Publishing and Preserving Family History Special Interest Group

Clipart of classroomWe are starting the first of the monthly series on the Publishing and Preserving Family History Special Interest Group (SIG) on Sunday, August 25th at 1:30 p.m. at the Iowa Genealogical Society.

In the meeting on August 25th we will be reviewing a couple of different web opportunities and prioritizing topics of further discussion.

First, Tribal Pages offers both free and paid sites for you to invite participants to see a tree that you have uploaded.

Second, a 5th cousin of mine, Dot Mast Moss, has a family history website that we will review.

Third, prioritize topics for the next three meetings.  What is most helpful to you in your journey?


Our meetings will focus on hearing from those those that have created and shared family histories in various formats to tell us about their experiences.  Our agenda for the meetings will be to hear about their journey, their lessons learned and to ask them questions that we are most interested in.  We will also have a detail topic each meeting to explore.


Questions?  Want to be on the e-mail list but can’t make it this time?  Please reach out to me.


Renee Cue

(515) 491-4886