Lock in this Saturday

Could you use 8 hours of research time to pursue that elusive ancestor? Join us for an anything but “slumber” party to make progress on your family tree.

Picture for IGS lock in

Lock in

Starts at 4 p.m. June 28th, this Saturday, and concludes Sunday morning at 12:00 a.m. A great way to conduct some concentrated research away from daily activities and distractions.

Space is limited; pre-registration is required. Cost: $20 per person includes pizza. Call IGS at 515-276-0287 to register.

Bring snacks to share.  Enjoy hours of uninterrupted research and make new friends, too.

Answers From the Past

See what you can learn from us!

Open House 2014 image

Open House 2014

Tour the library, visit with any of the 21 exhibitors, use the vast resources of our library for your Answers From the Past on June 21st from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm  .Exhibitors are: Scottish Heritage Society of Iowa, In Living Memory, African American Interest Group, Mayflower Society, Sons of Norway, Iowa History Center, German Interest Group, Irish Interest Group, Norwegian Interest Group, Colonial Dames 17th Century, Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium, Des Moines Historical Society, DAR Abigal Adams, DAR Jean Marie Cardinell, Children of the American Revolution, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Preservation Iowa, Warren County Historical Society, Warren County Genealogical Society, Sons of the American Revolution, and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Descriptions of the exhibitors.

Midwest Genealogy Center road trip

Welcome to the IGS Midwest Genealogy Center road trip!

We now have 42 people riding the bus to Kansas City and we will be meeting a few people at the library.

The information you need to participate in this excursion is on the IGS website for future reference.

If there are any further questions or concerns, there is contact information at the end of this letter.

It looks to be a great experience for everyone and I look forward to meeting all of you.



Rich Wolfe

Iowa Genealogical Society

1st Vice President – Education


Volunteer Opportunity of the Week 4/16/14

The Iowa Genealogical Society is in need of several library assistants during the day and on

Flower bed

Flower bed

Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Training will be provided.  Shifts are usually four hours but can be flexible.  Society membership is required.

IGS is also looking for someone to maintain our flower bed for the 2014 growing season.  The bed is established and just need a little weeding and mulching.

Please contact Jennifer Ewing, 515-276-0287 or Executive Director for more information.

Library Cataloger Volunteer

The Iowa Genealogical Society needs a volunteer to place new catalog cards in the cabinet drawers.  This person needs to be detail oriented using the alphabet.  Training will be provided.  You may do this at your convenience during the library’s open hours.  Estimated time needed is about 4 hours per month.

Contact Jennifer Ewing @ execdir@iowagenealogy.org or 515-276-0287

View library

You can now see our library. Go to the main menu: Library-Library Facility where you will find an image of the library. Click and drag your mouse to change the view.

For a view of the Woodland Cemetery Receiving Vault area in Des Moines click on the By Dennis Allen in the top right corner of the library image and select the second image.

Genealogical Name Tag

Genealogical Name Tag

Want to impress your friends?

A Genealogy Name Tag from IGS is a unique conversation starter. Your genealogy at a glance that can be worn with any clothing. Black letters on a white plastic badge (2 1/8 x 3 3/8) with a pin clasp on the back. Font size appropriate for space on badge.


2014 Tech Conference

Saturday, April 12

The Tech Conference will be April 12 at the IGS Library, Tentative topics are: Tribal Pages website for your personal genealogical site; The Cloud and Dropbox, what and how to use; Purchasing a new computer, what you need or don’t need. An additional topic will be announced later.

Tech Conf 2014

Tech Conf 2014



Excellent conference!, Informative & pleasurable, Very upbeat, Thanks for a very fascinating conference, Good speaker, Great topics, Beth is awesome – get her back, Phenomenal, Great handouts, New information are some of the comments about the Annual Conference. Beth Foulk and Dr. David Gradwohl did an excellent job! You can follow Beth at Genealogy Decoded