“Keep the daily gears running!”

The General Fund is the day-to-day operating fund of the Iowa Genealogical Society. Donations to this fund, like oil on gears, assist the IGS with all normal operating expenses including salaries, administrative costs, equipment maintenance and purchases, facility rental, postage, and office supplies. Without donations and outstanding, dedicated volunteers, IGS simply could not continue.

Help IGS with day-to-day costs.



Create or give to a Memorial Fund for a loved one. You can select the amount and tell IGS who the memorial is for.


“A GRAND New Home!”

A major goal of the Iowa Genealogical Society has been to purchase a building that will adequately fit our growing library and constituency. Help us help you by donating to reduce the mortgage on the new IGS building at 628 East Grand Avenue!

Give toward IGS’ building mortgage reduction.


“Passing the baton to the next generation!”

The Iowa Genealogical Society Endowment Fund has been established to provide ongoing income to the Library. Donations to this fund are deposited, and the interest on the money is used by the library. This provides stability for the present, and certainty for the future. Since only the interest is used for expenses, this fund provides a great foundation for future generations to enjoy all the hard work and resources of today.

Give to the IGS Endowment Fund.