.2/TOWNorth, Janice TrageserOur Townsend Family, Jefferson County and Hardin County, Iowa
929.2/TOWPeterson, Donna M.The Townsley Family and Others
929.2/TOWTownsend, Martin I.A Short History of the English Townsends
929.2/TRAPrice, William KennethTramel Family History and Family Tree, 1803-1979
929.2/TRATravis, Julia M.All in the Family, An Account of the Travis Family
929.2/TRIConyers, Frances Esther TrippFamily and Ancestors of John William Tripp, 1871-1931 and Alice Myrtle Sanford, 1875-1952
929.2/TRIConyers, Frances Esther TrippJohn William Tripp, 1871-1931 Married Alice Myrtle Sanford, 1875-1952 . . . Descendants and Family Group Records
929.2/TRIShoemaker, Caryn R.Trickett Family History and Steele Family History
929.2/TROEchart, Thomas D.Franklin A. Troxell Family and Descendants
929.2/TROEchart, Thomas D.The Troxell Twins of Zweibruecken (Twin Bridges)
929.2/TROLarick, Ellen Louise, CompilerA Trout Family
929.2/TRUFeltner, Conrad W.The Trumbo Family
929.2/TRUJackson, Ronald VernHarry Shippe Truman and Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Ancestry
929.2/TRULeeper, JeanOur Quaker Heritage "Lois (Trueblood) Hallowell's Roots"
929.2/TSCElsen, Vicki TscherterThe Family of Julius and Talke Tscherter
929.2/TUBLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Tubbs and Fisher Genealogy
929.2/TULHardy, Zola ScottTullis and Allied Families
929.2/TUREllsberry, Elizabeth PratherThe Turner Family
929.2/TURTurley, Betty JeanGenealogical Data on the Turley, Clark, Breiner and Sandeen Families of Iowa,
with extended pedigree for Catron-Kettenring
929.2/TURTurner, Charles C.Forbears, Family and Descendants of Isaac Banning Turner
929.2/TURTurnipseed, Merle E.Mehr Samen (More Seed); Story of Rabsamen/Turnipseed Family
929.2/TVRTvrdik, Genevieve M.Survey for a Tvrdik-Prchal-Sejnost-Petrik Genealogy
929.2/TURTurrentine, George RufordThe Turrentine Family
929.2/TWIJensen, Leone TwidewellHistory of the Thomas and Polly Wayman Twidewell Family
929.2/TWITwining, Thomas JeffersonThe Twining Family
929.2/TWITwitchell, Phillip G.Descendants of John and Sarah Twitchell of Derby, Connecticut
929.2/TYEFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Tye Family
929.2/TYLTyler, David E.A History of a Branch of the Tyler Family
929.2/UHLBrainard, Doris F.The Friedrich Uhlig Family in America and Germany
929.2/UHLUhlig, Robert H.The Herman Uhlig Family of Cederburg, Wisconsin
929.2/UHRBidwell, Joan, CompilerUhrhammer - Urhammer Family History, 1677-1999
929.2/UPDLutz, June (Shaull)History of the Op Den Graef/Updegraff Family
929.2/UPTUpton, Hubert W.Upton, Robb, Quackenbush, Clutter Genealogy
929.2/VAIVaillant, Dennis P.Family History of Helen Graney Vaillant of Perry, Iowa
929.2/VANBrendel, Don and MaryVan Duyn Family Records
929.2/VANLedley, Wilson V.The Van Cleef Family
929.2/VANMarvin, Francis M.The Van Horn Family History
929.2/VANno authorVan Alstine Family Genealogy
929.2/VANPark, Lillie Mai LiebendorferGenealogical Record and Historical Story of the Family of Vance
929.2/VANPaul, Glenn s.Van Riper Family and Related Families
929.2/VANThornton, Linda (Van Patter)Dutchmen Don't Die. A biographical and genealogical history of the Van Patter Family
929.2/VANVan Benschoten, William HenryConcerning the Van Bunschoten or Van Benschoten Family in America, A Genealogy and Brief History
929.2/VANVan Cleef, Paul L.Virgil Vernon Van Cleef and Anna Martha Gasch Van Cleef
929.2/VANvan Dijke, Hendrik AdriaanGeneolgie geslacht Van Dijke
929.2/VANvan Dijke, Hendrik AdriaanThe Van Dykes in Holland and America
929.2/VANVan Gundy Family AssociationGenealogical Listing of Certain Van Gundy Families
929.2/VANVan Norden, Theodore L.The Van Norden Family
929.2/VANVan Voorhis, Harold L.Van Voorhis; An American Dutch Colonial Family
929.2/VANVan Voorhis, Harold L.Van Voorhis: An American Dutch Colonial Family - Addendum
929.2/VANVan Winkle, DanielA Genealogy of the Van Winkle Family, 1630-1913
929.2/VANVande Berg, Wilma J.Vande Berg Family History
929.2/VANVander Linden, RonThe Vander Linden Family
929.2/VANWenzel, Allan Ray, CompilerThe Grand Endeavour. The Van Cleave Family - Volume Three
929.2/VARPalmer, Janice B.Varner, Verner, Werner Families of America
929.2/VAUGriggin, H. Vaughan, Sr.John Vaughan
929.2/VAUVaughan, Lee E.The Vaughan Family History; George Edward Vaughen and Emma Alice Runk, Ancestors and Children
929.2/VEAPasta, Kathleen Grace MitchellDiary of Harriet Jane Veatch, 1843-1920, Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa
929.2/VEAThomas, Rachel TylerOur Veach Family History
929.2/VEIClark, Wanda VeatchWe Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches. An historical treasury of the descendants of James Veitch, Sherriff
929.2/VEIGuthrie, Laurence R.We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches. An historical treasury of the descendants of James Veitch, Sherriff
929.2/VEGDubbert, KarlThe Vegors Family
929.2/VERFisher, Robert V.Verran Genealogy
929.2/VERSmithers, Elaine VertzThe Vertz Family History
929.2/VERVander Hart, Mrs. John C.Vermeer History, 1856-1963
929.2/VEVDavis, DorothyVeverka Genealogy; Our Bohemian ancestors, Josephine Dostal and Wesley Veverka
929.2/VIEAnderson, Richard L.Viers - Shook Families
929.2/VIEAnderson, Richard L.The Viers - Veirs quarterly newsletter
929.2/VIEAud, Kathleen L. and SusanOur Ancestors. (Excerpts from the book concerning the Viers Families only)
929.2/VIRVirdin, Donald OdellThe Virdins of Delaware and Related Families
929.2/VIVVivone, Marie AnnVivone and Garland Families of Polk and Ringgold County, Iowa
929.2/VOGVogel, Tomvogel and Beschorner Immigration Story
929.2/VOITopp, Jon D.The Ancestry and Descendants of Johann F. and Wilhelmine Charlotte Manzken Voigt
929.2/VOLLovell, Rosemary FaulkOwen County (Indiana) Cousins, 1578-1978
929.2/VONScott, TomSome Descendants of Anno I von Heimberg of Germany
929.2/VOSFoss, William R.Descendants and Ancestors of Heinrich Christian August Voss
929.2/VOYKoenen, Elizabeth JurgensOur Heritage, Voy Family Tree, 1823-1976
929.2/VROWickersham, Grace VroomanThe Vrooman Family in America
929.2/WADWadle, Maurice M.The Wadle Families of Iowa, Book I: Anthony
929.2/WAGCunningham, Jerald A.Henry Wagner of Ankeny, Iowa
929.2/WAGCunningham, Jerald A.Peter Wagner of Ankeny, Iowa
929.2/WAGFarnsworth, Florence Wagner and Verda Johnson BairTracing Descendants of J. Peter Wagner, 1810-1874
929.2/WAGWagner, Margaret M.The Descendants of Michael Wagoner
929.2/WAGWagoner, Crystal V.John Waggoner (1751-1842), Margaret (Bonnett) Waggoner, Ancestors, Families and Descendants
929.2/WAHWahlert, H.M.The Wahlerts of Southwest Iowa, A Compendium of Names and Family History, 1866-1996
929.2/WAHWahlert, H.M.Wahlerts of Southwest Iowa, Supplement to the Book Originally Published in 1996
929.2/WAKWakeman, Thomas H.Wakeman Genealogy II, Volumes 1 and 2
929.2/WALAdams, Bertram, CompilerWalkers of Blakesburg; An incomplete genealogical record of Blackstock and
Hannah Walker, Iowa Pioneers near Blakesburg, Wapello County, Iowa
929.2/WALBennett, Dora SwigartFrom Swan Creek to Lotts Creek; The saga of the German-American "Walter Clan"
929.2/WALChance, Levern C., Dr.Walliker - Lauffenbeck Genealogy
929.2/WALElston, James StrodeGeorge Walker (of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and Tioga County, New York) and His Descendants
929.2/WALEvans, Joan M.Walker and Allied Families
929.2/WALFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Wallace Family
929.2/WALKanzok, Barbara WalterJacob and Susanna Walters, 1854-1972
929.2/WALKinion, Wayne A. and Bonnie J. (Wall)The Wall Family of Canada and Iowa
929.2/WALLaMance, Lora S.The House of Waltman and Its Allied Families
929.2/WALMcConnell, Marie (Mrs. F.M.)Our Wallaces and Crawfords
929.2/WALPetracek, RuthDirectory of Wallace Researchers
929.2/WALPriser, MarjorieWallace, Wallis, Wallice Connections
929.2/WALRiensche, Arlene GutknechtWalter Family Genealogy
929.2/WALTrusty, Rose Marie WalshThe Descendants of Michael James Walsh
929.2/WALWalborn, Herman W.Walborn (Walburn) Genealogical History of American Descendants since 1709
929.2/WALWallace, Anita and CharlesA Revised History of Joel and Rebecca (Vrooman) Wallace and Their Descendants
929.2/WALWallerstedt, C. E.Familjen Wallerstedts; Slakt-Register fran ar 1634
929.2/WALWright, Susan E. WalkerThe Lines of Descent to Paul Edmondson and Helen Bryant Horton Walker
929.2/WAMno authorWambold and Lott Families: Roots and Branches, 1630-1990
929.2/WAMWampler, Barbara S.Wampler Ancestors and Descendants in America
929.2/WANRigler, Jean GurneyWannemacher/Wanamaker Families of Pennsylvania
929.2/WARAbbott, James W.The Waren Family of Storm Lake, Iowa and Allied Families
929.2/WARArnold, Verle M.Warner Family History; Descendants of Peter Warner, Sr., mid-1700's to 1991
929.2/WARIsaacs, Lennie D.These, My People 1976; Wards of Watauga County
929.2/WARPaxton, Darlene WardWard Family
929.2/WARSmith, Ralph D.The Early Ward Families of Southern Maryland - Volume One
929.2/WARSmith, Ralph D.The Early Ward Families of Southern Maryland - Volume Two
929.2/WARSmith, Ralph D.The Early Ward Families of Southern Maryland - Volume Three
929.2/WARSmith, Ralph D.The Early Ward Families of Southern Maryland - Volume Four
929.2/WARTrask, W. B.Genealogy of the Ware Family: Descendants of Robert Ware
929.2/WARWard, Maud E.The Ward and Milligan Genealogy with Allied Families
929.2/WARWarren, Justin RayThe Genealogy of Justin Ray Warren (includes Warren, Foutch, Matney, Harlton, Jellison, McKinnon and Loney)
929.2/WARZimmerman, Orvin K.Bernadene's Genealogy with Love Eternal
929.2/WASJackson, Ronald VernGeorge Washington and Martha Dandridge Ancestry
929.2/WASWashburn, Loraine HarrisonThe Wandering Washburns
929.2/WATBhuta, Mary WatkinsGenealogy of the Watkins Family of Virginia and Missouri from 1851-1994
929.2/WATBlack, Evelyn E.The Watters Family History
929.2/WATFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Watkins Family
929.2/WATLeroy, Nellie Doris Waters, CompilerThe Waters Family, William and Rose, 1863-1983
929.2/WATRichardson, Frances R.The Ancestors of Sophia Watson, Wife of William Castor
929.2/WATStutesman, John HaleSome Watkins Families of Virginia and their Kin
929.2/WATWaterman, Fred L.Genealogical Line of Paternal Descent of the Waterman Family
929.2/WATWatson, Samuel E.Genealogy and History of the Watson Family from Irish Emigrants to Mayflower Descendants
929.2/WAUWaugh, Patricia Lee (Russ)A Waugh Family History
929.2/WAYRobbins, Vesta O.No Coward Soul
929.2/WAYWay, Mary ElizabethThe Way Family: John and Mary (Long) Way
929.2/WAYZimmerman, Gary J. and Cerny, JohniBefore Germanna; The ancestry of the Wayland, Albrect and Cook Families
929.2/WEACooper, Donna L.The Weaver Family
929.2/WEAWeatherspoon, James H.Ancestors and Descendants of Washington and Ida Weatherspoon
929.2/WEAWeaver, Chad EverettGenealogical Data on the Weaver, Henderson, Clark and Hargens Family of South Dakota
929.2/WEAWeaver, Lucius E.History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Weaver Family
929.2/WEBEllis, Connie L. (Kelly)Henry Webb and Rozilla Dresser Family
929.2/WEBGarmon, Leo H.The Family of William Webster of Rhode Island
929.2/WEBKlosowsky, Janet B. (Anderson)The Webb Book; Woven with Love
929.2/WEBLoew, RozellaThe Genealogy and History of the Weber-Weaver Family
929.2/WEBWeber, Dale K. and Verlene V.The Weber Brothers from Wolfschlugen, Germany
929.2/WEBWebster, Dale DouglasSome Descendants of Thomas and Sarah Webster of England and New Hampshire
929.2/WEDSchlarman, VickiThe Wedewer Family Reunion
929.2/WEDStevens, Virginia VestWedmores of America
929.2/WEESchmalenberger, Jerry L.Something Beyond: An autobiographical sketch of Frederick Jacob Weertz, 1886-1980
929.2/WEEVan Name, Elmer GarfieldThe Weeks Family of Southern New Jersey (includes Ezekiel Weeks 1750-1817,
Zephaniah Weeks 1758-1831, Weeks (Wicks) of Cape May County)
929.2/WEEWeethee, Vallie R.Weethee-Withee-Withey-With-Wythe Research and Genealogy
929.2/WEGWeger, William G.The Golden Threads; Weger, Andermann, Quitmeyer, Linderwell and Allied Families
929.2/WEIWeishahn, Milton F.John Frederick Carl Weishahn Family Tree, 1851-1989
929.2/WEIWeisner, John TurnerWeisner-Weesner and Allied Families
929.2/WEIWeiss, A. G.From Bondage to Freedom
929.2/WEIWeitz, Carl VoteThe Weitz Genealogy from Germany to Iowa, 1826-1976
929.2/WELBenton, NicholasThe Call of the Weld
929.2/WELBowler, AnnIra L. Welch, M.D., Genealogy
929.2/WELFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Weller Family
929.2/WELPoggemeyer, Ruby WellsWells and Allied Families
929.2/WELWelch, Richard WarrenDavid M. Welch, the History of a Family
929.2/WELWellman, Richard W. and Herbert V. LaneA Genealogical Record of Some Descendants of Bennett Wellman, 1754-1978
929.2/WELWells, J. W.The Big Wells Family
929.2/WELWells, William A.The Ancestors, Life, Times and Descendants of Ephriam Wells
929.2/WENCarpenter, Vern A.Wenderoth Families of Germany
929.2/WENStanwood, James RindgeThe Direct Ancestry of the late Jacob Wendell
929.2/WENWentworth, JohnThe Wentworth Genealogy: English and American
929.2/WERAllen, Mabel WertsWerts Family Records
929.2/WERAllen, Philip W.The John Jackson and Esther Ann Werts Family History
929.2/WERSchmalenberger, Jerry L.August Werner of Imogene and His Iowa Flying Machine
929.2/WESArends, Jane CarlsonThe Olof and Carrie Westrum Families
929.2/WESCarlson, KeithJennie Westrum, 1881-1968
929.2/WESHarders, Jane (Domeyer)The William Westhoff Family
929.2/WESMorgan, Billy D.Joseph Wesson and Abigail Wilson and Their Descendants
929.2/WESMorgan, Billy D.Joseph Wesson and Abigail Wilson and Their Descendants
929.2/WESPool, Ella I.Lewis West
929.2/WESTaylor, Collene Hennesy AdairWestfall Family History
929.2/WESWest, Donal S. and Wickham, AnneDescendants of Hugh West and His Wife Mary Ann Woodyard
929.2/WESWest, Hubert D.West Family
929.2/WESWest, William L.A History of Our West Family
929.2/WESWestbrooke, William EdwardThe Record and Family of Nehemiah Westbrook
929.2/WESWonderlin, Ellen HanusaPassages: A History of the Christian F.M. Westphal Family, Parts 1 and 2
929.2/WETFox, Charles R.Descendants fo Richard Wethington
929.2/WEYPowell, Esther WeygandtThe Weygandt-Frase-Bechtel Family Record, 1523-1965
929.2/WEYWintz, RoseWeymiller, Weiermuller, Weihermuller; Seven generations from 1723
929.2/WHAHall, Edith (McIntosh)Robert Wharton, 1750-1823, and His Descendants
929.2/WHAWhannel, HelenPeter Whannel
929.2/WHEAnderson, Alvin L.Wheeland/Wieland/Wheland/Weyland and Allied Families
929.2/WHEPaul, Glenn S.The Wherry Family
929.2/WHEPaul, Glenn S.Wherry
929.2/WHEWheeler, CousinsWheeler Cousins
929.2/WHEWheeler, Dennis, CompilerThe Life and Times of William Wheeler and Nancy Puckett
929.2/WHEWheeler, Merritt W., Jr.The Descendants of Benjamin and Ellen Bosley Wheeler of Baltimore County, Maryland
929.2/WHEWherry, John HallHistory and Genealogy of the Family of David and Ann (Hall) Wherry and Descendants, 1757-1904
929.2/WHIArtlip, Elaine CorbinJohn White of Wabash County, Illinois
929.2/WHICarlson, Avery LuvereA History of the William Russell White Family of West Branch, Cedar County, Iowa
929.2/WHIDonald, M. HaroldWhitmore
929.2/WHIFarquhar, Elnore WhiteJohn White of Otsego County, New York, 1756-1843
929.2/WHIFoster, HelenWhitt/Witt Genealogy Charts
929.2/WHIHoover, DaphaneWhisenant, Whisnant, Whisenand, Whisenhunt, Visanant
929.2/WHIMurphy, Carrie Anne WilsonJames Thomas White and Frona Mae Small
929.2/WHIOse, EnlowDescendants of William Nelson Whitesell, Sarah Arledge and Caroline Arledge
929.2/WHIPurdy, Jessie Whitmore PattenThe Whitmore Genealogy
929.2/WHISnell, Winona R. and John A.Whitcomb Family in Nebraska, 1876-1984
929.2/WHISutton, Anna WhitlatchThe Whitlatch Family in America
929.2/WHISwinson, Gary E.The Story of "Aunt Nancy"; Nancy Whitney French, 1825-1927
929.2/WHIWahl, Grances L. (White)The I. K. White Family, 1687-1974
929.2/WHIWhipple, Charles M., Jr.A History of William Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Smithfield, Rhode Island, 1652-1712
929.2/WHIWhipple, Henry BurdetteA Partial List of the Descendants of Matthew Whipple, the elder
929.2/WHIWhitcomb, CharlotteThe Whitcomb Family in America
929.2/WHIWhite, John BarberAncestry of John Barber White and His Descendants
929.2/WHIWhitefield, Vallie JoWhitefield History and Genealogy of Tennessee
929.2/WHIWhiting, Fred N.Whiting Genealogy, Nathaniel Whiting and His Minnesota Descendants
929.2/WHIWhitney, Dorothy H.The Whitney Chronicles
929.2/WHIWhitten, William Marion, CompilerPresident Whitten and Allied Families
929.2/WIAWiant, Rex HarlanFreinsheim to Fremont, My Wiant Ancestors and Collateral Relatives
929.2/WIAWion, John H.John Wiant of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
929.2/WICDavis, Gay WickershamThe Wichersham Family in America
929.2/WICPrewitt, Barbara WiechertOur German Heritage; The ancestors and descendants of Henrich Friedrich Wilhelm Wichert
929.2/WICWicker, Richard Fenton, Jr.The New Wicker/Whicker Family
929.2/WICWicks, Howard Nelson, CompilerA Wicks Record
929.2/WIDno authorWidman/Widmann Genealogy
929.2/WIEArnold, Dorothy ElaineThe Genealogy of Johann Friedrick Wiechmann - Christine Louise Waltemathe and
Joseph Heinrich Doeringsfeld - Charlotte Tieman, 1746-1990
929.2/WIEWonderlin, Ellen HanusaThe Family Wienciers
929.2/WIFWiff, Patricia M.Wiff, 1700-1986
929.2/WIGLehmer, Carol Lee (Halterman)Wiggin and/or Wiggins Genealogy
929.2/WIGWiginton, Henry LeatonA Collected Memory of the Wiginton Family
929.2/WIGWignall, James LeeFollowing the Footprints on the Sands of Time
929.2/WILBarton, Joanne E.Wilcox-Whipp-Terrell-Elliott-Shinn-Reed-Tipton-Williams-Rody Families
929.2/WILCooper, Donna L.Descendants of Job and Mary (Harper) Williams
929.2/WILCross, Beverly DeckerWilson - Alva to Zachary
929.2/WILDonnelly, Mary LouiseEdward Willett, Colonial Maryland Pewterer, County Clerk, Plantation Owner, His Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/WILDonnelly, Mary LouiseThe Willett Family of Maryland, Colonial Pewterers, Kentucky Pioneers
929.2/WILEhrig, Frances HansenA Williams Chronicle
929.2/WILFoster, John WilsonAmbrose and Abigail Wilson
929.2/WILGregory, Leila May KurtzA Family History, Wilhelm
929.2/WILJensen, Marjorie WilburnThe Wilburns who Came West
929.2/WILJohnson, HelenThe Wilson's and Allied Families
929.2/WILLee, Ruth Kline, CompilerJohann David Wildermuth and His Descendants
929.2/WILLeonard, Maxine Crowell, CompilerWillson and Hull
929.2/WILManz, Mabel Anderson, CompilerDescendants of Christopher Willson
929.2/WILMartin, David C.The Wilson Genealogist
929.2/WILMcIntyre, FloraRobert Wilkin and Mary (Hyde) Wilkin; Their parents and descendants
929.2/WILNissen, Sibyl M.Descendants of Theodore and Rhoda (Prather) Williamson, Pioneers in Fairfield County, Ohio
929.2/WILno authorJohn Fulton Wilson Family
929.2/WILSmith, Janet, CompilerMatthew Wilson Family
929.2/WILVan Metre, Frances C.Williams Family and Related Families
929.2/WILWalter, Alice GranberyCaptain Thomas Willoughby 1601-1657 of England, Barbadoes and Lower Norfolk County, Virginia
929.2/WILWilcox, Reynold WebbThe Descendants of William Wilcoxson, Vincent Meigs and Richard Webb
929.2/WILWilken, Dale W.Wilken Family of Oelwein, Iowa
929.2/WILWilkie, Horace T.Wilkie - Whiteker Ancestry
929.2/WILWilliams, Charles AllynThe Williams-Allyn-Hawkins-Violet Genealogy
929.2/WILWillsea, FrederickThe Wiltsee Family Genealogy and Wiltsee Places
929.2/WILWilson, Alfred L.Wilsons, Our Way
929.2/WILWilson, AmariahA Record of the Wilson Family
929.2/WILWilson, AmariahWilson Family
929.2/WILWilson, Donald M.The Wilson Family of Jasper County, Iowa
929.2/WILWilson, Wayne R.Harvey Gallaher Wilson and Isabella A. Whinery-Their Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/WILWilson, William JoeThe William Willson Family Records from 1732 to 1985
929.2/WILWiltsee, Jerome, Sr.Memoir of Philippe Maton Wiltsee and His Descendants
929.2/WILWright, Fannie EllenGenealogy of the Family of Hannah Allen and Abraham Willis
929.2/WINCook, Gerald WilsonEarly Pioneers of Piedmont, North Carolina; The descendants of Isaac Windsor
929.2/WINFinks, Betty LouThe Descendants of the Winans Family
929.2/WINLemanski, Cheryl D.Bohemia to Wisconsin with the Winters Family, 1778-1984
929.2/WINStover, Margaret Harris C. G.The Descendants of Uldrich Winegar
929.2/WINWinegar Family AssociationThe Winegar Tree
929.2/WINWintz, HaroldThe Wintz Scrapbook
929.2/WIRZuehlke, Lawrence Edward, CompilerDavid and Olive (Emmons) Wire, Their Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/WISTransier, Kent G.Wissler, Orth, Krell, Schnellbacher and Other Descendants of Reverand Henry W. Wissler, Jr.
929.2/WITSmith, Doris, CompilerThe Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Withington
929.2/WITWitherell, Peter Charles and Edwin, RalphHistory and Genealogy of the Witherell/Wetherell/Witherill Family of New England
929.2/WITWitt, Robert W.Descendants of John Witt, The Virginia Immigrant
929.2/WOLBergstrom, Irene RothfusMatthias Wolber, Mary Dieterle; Ancestry and descendants
929.2/WOLMiller, Galer J.The Johann George and Dorothea Wolf Family
929.2/WOLSvec, M. MelvinaThe Family History of Wencil Wolrab and Barbara Poduska Wolrab, 1808-1984
929.2/WOLWolcott, SamuelMemorial of Henry Wolcott
929.2/WOLWolfe, Michael D.Wolfe, Before and After, Facts and Stories of My Family
929.2/WOMno authorGenealogical Data on the Womack Family
929.2/WONBloom, Joseph W.Joseph Wonders, Ancestors and Descendants
929.2/WONWonderlich, Neoma M. BrolliarThe Shoemaker from Schmolln; Charles Ernest Wonderlich, Sr. and his descendants
929.2/WOOBurke, Lorena W.Our Kith and Kin
929.2/WOOCherryholmes, Mildred WoodburnWoodburn Family History, 1937-1956
929.2/WOOCherryholmes, Mildred WoodburnGenealogy of William Edwin Woodburn Family
929.2/WOOHamilton County [Iowa] Heritage HuntersIsrael Woodard, A Webster Township [Hamilton County, Iowa] Pioneer
929.2/WOOKenney, Ruth Helene Woodle DennisonThe Woodle Family Genealogy; The descendants of Thomas Woodle
929.2/WOOMcCarville, HaroldDescendants of Felix Arthur Woods
929.2/WOOMcLaughlin, Geraldine L.Pedigree of Woodroffe of Plusterwine, County Glouster
929.2/WOOPhillips, Eleanor FullertonWoods/Gates/Fullerton
929.2/WOOValentine, T. W.Wood Family Genealogy, 1638-1870
929.2/WOOWhitney, JanetWoolman Family
929.2/WOOWood, ErmonJohn Winslow Wood, Iowa Pioneer
929.2/WOOWood, ErmonMaynard Winslow Wood - Susannah Anders
929.2/WOOWood, J. GlennOur Time in History, This Wood Family
929.2/WOOWood, John Sumner, Sr.The Wood Family Index
929.2/WOOWood, Norris PhilipConsider Wood and His Wife Mary Adams
929.2/WOOWoods, Blanche M., CompilerDescendants of James Alexander Woods and Wife, Annie Ritchart, 1800-1980
929.2/WOOWoods, John J.The Descendents of James Woods and Elizabeth Cluskey, County Meath, Ireland (1845 timeframe)
929.2/WOOWoods, Matthew MichaelWoods and Blackburn Families of Iowa and Illinois
929.2/WOOWoody, VivianKinfolk and Where They Lived, 1638-1968
929.2/WOOWoolf, MargaretWood and Allied Familes
929.2/WOOWoolliscroft, Howard G. HillWoolliscroft Family
929.2/WORAnderson, Thelma C.Workman Family History
929.2/WORWorley, Janet, CompilerJanet L. Worley's Family Tree: I'd Like You to Know My Family
929.2/WRERudd, Kathy Wreath and Streeter, MarthaFrom Ulster to Pennsylvania and Westward; American descendants of Benjamin and Mary Hamilton Wreath
929.2/WRIAmmerman, Clinton and HeissA Branch of the Wright Tree
929.2/WRICruger, Douglas WrightA Genealogical Dictionary of Wright Families in the Lower Hudson Valley to 1800
929.2/WRISearcy, Esther J. Wright, et alAncestors and Descendants of George Wright, Second Edition
929.2/WRIGrant, Robert N.William Wright of Franklin County, 1809 and His Wife, Mary (___) Wright and His Descendants
929.2/WRIManning, Lila WrightWright Family History
929.2/WRIMurphy, Leola WrightJoseph Wright's Descendants, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and the Family Genealogy
929.2/WRISteiner, Myrtle Viola SearsDescendants of Capt. Richard Wright, From the Eastern Shore of Virginia to the Pacific Coast of California, 1656-1966
929.2/WRIWright, Charles MartinA Wright Family History for the Descendants of David S. and Mary Ann Wright
929.2/WRIWright, Clara Jo "Rebecca"Wright Family, Walter and Susannah Wright, Nine Generations . . . Includes a Boese Family Supplement
929.2/WRIWright, John C.Wright - Briscoe Pioneers
929.2/WRIWright, Larry C.Wright's 400 Years - Plus, 13 Generation Family
929.2/WRIWright, Warren CliffordEchoes of the Past
929.2/WURGieber, Robert L.The Genealogy of the Wurtz Family
929.2/WYCRathbun, DaisyThe Wycoff Family in America, Volume One, Descendants of Nicholas Wyckoff
929.2/WYCWyckoff, William LeRoyThe Old World Progenitors of the Wyckoff Family
929.2/WYKTopp, Jon D.The Ancestry and Descendants of John and Sarah Eller Wykle
929.2/WYLWyland, William, CompilerDescendants of Christian Wyland and Catherine Metzgar in the United States
929.2/WYNRobertson, Mildred PriceThe Simeon Wynkoop Family of Madison County, Iowa
929.2/YEACartwright, Eldon P., CompilerThe Simon Yeager Family and Associated Hoffman Families of Boone County, Iowa
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